Monday, November 17, 2008

Day off.

'Lo everyone.

Is good, this whole 'let's not go to school on Monday' thing.

Got up, went down the street and bought a parcel thing, and saw Gollywog (no exams=day off, damn year 11s), Harry (on his way to meet his school-skipping year 8 girlfriend), and Jake (with Amaya the French girl, who looked at me funny. Must have been the thongs). Also saw PD in the post office, looking tired.

Back home, grabbed the book, addressed the parcel, then went down to another post office. Should arrive in a couple of days, George. Also went to the Phoenix Centre, picked up a LR.

Man. Very nice kit. Some bits seem a bit warped, ah well. Finished the interior first, then worked out the fancy hatch opening system. Very cool, though I'm not sure whether to go flamethrowers or straight bolters. Maybe I can make both, I dunno yet. Might make another banner, nice big one. This will probably be my centrepiece thingy until I get a Thawk or titan.

Band was meh. Terina rocked up afterwards, gave us a lift home. Fraser was trying so hard.

Tomorrow, school. I dunno if we have to do any work, I know we've got rave second.



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