Sunday, November 30, 2008

100%, Even Flow, medium.

'Lo readers.

Hell. Not doing this two shifts straight after each other again.

Work was difficult, though not as bad as last night. I even got to take a break. Managed to get on top of the dishes about 2:30, which is really early, and leave about 4:45.

Back home, played Guitar Hero, managed 100% on Even Flow on medium. Epic. Diana and PD dropped around, reminded me christmas is coming up. Meh. I suppose I'll get to drive to Melbourne christmas day.

I struggled to complete a brief history essay, talk to people, watch a Herman Li interview about expert mode ("It's easier on a real guitar."), and watched a promising documentary about evolution vs creationism. My views are pretty clear already, though it still shocks me that people have to go out of their way to promote stupidity.

Tomorrow, Monday. Lulu's looking forward to a new band nerd, and I need to finish this damn history thing.



Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bloody hell.

'Lo all.

Played a lot of ps2, did a lot of homework, talked to a few people.

Went to work after Sam said he couldn't come in for me tomorrow. It wasn't fun. Finished ten minutes ago.

I have to go back in eleven hours.



Friday, November 28, 2008


'Lo readers.

Ah. Last day of the week. Man. And what a week. First one of year 11, and I think everyone's over the novelty of it. It'll spark back at the start of next year though, bunches of new people, like another band nerd, a returning emo (*spit*), a popularite repeating year 11, and various others.

Today was bleak. Grey, dull, meh temperature, pretty boring at times, and it's scarily becoming a very paranoid place. These new uniform rules are working, now that you see a teacher you check yourself to make sure you don't draw attention. And they know it's working, bastards.

Started assembling the standard bearer for my big tank, damn fiddly bits proved to be more trouble than they were worth, plus the bloody glue sucks. Might be, now that I have moneys, I should get better glue.

First up at school was media. We had to watch a movie about stereotyping and representation, with a moustached guy from the late eighties lecturing us about racist cartoons from a video. Meh, society isn't as stupid anymore.

Then biology, we had to take notes on microscopes, then got to have a look at the new ones. Mrs Moy then decided we all sucked at dissections, so we got the play doh and scalpels out and practiced. Gavin and Lulu are pretty good, my play doh was too crumbly.

Recess. Will had a blunt knife to cut his mango, we stole it. I twirled it, Aiden tried the finger game. So blunt it didn't matter if you stabbed your fingers.

Then lit, more lecturing on musicals and themes. Pretty boring, can't wait til we're done with this movie and we get to read books (which is what we signed up for).

Maths next, pretty slow. Statistics is meh, though tedious with the dozen graphs one has to sketch.

Lunch, boring. I walked in on a food fight, with Isaac leaping into the air Superman-style to smash an apple with his fist. We gorked. I'm one of the more useless players, I can't tackle heavily enough, not skilled enough to get the ball around, so I'm the ninja and general distraction. They have to have someone watching the ninjas, lest the cherry pick some goals behind their backs.

History. We collated results on the Germany survey, and had a flowing discussion. Ms Henry cheerfully admitted that the school was indoctrinating kids, wish I had a tape recorder. I'm looking forward to history next year.

Finally psych in the library, watching a video about the brain. Apparently sleep loss contributes to obesity. Not bloody likely. I'm getting six or so hours a night and I'm still a bloody rake, doesn't matter how much I eat. Hmm. Maybe four hours, plus a mini fridge kept well-stocked in the shed...

Back home, started painting up the standard bearer. The contact points are pissing me off, too small, so bits bend, even when glued. The standard itself isn't bad, simple, and no metallics. Tank is properly finished now. Might get a Vindie next, or some more greenskins. I suppose I'll have to get a Russ soon, though I dunno how I'll paint it.

Tomorrow, sleep as long as possible (that might have something to do with it), then work all night. Hell, I'm working all weekend, unless Cooper wants to work Sunday.


Anyway, the end.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

About face turn.

'Lo all.

Some new plot developments today.

