Friday, November 7, 2008

Schooling the sevies.

'Lo all.

Nup. Not even going to start on the bloody weather.

Bloody history first up, which was more revision, as predicted. Not fussed. I'm going to worry about it on Thursday.

Then rave. Oliver put up his usual resistance, but we watched Pirates of the Carribean. Meh.

Recess, still pretty meh.

Art, I finished the drawing with lots of smudges. Good. I want it messy. Bugger all this ruled lines, this is raw. And it's not supposed to make sense. Then burned twenty minutes. So bored.

It was raining by lunchtime. Gork weather. Leighton decided to challenge the year sevens; there were about 25 of them, and maybe 10 of us. It was keepings off from the start, Jake and Sam delighted in taking the ball and knocking sevies out of their way. They were having fun, the girls were giggling at how cute they were (not cute, vicious little bastards who swear like sailors), and I was in the middle, not doing much. I don't have enough weight to throw around, it's pissing me off. We decided to challenge them to a proper game on Monday.

English. I sat down, started writing. Pretty meh, though Hayden Fernando's story about Scott being rejected by Lucas then hanging himself was great. I skimped on the ending, because I thought I was running out of time. The teacher probably won't like it, but I enjoyed writing it.

Rode home in the rain, read my book, had coffee and checked the news. Meh. Alison wants to see the Shia the Beef movie, I guess if I'm not busy tomorrow night I'll go. I dunno. Aiden managed to hook up his computer to his tv, so he was live streaming the cricket. Lucky bastard. Krejza was amazing, eight wickets on debut isn't bad at all. Ryan made a fort of blankets, and the rumour forums have slown to a trickle. Gorram. Plus Xmen 3 was on, pretty meh, I kept seeing plasma guns. Bloody stupid in some bits though.

Tomorrow, suiting up for a wedding, which looks like it'll be in the rain. Meh. Fraser was wearing a little waistcoat before, if he wears it, I'll get some pictures. Then maybe movies, I dunno.



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