Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exams, day 3 (bloody hot).

'Lo readers.

Hell. If it weren't for the rides to school, I'd prefer it to be bloody winter all the time.

Anyway. Got to school, stayed in homeroom, Aiden and I discussed Guitar Hero (his mum tried to sing, good on her), then started playing cards. Mr Siansdad said we were supposed to be studying, but once he swapped teachers Leighton and OtherAiden joined us. Warlords and Scumbags (hurr...) all the way.

Recess was meh. Grabbed my leaky folder and ran to the hall.

History exam was surprisingly easy, cos I knew to study the immigration chart and the map of Vietnam.

Lunch was hot. I went to the music department, Mr C said to come back in 10, so I fed and grabbed Aiden. Two (very snooty) marches and a small band for valedictory service. Meh.

After lunch, all the girls were lying against the wall, arguing about iPods and Gossip Girl. Aiden dropped in, had us another game of Pim- er, Warlords and Scumbags, against Sam and Hayden. Isobelle joined us bemusedly, she didn't do too badly.

After school, got a lift home, checked the news, then went round to Diana's. PD and I discussed childhood obesity and the cricket. Also experimented with a giant waterbomb slingshot, much like what the rowers had on muckup day. Had a go at totem tennis, it's more fun with a stick.

Back home, buggerised around, really. Sam put videos of our group doing stupid things, like me trolley riding, or Denny spinning around, or Jason's brother getting thrown out of a trolley. Took a great picture of Beardman and the cat.

Tomorrow, last exams, then a long weekend. Art first up, and the daunting second maths one. Awesome.



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