Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mud, returns, and Burn After Reading.

'Lo readers.

A note for the future, don't wear thongs all day when you have to walk everywhere. Especially not new ones.

Anyway, got up this morning with the intention to spend money. Odd. After coffee, hit the streets. I bought your book today, George, I'll post it on Monday. Also bought Guitar Hero, 16mb memory card ($20 cheaper at Target, interesting), and avoided people I knew.

Back home, I booted up Guitar Hero. Here's where the fun started. Put in batteries, put the thing together, and couldn't navigate the menu. Interesting. Reboot. The strum bar is still unresponsive. I can see why I bought it pre-owned. I flicked through to career, tried playing a song, and the thing wouldn't bloody respond. RAAAAGE!

After lunch, Beardman, who was unhappy with a dvd recorder he got from Aldi, and I went back down the street and returned stuff. Apparently, for $20 I could get the bloody game new. Ah well. Also bought Serenity for cheap in Aldi.

We then drove out to Lake Wellington, I got to skid around on some dirt roads. Not too bad. We stopped at the lake, I opened the door and stepped into a mud puddle. Fantastic.

After that, watched Serenity

Movie review 1 - Serenity, ***1/2
Entertaining. Bits were wearing, but bits were pretty damn good. I think I should watch Firefly.

We made pizza for tea, then I walked down to the cinema. Annie, Sam, Denny and Emily were standing around. We went in with low hopes, especially since there were no other teenagers standing around.

Movie review 2 - Burn After Reading, ****1/2
My gods. This was actually funny. Very funny. It's basically a bunch of very stupid people doing stupid things and dying. Fantastic film. Slightly slow at the start, and felt a little rushed at the end, but meh. Highly recommended.

We walked to McDonalds, Denny and Sam going on about World Tour, and all of us quoting the movie. Very quotable, I think. We got chips, Emily whinged, then we had a plan that involved Emily's top and the drive thru security cameras. I got a lift home with Annie, and discovered that Ryan's bloody dog chainmail has gotten everywhere. Don't you people see the irony?

Tomorrow, work all day, then 2001: A Space Odyssey. Should be fun.


Anyway, the end.

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