Thursday, November 27, 2008

About face turn.

'Lo all.

Some new plot developments today.

Bloody hot today though, I must say, then it got interesting. Like, lightning interesting. Nothing spectacular, like ear splitting cracks or flashes that light up the sky though.

Ryan and I played Guitar Hero this morning, I'm nearly through the career on easy. Need someone to come in for multiplayer, Pat or Aiden or Lulu or something. I want me some Helicopter and Reptilia.

First up was chapel, boring as hell as usual. More on this later.

Homeroom was doodling about super saiyans and retrieving lockers. Our state-ordered social service is due, we need to hire a slushie machine and hope for a really hot day.

Biology. Scribbling down more notes on microscopes. Not that we got to use them yet.

Recess was pretty crap. Alison said I couldn't feed alone, so I had to sit down. Ah well. It was quiet, til Leighton and Will started discussing a photo of the two of them wasted.

Double maths. Oh boy. Wasn't too bad, really, Tom and I got through all the questions. Alison was shouting about Caz and Tori's BYO party (not particularly interested, have nothing to bring, nor do I wish to spend an evening watching two of the louder people in the year get louder). Emma and I got schooled on our retard calculators, why the hell does each one need a completely new bloody menu system?

Lunch. Pretty slow, then bottle brandy because we were bored. Still pretty meh.

Psych, I finished the work, took notes and read. Boring, to be honest.

In lit, we watched a bit of Singing in the Rain, three times, which was surprisingly meh. Funny that this one sequence of the main protagonist (chief choreographer and director to boot, of course) is the only bit that gets remembered. We eventually discussed the deb. Hell. More on this later, it gets interesting. Emily chipped in, Ryan and I withheld laughter.

Saw people whinging about the deb on the way to homeroom, then Aiden shouting that there was a form about it. I mention this to Lulu. She got me. Hell. Can't exactly back out, since she asked me straight out instead of leading onto it. Ah well. After consulting with the Beardman, decided to go with it. Might be fun, who knows. Not looking forward to the suit, though the cane might be cool. See if we can do it on a budget, I suppose.

Went down the street, met with Ryan who said that the rest were in Aldi. We discussed the deb, he's looking forward more to the party, I think. Then the rest rocked up, ate the last of our chips. The bloody magpies are getting so fat, they're starting to not jump for the chips if they're a metre away. Aiden met us, hugged Meg, rode off. Then we met Amaya and Emily, and they started whinging about wages. After discovering they hadn't been paid, they made me check. I've got another $150 that I didn't have before, so I laughed. They raged, off we went to the Bis. Amaya was bemused, Cooper wanted to know if I could work for him Saturday night.

We decided to go to McDonalds, just as it started pouring. I found $10 lying on the ground that nobody else noticed, hell yes! We watched as Emily dissected her hamburger and ate it all separately, then Sam and I bought bits of loose bacon for everyone, plus a burnt patty for Emily.

Back home, finished easy. Woo. Now to do medium again. Went to games night, traded a lot of bits. There was a girl there, with purple necrons. Weird. Everyone else is the same, though Gollywog thinks age is getting to him. Nice big lightning storm overhead, sprinted home before it started pouring.

Watched the wind and rain, then saw something called Modern Toss on ABC2. Very, very cool.

Tomorrow, I dunno. See what happens.



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