Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exams, day 2 (again).

'Lo everyone.

Need sleep. The thing is falling off at the wheels, and I'm actually trying. This damned heat isn't helping. Yes, it's good in the mornings. Apart from that it's just annoying, really.

Anyway. Bloody science first up, I don't think I did too badly. Minor crisis when I missed the (II) bit next to Pb in one equation, but meh. Relatively easy.

Recess. I sat down and tried to read the psych textbook. Course, then you get people coming up. "Hey man, what are you reading? Textbook eh? You studying? Cool, I should be doing that. When's your exam? etc, etc". They mean well though.

Psych exam. Ooh, year 11 one, scary! My gods. Went through the multiple choice, suspiciously easy. I was expecting to be made to calculate bloody standard deviation. Short answers were easy too. Got to the end, with an hour to go. I half panicked, wondering if I'd been given one that had pages missing. Nope. I was bored. So very bored.

Lunch was too bloody hot. Bugger it. We chilled, then bottle brandy. Pretty meh.

Indoor soccer. Woo. Fewer people, because most of the year elevens had buggered off. Course, I got on the team with four of them, and all my mates got the dream team. I scored a goal (past Lucas, aka Jiggles McDoublechins), though Carl and Todd did pretty well. The second game was against Hayden and the rest. Bastards. They steamrolled us. The power went out twice. On the other court, someone hooked up an iPod an was blaring girly techno music, Mr Brennan was not amused. Dayne got me in a fantastic slide tackle, wish I could have seen it from another angle.

After school, Aiden and I went down the street. I paid off some more money on Guitar Hero, and then we played pool at his mum's work. The avenging angel of discord, paranoia and general wtf-ness texted. What is going to happen to me in two months, and what does she know about it? I won the first game, that's what you get for potting the white and the black, though lost the second. Aiden then went back to EB Games and bought World Tour outright. Shotgun drums.

Back home, chilled with Diana and PD, pondered exams, and checked the news. Best news of the day, A Song of Ice and Fire is being adapted for a big budget tv series. Hell freaking yes. Weirdest news, Monopoly movie being made.

Tomorrow, history exam, I know what to study. Thanks to all who contributed.


Anyway, the end.

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