Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Exams. Again.

'Lo all.

Ah, lasted six months without worrying about exams. Funny that.

Today was warm. Bloody hot in the middle. Gorram bright too.

Everyone was laughing nervously on the way up. I got a seat up the back. English first up, essay on which theme in Romeo and Juliet was triumphant, then nine questions about a letter to the editor. Essay was slow, plodded through it, and was patchy with details in the second one.

Recess. Most people were relieved it was over. Then a quick Rememberance Day service. OtherMeg nearly ruined the minute's silence by asking if it was ANZAC day.

Study period. We basically wasted time. Meh.

Lunch was slow. Bottle brandy til Mr Smith caught Pat, then huge multiplayer rock paper scissors.

Maths exam. Oh boy. Bloody hell. Most of it was on the cheat sheet, though a couple of things weren't. Took stabs at them, hopefully it'll work out. I'm aiming for a pass, if nothing else.

On the way to the gate, Erin said the newnewgirl was someone who used to go here. Leighton and I exchanged looks. "It's... it's not Bec Kennedy, is it?"

We lol'd. Back home, wasted time, avoided stress, read my book. Definitely need a cushion at the top of the tree, nowhere comfortable, really.

Tagged along to the 545 art show, I saw your sister on the big sideways Taiko, Melissa. Not much has changed, there was a poser kid who was pulling Michael Jackson moves to Daddy Cool.

Home again, flicked through psych book, and looked at halloween threads. Some people are geniuses, others have too much time on their hands.

Tomorrow, science, psych, indoor soccer. Looking forward to it, I suppose, it'll be a distraction.



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