Thursday, November 20, 2008

Activities Day.

'Lo everyone.

Oh joy, the state sponsored excursion for leisure and fun fun occurred today for the glorious proletariat. Sarcasm aside, it wasn't too bad, and slightly surprising.

First off, it was pouring when I got up. Not a good omen, perhaps. Stacked my bag with the Arsenal, then got a lift.

The lads had impressed. Isaac had a buttload of guns, Oliver had a sideways shooty one, and Sam and Pat had Super Soakers. I handed out my buttload, and showed off my magic bottle one. Very cool. Homeroom turned into a skirmish, Tom and I vs Meg and a flipped up table.

We were pretty pumped when we had to get on the buses, since when we were pressganged into loading the food, we found a few more guns in the staff room. Also of note, first time most of us had ever been in the staff room.

The bus trip was pretty cool, because it was 90% our group. Pat was playing pokemon, and Leighton had Saw 5 on his laptop with half a dozen in his audience.

As soon as the bus stopped, we dumped our crap, dug out the guns, and hit the lake to fill the bastards up. Then the war began. We saw Hayden running, so he became the target. Decided to fill up some waterbombs too, so we visited the little toilet block and split a couple of dozen on the overlarge taps.

By then, people were hitting the water, but first, Sam was getting changed. About a dozen people were standing very quietly around the exit of the toilets, with primed water guns. He was not amused, and mildly shocked. We swum to the other side, looked at the rope hanging off a tree, though people were complaining that the water underneath was too shallow. We checked out a building thing, but there was nowhere to climb on it. Skeeep.

On the other side, lots of waterfighting, chasing Julian. Will McMahon got Millsy with a waterbomb, and he promptly started screaming obscenities. Nick got Tom hard enough to raise a bruise. We were given a raft, so they pumped it up, and over loaded it. We threw waterbombs at them as they threw each other off. Will got Millsy again, and Millsy chased him around behind the toilets, where a loud, explicit fight broke out, in front of a busload of pensioners. Calmed down a bit after that, as the wind started picking up. Most of us gathered under a tarp and lined up for sausages.

Word spread that the teachers didn't like the weather, so they were taking us to the cinema to see Aiden's new movie. Oh boy. This bus trip was dull, basically Sam scaring Naomi with his devil music and everyone laughing about Millsy. At the cinema, Dayne captured a moose with the skill tester, and Lulu was sick.

Movie review - Quantum of Solace, ***1/2
Wow. First Bond film in the cinema. What an achievement. This one wasn't too bad, but it wasn't as good as some of the Connery ones, or Casino Royale. Some of the action sequences were pretty good, though the whole espionage thing was lost on some people. Bloody Meg kept trying to use our seats as footrests, and there were girls rushing to the toilets to text people.

They took us back, after congratulating Aiden, and we buggerised around until people started drifting away. Sam and I decided to crash Aiden's house, and play Guitar Hero. Turns out he was working, so we played Guitar Hero at my place until we decided to go see Ryan. Oh boy. At his place, his sister said he was down the street with a girl. Sam's interest peaked. She gave us a lift down, and we spent an hour or so looking around. We ended up getting McDonalds, then I went home. Got into a waterfight with the girls, Charlotte is using my tactic of ducking and charging, kamikaze style.

The internet went down for a while, so I played Guitar Hero and watched Adam Hills Live. He's pretty good, fake leg and all.

Tomorrow, do as little as possible, then play at the valedictory thing. Gorram.



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