Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Results.

'Lo readers.

Today is positive. Sickeningly sweet type positive. This will not bode well, as karma goes.

Got up, started assembling sponsons. Gotta love that WW1 style. Worked out I could trade flamers for bolters if I was careful. Interesting. Then Ryan dropped round, we discussed RvsR on W:AR. Sounds exciting, might be I should get it for the holidays.

Bloody assembly in the gym again, load of uncomfortable bull. Apparently they're renaming home groups (very familiar), to "mentor groups", and homeroom teachers to "mentors". What? was our first reaction, then we sniggered. I don't know what they're going for here, it sounds very silly to us.

History first up. I got 89% on the exam. Not the best, but nowhere near the worst either. Ms Henry had an interview to go to, so she ditched us in the quad. Turns out Harry's grounded because his folks found out about his school-skipping girlfriend. We laughed.

Then rave, more Pirates of the Carribean. "Look!" *BANG* "An undead monkey!"

Recess was people running around comparing results, really.

Psych next, Mrs Moy went over the test. I got 83%, but scaled up. Dunno why. I got an A, might have been best in our (8 person) class. Go me. Mrs Moy filled in time with a video from the (very) early nineties about personality disorders.

Then art. Oh boy. Mrs Artteacherlady passed out the exams, I got 66%. I beat you, Isobelle! Then teacher says if we're doing art next year we should pay attention. Melissa and Naomi pull out Twilight (*spit*) books, dozens of iPods, and Meg, Isobelle and I retreat to the corner. Boring.

Lunch. We buggerised around. The girls made up a song about Gavin's mum (something about sexiness being inherited), and Emily described (in graphic detail), her nightmare involving Hayden. We then had a kicking contest, Tom and Gavin can kick very high, their poor hamstrings.

Science. I got 87% on this one. Hurr! Then we had to hand back textbooks, and clean them. Bah. A physics class was shooting air rockets.

Finally english. A C+ on the essay and analysis, which is above average (!), and a B on the short story. Meh. We watched the first half hour of the Benchwarmers, which was mindless slapstick, really. Sally was pissing me off with her bloody hairbands.

Back home, stuck all the extras on the LR. I reckon I could probably do the banner, gotta find a pole. Then sprayed, and tried something new. LotE on WS is using a new black technique, which is basically spray black, drybrush the entire thing with codex grey, then multiple Badab washes. It's time consuming, and paint consuming on such a big model, but it's very effective.

Bloody Watchmen footage been spotted again, it's sounding very good, despite lack of squid. George got his book (surprisingly early, aren't you lucky?), and the gorram music bug is itching again. Finally got more Rage Against the Machine, started filling out Alive 07, and got that damn Dizzee Rascal track.

Tomorrow, 3 classes, one of which is maths. Something tells me the happy bug will run away and start laughing at me. I'm pretty sure I failed the second one, and I'm skating on thin ice for the first one. Ah well. Spare instead of psychology, and movies for all the other classes I think. Then indoor soccer. Plus people are getting their braces off.



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