Monday, November 10, 2008


'Lo readers.

Warm today. Too warm to do anything. Course, the one day when the morning is warm, and there's no wind, I get a lift. Ah well.

Got to school, bloody science first up. Dayne and I got A+s on our projects. High fives.

Then psych. Newgirl and I burned five minutes, then I realised all the year 11s were doing an exam, and Mrs Moy was on a year nine camp. We were just about to nick off, then Mr Stone walked in and told us to go to the library. Funny that they send a sub for two kids. I hunted for tower defence, while Alison and Lulu skipped some of Japanese.

Recess. Aiden had a large wooden cube. We rolled it like a die, it was pretty rigged.

History, I tried to revise while Harrison waxed lyrical about Obama, life, the universe, and everything. The man is smarter than he looks, I think he pays attention. Nice to find someone who knows what you're going on about.

Art was bloody boring. Mrs Artteacherlady made me help unstack the kiln. Then wasted time. Probably should have studied.

Lunch. Hot. We went to visit the sevies, but they weren't interested. We watched from the playground as they threw waterbombs at the year eights. We drifted back and forth, ending up in the breezeway yelling at passerbys. Gavin and Dayne tried kicking it into the crowd while Sam shouted abuse, Mrs Blandford consfiscated it. Then bottle brandy. Got Isaac pretty good. Meg and Aiden hid me on a shelf.

Music lesson. Mr C berated me for not doing enough work, rar de rar, I don't care. I don't want to know all the technical thingies, I want to know how to play the damn thing.

Missed maths, instead went to english and worked on the reflective commentary. Meh.

After homeroom, went to the music department, Mr C was whinging because no one showed up for an unadvertised rehearsal, then home. Saw someone online, then realised that as well as having to grab something from the bloody shed at the most perfect time, her main subject was rage-inducing. So I read Romeo and Juliet, read my book, went to band and got forced to play a bloody solo by Fuhrer Caroline. Got a lift home with Terina though, Fraser was being a dick.

Tomorrow, english and first maths exam. Fun.



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