Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guitar Hero.

'Lo everyone.

Ah... A lazy Saturday, finally.

Woke up, Ryan dropped round before lunch, we went through Guitar Hero while he recounted his adventures at Will's the night before. Emily, you're a nutter, and not it a good way.

Then cleaned up the shed, scrubbed up pretty well.

PD, Diana and Dempsey dropped round, we caught up and I drove Diana to the fish and chip shop. Fraser was overjoyed with his Rockstar merch, since he's addicted to the damn things and doesn't shut up about it. Dempsey is surprisingly computer savvy, and has a mild American accent, which PD says is just an act.

Then more Guitar Hero, borrowing Ryan's memory card til I pick up my own. I'm halfway through career on easy. I suppose I'm getting better.

Tomorrow, work all day, then homework. Should have done some today, but oh well. It'll get done eventually.



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