Bloody hot today though, I must say, then it got interesting. Like, lightning interesting. Nothing spectacular, like ear splitting cracks or flashes that light up the sky though.

Ryan and I played Guitar Hero this morning, I'm nearly through the career on easy. Need someone to come in for multiplayer, Pat or Aiden or Lulu or something. I want me some Helicopter and Reptilia.

First up was chapel, boring as hell as usual. More on this later.

Homeroom was doodling about super saiyans and retrieving lockers. Our state-ordered social service is due, we need to hire a slushie machine and hope for a really hot day.

Biology. Scribbling down more notes on microscopes. Not that we got to use them yet.

Recess was pretty crap. Alison said I couldn't feed alone, so I had to sit down. Ah well. It was quiet, til Leighton and Will started discussing a photo of the two of them wasted.

Double maths. Oh boy. Wasn't too bad, really, Tom and I got through all the questions. Alison was shouting about Caz and Tori's BYO party (not particularly interested, have nothing to bring, nor do I wish to spend an evening watching two of the louder people in the year get louder). Emma and I got schooled on our retard calculators, why the hell does each one need a completely new bloody menu system?

Lunch. Pretty slow, then bottle brandy because we were bored. Still pretty meh.

Psych, I finished the work, took notes and read. Boring, to be honest.

In lit, we watched a bit of Singing in the Rain, three times, which was surprisingly meh. Funny that this one sequence of the main protagonist (chief choreographer and director to boot, of course) is the only bit that gets remembered. We eventually discussed the deb. Hell. More on this later, it gets interesting. Emily chipped in, Ryan and I withheld laughter.

Saw people whinging about the deb on the way to homeroom, then Aiden shouting that there was a form about it. I mention this to Lulu. She got me. Hell. Can't exactly back out, since she asked me straight out instead of leading onto it. Ah well. After consulting with the Beardman, decided to go with it. Might be fun, who knows. Not looking forward to the suit, though the cane might be cool. See if we can do it on a budget, I suppose.

Went down the street, met with Ryan who said that the rest were in Aldi. We discussed the deb, he's looking forward more to the party, I think. Then the rest rocked up, ate the last of our chips. The bloody magpies are getting so fat, they're starting to not jump for the chips if they're a metre away. Aiden met us, hugged Meg, rode off. Then we met Amaya and Emily, and they started whinging about wages. After discovering they hadn't been paid, they made me check. I've got another $150 that I didn't have before, so I laughed. They raged, off we went to the Bis. Amaya was bemused, Cooper wanted to know if I could work for him Saturday night.

We decided to go to McDonalds, just as it started pouring. I found $10 lying on the ground that nobody else noticed, hell yes! We watched as Emily dissected her hamburger and ate it all separately, then Sam and I bought bits of loose bacon for everyone, plus a burnt patty for Emily.

Back home, finished easy. Woo. Now to do medium again. Went to games night, traded a lot of bits. There was a girl there, with purple necrons. Weird. Everyone else is the same, though Gollywog thinks age is getting to him. Nice big lightning storm overhead, sprinted home before it started pouring.

Watched the wind and rain, then saw something called Modern Toss on ABC2. Very, very cool.

Tomorrow, I dunno. See what happens.



Wednesday, November 26, 2008


'Lo everyone.

Where to begin.

Starting to get through Guitar Hero, managed full 100% on Sunshine of Your Love. Still going to kill Fraser. He has his own playstation now, apparently he got it for free off his friend because his friend has another one, plus a wii, plus a 360. This is the same friend who gave him a recent model mobile phone. I reckon it's "If you give me stuff, I won't beat you up" sort of thing.

First up at school was biology, Lulu, Meg and I had to build cells. Pretty meh, though it's revision.

Then media. We watched the Simpsons again, this time with Mrs Tyndall stopping to discuss it. I'm too bloody quiet.

Recess. Meh. I was reminded that I had to work tonight.

General Maths A. That's the easier one. Tom's in the class, should be fun. Turns out my calculator is slightly out of date, and only one other person has it. Ah well. I reckon I might be able to do well next year.

