Monday, November 24, 2008


'Lo readers.

And so, the last two and a bit weeks of school begin. And to kick things off, let's promote everyone up a year.

Ryan dropped round, both of us were bemused that we were year 11s now.

Got to school, everyone was bloody screaming, and we had no idea where to put stuff since they evicted us from our lockers. People were wearing the black VCE jumpers, I didn't recognise Annie, Clare and Alison. Hell. We had a year level assembly where Ms Dyke berated us for looking shabby and how "this will be a great year rarderar rar". Then back to the homeroom for locker numbers and timetables. We squabbled over the lockers (I ended up next to Meg and Agnik again, but beneath Isobelle. Dammit), then swapped timetables with people, and shouted at them about being in their classes or not. To add to the chaos, the naughty year 12s had spread the uncensored bull sheet, which did not disappoint.

First up, biology. Weird that, eh. Mrs Moy for a teacher, so I know she isn't bad. We went through basic terms for eukaryotic cells, pretty easy so far.

Recess. Everyone was discussing their first classes, and hurriedly tucking in shirts. New bloody uniform rules come into effect today, teachers all turn into nazis.

Speaking of nazis, next up was history, with Ms Henry again. We get to do Nazi Germany, should be interesting

Music lesson. What is the bloody point of harmonic minors?

Next was media. Small class, I got to sit next to one of the new girls. Not sure if she's a popularite or not, I've heard one of them is. We got to discuss the Simpsons and 007. I think I shall enjoy this class.

Lunch. More trading tales about the new classes. Lulu was pissed that she had Mr Fraser for an english teacher ("RAR! WORST TEACHER RAR RAR RAR!") while whinging about her hip and tripping me out with her black jumper. We stole some of the tables and chilled, is good having two tables again, since the year 12s have their common room. We rule the bloody quad now, you junior sons of bitches.

Literature next, with a late Mrs Cartledge. This will be an interesting subject, we have to rent and watch Strictly Ballroom (*groan*), but then we get to pick a contemporary classic and review it. Might pick One of Beardman's books, Silence of the Lambs or something. Has to have literary importance though, I suppose I could argue it made a cool movie.

Finally psych 3/4. That's the year 12 one for you lot playing at home. Most of my old psych class filed in, we exchanged greetings, then the rest of them came in. Hell. Big class. This will be very interesting. Also running with Mrs Clemens, who has a unique style of teaching. She gives you a checklist with everything due that week, and expects it all to be done and submitted by the end of it. I know from Tom and Meg scribbling Health stuff in homeroom this year that it might take some getting used to.

Bloody band next, in the hall, we went through the basic assembly stuff, then someone requested something that was abysmally difficult. Bastards. Afterwards, Gavin and I bagged out Millsy, and Lulu and I fought for the baritone.

Back home, homework and checked the news. Slightly slow news day, dammit. This bloody lit homework is pissing me off already, half a page on why you picked lit. Of course, with my small writing, I'm down to saying that this one seemed the most interesting out of the three englishes, and I still need a few more lines.

Band again, pretty lazy. Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey again, and one from Crimson Tide. I lol'd. Good march though.

Which reminds me.

Movie review from the other night - Full Metal Jacket, *****
Oh, I liked this one. Right up to the end, which happened to be Paint It Black. I think I'll have to buy this one, very, very cool movie.

Tomorrow, double psych, no maths, playing music at assembly. Meh.



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