Friday, November 14, 2008

Exams: Finale.

'Lo all.

Too cold today. Can't make up it's bloody mind.

Riding to school (in the cold) today, realised I'd forgotten something from yesterday. Dickhead with a trailer crossing a busy highway at peak time, sitting there with his trailer hanging out. Couldn't go around him, Wise Beard Man says to slam on brakes, then begins hurling abuse at the trailer dude. God damn.

Anyway. Got to school, borrowed a thing of pencils of Gavin, then went to homeroom. We had to fill out a form about what sort of activities we'd participated in, which would appear somewhere on our reports. I'm involved in very few things, because like it or not I'm a naturally lazy person, who does not particularly want to wear make up on stage, fail a maths competition, or formally argue against Agnik and James during my bloody lunchtimes.

Art exam. They said we could read right away. Some apprehension, since us year 10s get half an hour's study before we get the exam handed out. Most of us took the opportunity to quickly glance at it before someone blabbed and the papers were collected. Bored for half an hour then. When we finally did get going, the questions were the same as last year. No stating facts or anything, just how you feel about a piece of art. If you can express it well, you get 12 marks. If you think, meh, lady and a bin, looks pretty same-y, they'll give you a mark for trying. Trust me, I did that last time. Then we had to design a mural for a public building like a library or cinema. I drew a cinema burning. I like drawing things burning, I've noticed, half of the stuff I've done in art this year have involved flame motifs in some way.

Recess. Cold. I realised I had forgotten my bloody lunch.

Study period, Brad and I went out, chatted to some of the others, then Ms Hahn noticed and kicked us out. Tom got the keys to a room with computers, so we went in there and played flash games. Aiden and I managed to get to level 471 on a tower defence variant, and Tom raged at defend your castle. The girls were bemused when they visited.

Lunch was wet and boring. I had to buy lunch, $6.50ish for a thing of two minute noodles and a sausage roll. The same noodles are a bowl for a dollar down the street, it's bull. Problem is, the bastards jack up the prices to make some profit, because no one is really buying much, but then less people buy stuff because it's so damn expensive.

Then the maths one. I was buggered. I believe by the end of it I'd skipped or run out of time on 17 marks worth of questions. Once I remembered how Pythag worked, I think I got a couple of marks, and some of the simpler factorising ones. One of the questions everyone seemed to avoid, except Denny, who made us groan because the answer was so damn obvious.

Annie lent me Donnie Darko, and after being told I'd need to watch it a couple of times, I decided to watch it when I got home.

Movie review time! Donnie Darko, ***
Is this it? was my first reaction when it ended. I was expecting the **spoiler** ending where someone wakes up from a dream thing **/spoiler**. Most of it made sense, though bits were stupid. Dunno why a power ranger was the monster. Bits seemed to be pinched from other movies, and other things have been influenced by it, the bike riding is from ET and the jet engine was like something out of Lost. I will admit I was bored at the start, the main protagonist seemed like a dick, and once you know that the main character is **spoiler** a paranoid schizophrenic on placebos **/spoiler**, it's kind of tame. Maybe I went in with expectation that were too high, I dunno. Funny seeing Drew Barrymore and Seth Rogen though. And yes, bits were very quotable. Still, pretty meh story, overhyped, and bits dragged.

Also watched the Simpsons with Beardman and the tribe, finally a good episode. Very slow on the interbutts. Best thing was a new Watchmen trailer, and I cringed at some of the bits. It looks right, but as long as the ending has the same effect, it should be good. Not that anyone will want to see it, which is a shame.

Tomorrow, I'm going shopping. I want to pick up Guitar Hero, a memory card, a book (then send it, fingers crossed George), and I should probably get a haircut, to shut these damn teachers up. It's legal, but not good enough for them. Might go the movies as well.



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