History next, just finishing off questions and discussing the Kaiser.

Lunch was pretty crap. We discussed physics (not that physics, this stuff would warp your mind. Thankfully it's all far), then bottle brandy. Fun trying to hide amongst the girls, til someone notices you.

We jumped on the bus for cricket, and were told to split into groups; those who actually wanted to try out and those who didn't. We didn't, since there were that many people there who actually played cricket. So, a lot of wasting time, mostly talking about Guitar Hero and stupidity in Star Wars. I mean, hell, if you have the force, why not disintergrate a brain or pinch a heart valve instead of lightsaber fights?

Back home, got ready for work, and played Guitar Hero. I got a text message from Sam telling me not to worry about it, Antti had got someone else. Decided, since we were in the car, to check it out anyway. Someone else is on their way, I was told, and I was happy, since an ungodly pile of dishes which filled the entire place were haphazardly stacked.

So, no work. Didn't do much, played a lot of Guitar Hero.

Tomorrow, double something. Don't know what yet.



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'll diagram your cell.

'Lo all.

Hell. This year 11 thing is interesting, so far.

Boot up the Guitar Hero, my save file is corrupted. Last person who played it was Fraser. *RRAAAAAGGEE! >:( * Means I have to unlock everything again. Bugger.

Lift to school, playing in assembly, I spectacularly added an extra note to the end of the processional. It got worse. Pete Olsen lost his way when they swore him in, and the announcer said Aiden's last name in a brilliant but embarrassingly wrong way.

First up was psych. Scary with all these unfriendly year 12s, and there's one bloke who is really annoying. Tiffany and Tori from the halcyon days are sticking around though. We had to cut and paste bits of the brain together, after making a prototype from play-doh. Real professional, these year 12 classes. Mrs Clemens put on her mix cd of disgustingly modern music, which had These Days at the end. Surprised me.

Recess, discussed Media with Kelly, who says it's meh, then played the In My Pants game. One simply adds in my pants to the end of any song title, hence, Whole Lotta Rosie in my pants, Iron Man in my pants, Catch My Disease in my pants, etc. Very funny, though most of my music's terrible for it. Kashmir in my pants? Do the Evolution in my pants? Rearviewmirror? Social Currency? Fuc- no wait, that one would probably work...

Media. Mr Stone (Freudian slip there, hurr) couldn't work the dvd player, so we waited for 20 minutes. A techie arrived, and we watched a classic episode of the Simpsons, with a media topic related subtext. We all lol'd. I miss the Simpsons.

Then history, we had to sort out folders, then we discussed WW1. If nothing else, the aesthetic is awesome. Tank sponsons for the win!

Lunch. We lost everyone, so Sam and I went hunting. We eventually found them standing around graffiti, which Isaac was sitting on. You had to be there. We watched as they captured people with their VCE jumpers, put two dozen blazers on Cameron, and the girls spat water at Will when they were playinh the (undecipherable) finger game.

Next was lit, Mrs Cartledge ranted about Cornell notes and dance-comedy-romance-musical genre movies. Not looking forward to having to rent, watch, study, and review this film.

Finally biology, Meg, Gavin, Pat and I traded insults while cutting out bits of cells and sticking them to a poster. We ran out of room for labels, I think.

Went down the street, picked up the lit big textbook, I only have to get history ones now, really. Also grabbed Black Hawk Down (extended edition!) for $10.

Back home, homework, talked to Annie and Rika, and lost at poker against Meg. Hell. I'm too used to Pim- Warlords and Scumbags. The new iTunes music thingy is awful. The thing about this Genius program is that it only works on your library, and when your library has more music that George likes than music you like, the reccommendations don't work. If they could change it to playlist form, it'd be good.

Tomorrow, cricket, plus maths. Need to pick up the graphics calculator off Clare soon, I think.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, November 24, 2008


'Lo readers.

And so, the last two and a bit weeks of school begin. And to kick things off, let's promote everyone up a year.

Ryan dropped round, both of us were bemused that we were year 11s now.

