Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'll diagram your cell.

'Lo all.

Hell. This year 11 thing is interesting, so far.

Boot up the Guitar Hero, my save file is corrupted. Last person who played it was Fraser. *RRAAAAAGGEE! >:( * Means I have to unlock everything again. Bugger.

Lift to school, playing in assembly, I spectacularly added an extra note to the end of the processional. It got worse. Pete Olsen lost his way when they swore him in, and the announcer said Aiden's last name in a brilliant but embarrassingly wrong way.

First up was psych. Scary with all these unfriendly year 12s, and there's one bloke who is really annoying. Tiffany and Tori from the halcyon days are sticking around though. We had to cut and paste bits of the brain together, after making a prototype from play-doh. Real professional, these year 12 classes. Mrs Clemens put on her mix cd of disgustingly modern music, which had These Days at the end. Surprised me.

Recess, discussed Media with Kelly, who says it's meh, then played the In My Pants game. One simply adds in my pants to the end of any song title, hence, Whole Lotta Rosie in my pants, Iron Man in my pants, Catch My Disease in my pants, etc. Very funny, though most of my music's terrible for it. Kashmir in my pants? Do the Evolution in my pants? Rearviewmirror? Social Currency? Fuc- no wait, that one would probably work...

Media. Mr Stone (Freudian slip there, hurr) couldn't work the dvd player, so we waited for 20 minutes. A techie arrived, and we watched a classic episode of the Simpsons, with a media topic related subtext. We all lol'd. I miss the Simpsons.

Then history, we had to sort out folders, then we discussed WW1. If nothing else, the aesthetic is awesome. Tank sponsons for the win!

Lunch. We lost everyone, so Sam and I went hunting. We eventually found them standing around graffiti, which Isaac was sitting on. You had to be there. We watched as they captured people with their VCE jumpers, put two dozen blazers on Cameron, and the girls spat water at Will when they were playinh the (undecipherable) finger game.

Next was lit, Mrs Cartledge ranted about Cornell notes and dance-comedy-romance-musical genre movies. Not looking forward to having to rent, watch, study, and review this film.

Finally biology, Meg, Gavin, Pat and I traded insults while cutting out bits of cells and sticking them to a poster. We ran out of room for labels, I think.

Went down the street, picked up the lit big textbook, I only have to get history ones now, really. Also grabbed Black Hawk Down (extended edition!) for $10.

Back home, homework, talked to Annie and Rika, and lost at poker against Meg. Hell. I'm too used to Pim- Warlords and Scumbags. The new iTunes music thingy is awful. The thing about this Genius program is that it only works on your library, and when your library has more music that George likes than music you like, the reccommendations don't work. If they could change it to playlist form, it'd be good.

Tomorrow, cricket, plus maths. Need to pick up the graphics calculator off Clare soon, I think.


Anyway, the end.

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