Friday, November 28, 2008


'Lo readers.

Ah. Last day of the week. Man. And what a week. First one of year 11, and I think everyone's over the novelty of it. It'll spark back at the start of next year though, bunches of new people, like another band nerd, a returning emo (*spit*), a popularite repeating year 11, and various others.

Today was bleak. Grey, dull, meh temperature, pretty boring at times, and it's scarily becoming a very paranoid place. These new uniform rules are working, now that you see a teacher you check yourself to make sure you don't draw attention. And they know it's working, bastards.

Started assembling the standard bearer for my big tank, damn fiddly bits proved to be more trouble than they were worth, plus the bloody glue sucks. Might be, now that I have moneys, I should get better glue.

First up at school was media. We had to watch a movie about stereotyping and representation, with a moustached guy from the late eighties lecturing us about racist cartoons from a video. Meh, society isn't as stupid anymore.

Then biology, we had to take notes on microscopes, then got to have a look at the new ones. Mrs Moy then decided we all sucked at dissections, so we got the play doh and scalpels out and practiced. Gavin and Lulu are pretty good, my play doh was too crumbly.

Recess. Will had a blunt knife to cut his mango, we stole it. I twirled it, Aiden tried the finger game. So blunt it didn't matter if you stabbed your fingers.

Then lit, more lecturing on musicals and themes. Pretty boring, can't wait til we're done with this movie and we get to read books (which is what we signed up for).

Maths next, pretty slow. Statistics is meh, though tedious with the dozen graphs one has to sketch.

Lunch, boring. I walked in on a food fight, with Isaac leaping into the air Superman-style to smash an apple with his fist. We gorked. I'm one of the more useless players, I can't tackle heavily enough, not skilled enough to get the ball around, so I'm the ninja and general distraction. They have to have someone watching the ninjas, lest the cherry pick some goals behind their backs.

History. We collated results on the Germany survey, and had a flowing discussion. Ms Henry cheerfully admitted that the school was indoctrinating kids, wish I had a tape recorder. I'm looking forward to history next year.

Finally psych in the library, watching a video about the brain. Apparently sleep loss contributes to obesity. Not bloody likely. I'm getting six or so hours a night and I'm still a bloody rake, doesn't matter how much I eat. Hmm. Maybe four hours, plus a mini fridge kept well-stocked in the shed...

Back home, started painting up the standard bearer. The contact points are pissing me off, too small, so bits bend, even when glued. The standard itself isn't bad, simple, and no metallics. Tank is properly finished now. Might get a Vindie next, or some more greenskins. I suppose I'll have to get a Russ soon, though I dunno how I'll paint it.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible (that might have something to do with it), then work all night. Hell, I'm working all weekend, unless Cooper wants to work Sunday.


Anyway, the end.

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