Got to school, everyone was bloody screaming, and we had no idea where to put stuff since they evicted us from our lockers. People were wearing the black VCE jumpers, I didn't recognise Annie, Clare and Alison. Hell. We had a year level assembly where Ms Dyke berated us for looking shabby and how "this will be a great year rarderar rar". Then back to the homeroom for locker numbers and timetables. We squabbled over the lockers (I ended up next to Meg and Agnik again, but beneath Isobelle. Dammit), then swapped timetables with people, and shouted at them about being in their classes or not. To add to the chaos, the naughty year 12s had spread the uncensored bull sheet, which did not disappoint.

First up, biology. Weird that, eh. Mrs Moy for a teacher, so I know she isn't bad. We went through basic terms for eukaryotic cells, pretty easy so far.

Recess. Everyone was discussing their first classes, and hurriedly tucking in shirts. New bloody uniform rules come into effect today, teachers all turn into nazis.

Speaking of nazis, next up was history, with Ms Henry again. We get to do Nazi Germany, should be interesting

Music lesson. What is the bloody point of harmonic minors?

Next was media. Small class, I got to sit next to one of the new girls. Not sure if she's a popularite or not, I've heard one of them is. We got to discuss the Simpsons and 007. I think I shall enjoy this class.

Lunch. More trading tales about the new classes. Lulu was pissed that she had Mr Fraser for an english teacher ("RAR! WORST TEACHER RAR RAR RAR!") while whinging about her hip and tripping me out with her black jumper. We stole some of the tables and chilled, is good having two tables again, since the year 12s have their common room. We rule the bloody quad now, you junior sons of bitches.

Literature next, with a late Mrs Cartledge. This will be an interesting subject, we have to rent and watch Strictly Ballroom (*groan*), but then we get to pick a contemporary classic and review it. Might pick One of Beardman's books, Silence of the Lambs or something. Has to have literary importance though, I suppose I could argue it made a cool movie.

Finally psych 3/4. That's the year 12 one for you lot playing at home. Most of my old psych class filed in, we exchanged greetings, then the rest of them came in. Hell. Big class. This will be very interesting. Also running with Mrs Clemens, who has a unique style of teaching. She gives you a checklist with everything due that week, and expects it all to be done and submitted by the end of it. I know from Tom and Meg scribbling Health stuff in homeroom this year that it might take some getting used to.

Bloody band next, in the hall, we went through the basic assembly stuff, then someone requested something that was abysmally difficult. Bastards. Afterwards, Gavin and I bagged out Millsy, and Lulu and I fought for the baritone.

Back home, homework and checked the news. Slightly slow news day, dammit. This bloody lit homework is pissing me off already, half a page on why you picked lit. Of course, with my small writing, I'm down to saying that this one seemed the most interesting out of the three englishes, and I still need a few more lines.

Band again, pretty lazy. Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey again, and one from Crimson Tide. I lol'd. Good march though.

Which reminds me.

Movie review from the other night - Full Metal Jacket, *****
Oh, I liked this one. Right up to the end, which happened to be Paint It Black. I think I'll have to buy this one, very, very cool movie.

Tomorrow, double psych, no maths, playing music at assembly. Meh.



Sunday, November 23, 2008


'Lo readers.

Less to say today, really. Played a lot of Guitar Hero (starting to go into hard mode), bought a new folder (everything's ready except the textbooks and the calculator now), watched zoids (5 episodes to go), and witnessed the 'dults getting wasted. Diana said to say something about their underwear conversation.

Tomorrow, year 11. I'll see what I'm missing, I'm not fussed because mooching is still a possibility.



Saturday, November 22, 2008


'Lo all.

Two things today.

One, I worked about four hours, and didn't have to do the big clean up since there was another bloke coming in.

Two, picked up God of War and Killzone. Is good.

Right now, off to watch Full Metal Jacket.

Bonus movie review - 2001: A Space Odyssey. ***1/2
It's good, but it's slow. Very slow. And random. Very trippy (and slow) at the end. Star Child for the win!

