Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Indoor soccer.

'Lo everyone.

I absolutley hate the days that start off really really cold, then end up really really hot. You freeze on the way to school, you fry at lunchtime, and you wonder what'll happen tomorrow.

Got to school on time, after wondering where the hell Ryan got to. First up was maths, we rushed through a practice test. With the textbook in front of me, it's not too bad, I think if I have a good cheatsheet I'll be in with a chance.

Science, we got our tests back. I got 42 out of 45, so nyeh. We got made to do some revision on plastics, which is rather dull when it's a crossword.

Recess, Lulu showed off her Japanese magazines. There was some questionable content in the Dolly-equivalent (we thought it was an ad for lipsuction in a teen magazine) and the bloke's one had too much tiny writing.

Psych. More practice test. Meh. Something that just popped into my head just now, next year we've got Mrs Clemens. Tom says she's pretty good, I've heard mixed things though. I hope the class stays the same.

Art was bloody slow. Melissa started a discussion over this blog, thankfully I've got only got a few readers in that class. Something tells me it wouldn't be as good (?) if it was too mainstream. Hmm. Another sudden thought. I wonder if it's worth the daily posts during the summer holidays. They'll have very little content, but then if I did I'd have almost a year's worth. Ah well. Comment or email with your thoughts, it's up to you lot.

At lunchtime we got a ball, played soccer. It was too hot outside. Pretty meh, exhausting game. Ryan, Lulu and I shuffled. I'm not that great yet, I can't do the running man, but I can do the sideways stompy thingy.

Indoor soccer was fun. All of the usual blokes (minus Dayne, poor bastard), plus Jason, in a team. We won every single match. I scored one goal going around a couple of tangled year elevens, and Brad scored an excellent on through Rossi. Hayden got like 20, cos he likes showing off. Pat had a bleeding toe, Aiden buggered his back, Jason hurt his funny bone (not that funny, according to him). Fun though. On the bus, heard "President Elect Obama". Thank the gods he won. He needs to get as much as he can done as soon as he's sworn in, because I give him two years before he gets assasinated. Seriously, he wants to tax the rich more than the poor, which will piss them off. Rich people might live in the south. Said southern rich people have a lot of gus, and potentially a lot of support. Plus they're all hunters, wouldn't be difficult to pick him off. Too many allusions to JFK, apparently there hasn't been this much support since him. Funny that.

After school, went to the phoenix centre. Bloody Scoutmaster and son were in there asking about paint for ten minutes, then Ken and I squeed about the battlewagon. I'm very tempted to get the book, and buy it when it comes out. Next, to the bookshop, finally picked up A Feast for Crows. Shame it's cover doesn't match the other four. Ah well. Gotta finish this one, then read that one, plus there's a Dan Abnett book, then The Wasp Factory, plus I need to read Romeo and bloody Juliet over the weekend. Do not want.

Back home, Diana and PD came around, again we discussed teenage drinking, and PD said he had heaps of Rockstar merch. Hmm. If one little idiot wants to pay a lot of money for a hat, imagine what he'd pay for a hoody. Myes, PD and I should go into business selling overpriced Rockstar clothes to stupid teenage Rockstar junkies.

Tomorrow, I have to read a prayer in chapel. So, so tempted to accidently lose the game there. Probably shouldn't though, it's not worth the lynching.



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