Sunday, November 9, 2008

Apocalypse Now.

'Lo readers.

Bloody hell.

Got up, decided to ride to work, spent 5 minutes trying to remember the code for the chain, then shoved it in a tree. Invisible.

Work was meh. No nice half hour breaks. I stopped for five minutes to check the bike, text people, and take Diana's advice. I sprinted to Mobil, bought a can of V (SON OF A BITCH PETROL STATION! YOU WANT EXTRA DOLLAR FOR CAN? YOU WANT OVERPRICE? SON OF A BITCH PETROL STATION), drunk it and rushed through an hour or so's worth of dishes. Sammy's iPod is big. You could get Snoop Dogg or Hendrix. Had both, plus Achilles Last Stand. Respect. Everyone left about 5, so I had to do the bloody mopping.

Back home, checked the news and started on the maths cheat sheet. After dinner I finished it too, though I think I might check it with Mr Cowling first. I think I've got everything. Then sat down to watch Apocalypse Now. Bastard tape cut the last few scenes out, so I don't know how it ends. I suppose I'll still have to rent it.

Apocalypse Now Redux - *****
Very, very cool movie. Trippy as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Some of it won't make sense. Some of it drags. Doesn't matter, still very good. The Air Cavalry bit is fantastic. I must see the ending.

Tomorrow, last day before exams. Hell. Came up quick, I suppose.



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