(yeah, I realise I watched it a week ago, sue me, I forgot)

Tomorrow, Zoids, gaming, that's about it.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bloody valedictory service...

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Nice day off, I suppose.

Woke up, checked the news, played Guitar Hero all day, pretty much.

Then at 5, went to school in black band uniform, then got changed into school uniform. My own fault fo not finding out which one I was supposed to have.

The service dragged on. Too much religiony stuff. Ours will be funny, I think, because of the schism.

After giving Isobelle a lift to her restaurant, Pat and I played Guitar Hero. Fun trying to play Through the Fire and the Flames on expert, but on the slowest practice speed.

Tomorrow, work, but I don't have to clean up, plus I have to buy more looseleaf.



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Activities Day.

'Lo everyone.

Oh joy, the state sponsored excursion for leisure and fun fun occurred today for the glorious proletariat. Sarcasm aside, it wasn't too bad, and slightly surprising.

First off, it was pouring when I got up. Not a good omen, perhaps. Stacked my bag with the Arsenal, then got a lift.

The lads had impressed. Isaac had a buttload of guns, Oliver had a sideways shooty one, and Sam and Pat had Super Soakers. I handed out my buttload, and showed off my magic bottle one. Very cool. Homeroom turned into a skirmish, Tom and I vs Meg and a flipped up table.

We were pretty pumped when we had to get on the buses, since when we were pressganged into loading the food, we found a few more guns in the staff room. Also of note, first time most of us had ever been in the staff room.

The bus trip was pretty cool, because it was 90% our group. Pat was playing pokemon, and Leighton had Saw 5 on his laptop with half a dozen in his audience.

As soon as the bus stopped, we dumped our crap, dug out the guns, and hit the lake to fill the bastards up. Then the war began. We saw Hayden running, so he became the target. Decided to fill up some waterbombs too, so we visited the little toilet block and split a couple of dozen on the overlarge taps.

By then, people were hitting the water, but first, Sam was getting changed. About a dozen people were standing very quietly around the exit of the toilets, with primed water guns. He was not amused, and mildly shocked. We swum to the other side, looked at the rope hanging off a tree, though people were complaining that the water underneath was too shallow. We checked out a building thing, but there was nowhere to climb on it. Skeeep.

On the other side, lots of waterfighting, chasing Julian. Will McMahon got Millsy with a waterbomb, and he promptly started screaming obscenities. Nick got Tom hard enough to raise a bruise. We were given a raft, so they pumped it up, and over loaded it. We threw waterbombs at them as they threw each other off. Will got Millsy again, and Millsy chased him around behind the toilets, where a loud, explicit fight broke out, in front of a busload of pensioners. Calmed down a bit after that, as the wind started picking up. Most of us gathered under a tarp and lined up for sausages.

Word spread that the teachers didn't like the weather, so they were taking us to the cinema to see Aiden's new movie. Oh boy. This bus trip was dull, basically Sam scaring Naomi with his devil music and everyone laughing about Millsy. At the cinema, Dayne captured a moose with the skill tester, and Lulu was sick.

Movie review - Quantum of Solace, ***1/2
Wow. First Bond film in the cinema. What an achievement. This one wasn't too bad, but it wasn't as good as some of the Connery ones, or Casino Royale. Some of the action sequences were pretty good, though the whole espionage thing was lost on some people. Bloody Meg kept trying to use our seats as footrests, and there were girls rushing to the toilets to text people.

They took us back, after congratulating Aiden, and we buggerised around until people started drifting away. Sam and I decided to crash Aiden's house, and play Guitar Hero. Turns out he was working, so we played Guitar Hero at my place until we decided to go see Ryan. Oh boy. At his place, his sister said he was down the street with a girl. Sam's interest peaked. She gave us a lift down, and we spent an hour or so looking around. We ended up getting McDonalds, then I went home. Got into a waterfight with the girls, Charlotte is using my tactic of ducking and charging, kamikaze style.

The internet went down for a while, so I played Guitar Hero and watched Adam Hills Live. He's pretty good, fake leg and all.

