Monday, November 3, 2008

Bottle Brandy.

'Lo readers.

Gorram. I tend to start with the weather, usually because I can't think of something to start with. There's too much to whinge about with that today.

Anyway. Attempted some more stuff on medium on the Guitar Hero this morning, managed Even Flow on 98%. Hell yes.

Got to school, lots of giggling at Emily and Alison. Then PE, we went to the stadium for indoor soccer. I got put in a team with Meg C, who is vicious, and a few other people who weren't bad. And Oliver, but we strapped him to the goals. First game was a warm up, second game I got a couple of goals, third game sucked. In between we had to play basketball, the girls were surprisingly good. I hate baskeball.

Recess, feeding on stuff from the showbags. At the other end they'd set up an ancient boombox radio.

Psych was a practice test, I don't think I did too badly. Course, it was only the multiple choice bit.

Maths. Hell. More rushing through stuff that people have trouble with, the popularites don't care, so they buggerise around and make Mr Cowling stop, so you lose the sense of concentration when he's going through something complicated. Ah well. Maybe it's my fault for not trying to swap out earlier. The girls whinged about basketball on their paper, and Isaac fell off his chair a lot.

Lunch, finally. Wasted a fair bit of time, then Jake's hat got on the roof. It was right in front of a bin, so I jumped up. Couldn't reach it, so they gave me the little metal recycling bin. Grabbed the hat with it, then accidently banged it on Sam's head. Drew blood too. We took him to first aid, and made fun of him. Then bottle brandy. Millsy got Aiden, so he had to get him back. They came back five minutes later, Aiden grinning like a Chesire cate and Millsy looking very frustrated. He'd lost the bottle over the road. I grabbed a fresh bottle from the bin, and we played on. Pat, OtherAiden and I hid with a bunch of year 8s. Some of the girls were mildly amused, and we hid behind them a lot. Interesting seeing 4 relatively tall blokes all hiding behind one short girl. Emily and Isobelle drew claws, and we baited Johnno. Poor bastard.

History was revision about immigration, pretty slow.

Art, I sketched some more, and listened to them all whinge. Mrs Artteacherlady wanted me to take home my sculpture.

After homeroom, Sam and I grabbed the instrument and the sculpture, got a lift home, then he grabbed his bag of lollies he had left in my bloody backpack. Ryan dropped round later to pick up his backpack. Hell. Maybe I should be selling this stuff back to them. Also traded links with Ryan while

Band was pretty slow, I accidently set off a dropbomb. Liam showed off his bagpipes (we all cringed), but gave me a lift home.

Tomorrow, rave, and I still have 40 dropbombs. Hmm.



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