Tomorrow, do as little as possible, then play at the valedictory thing. Gorram.



Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Year 10 completed.

'Lo readers.

What's that you say? Still three weeks til the end of term! Aye, but that's rollover. The school thinks that the last few weeks of term should not be a relaxing bit after exams, instead you get two days for that, then you start the new year early to give you more homework over the holidays. Bastards.

Anyway. Put on the last wash this morning, started exterior detail. Is good, I think. Ryan dropped in, couldn't find my bloody socks.

First up was maths. Oh boy. You could smell the tension. Didn't smell good. Mr Cowling called us up one by one, I got a pair of Cs on my tests (average - not bad). Then they handed out calculators, Isaac was excited.

Then science, we watched a video about the periodic table, which seemed familiar, and pretty crap.

Recess was pretty meh, as usual. I cleared out my locker, which was very quick. Keep this this and this, everything else gets binned.

Psych, I had a spare, so I followed the others who had spares. Tom and I ended up in a tree, and Mr Stone caught us. We went to the library, and Alison brought around Dolly Doctor. Spent an amusing twenty minutes laughing at other people's embarrassing problems and naive questions. Not to mention the diagrams. Oh my yes, the diagrams.

Art. Crap. I had to do a few chores (break glass jars, run around to admin), then escaped and chatted to Bree about sailing and the deb. She's disillusioned. Good for her.

Lunch, gorram. Aiden gave me his pineapple juice, which we all agreed looked suss. We started playing Warlords and Scumbags, then moved to the library. We were eventually playing with a couple of decks, which had maybe 12 sixes.

Indoor soccer. Due to the whole six person team thing, I got stuck on the year nine's team. So did Millsy. Hell. I played like crap, which didn't impress the big year 9 guy. Meh. Don't really care. Melissa's little phone thing is blasphemous and heretical.

During homeroom, we said farewell to the board. We're keeping it up, but apparently our "mentor group" is now in room 5, which is around the corner. Thankfully, Aiden and Pat are in room 6. Now we have two boards to vandalise.

Sprinted home with a full backpack, got changed, sprinted back down the street, and met with the pharmacy people. Turns out they'll call me about a job over the holidays. Meh. The pay is peanuts, but it's 2 hours max. Afterwards, caught up with Goody outside the Warehouse (him and Nick had the same idea Pat and I had - waterfight. They needed waterbombs though, we just needed guns), then went to Target to look at Super Soakers. There was a great one with a thing you could attach bottles to... say a two litre one... I saw Mewha and his ADHD friend, who had an attention span of 2 seconds, and she eventually stole my phone, swapped the sim cards, sent off a dozen messages, then we persuaded her to give it back. Bernice and Belle saw us, and were bemused.

Picked up the bottle super soaker, then went to EB for Guitar Hero. Oh boy. The checkout chick was whinging to her superior that the computer wanted to give me money. Turns out Guitar Hero for ps2 is half price! Woo! Saved $20, then they gave me back $50. Awesome. I rode to the Warehouse with the box sticking out of my backpack, picked up a shotgun, a medium pistol, two smaller ones, and a packet of mini ones (for the bus, says Pat).

Back home, tested everything out. I'm going to have fun with this Super Soaker, I don't care if it's raining tomorrow. Beardman finally went out on his hot date, so I got to cook tea for myself.

Tomorrow, activities day. We don't really know what's there, nor do we know what the weather is like, besides resigned pessimism. Hopefully it warms up, if not I'll have a cold for this long weekend.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Results.

'Lo readers.

Today is positive. Sickeningly sweet type positive. This will not bode well, as karma goes.

Got up, started assembling sponsons. Gotta love that WW1 style. Worked out I could trade flamers for bolters if I was careful. Interesting. Then Ryan dropped round, we discussed RvsR on W:AR. Sounds exciting, might be I should get it for the holidays.

Bloody assembly in the gym again, load of uncomfortable bull. Apparently they're renaming home groups (very familiar), to "mentor groups", and homeroom teachers to "mentors". What? was our first reaction, then we sniggered. I don't know what they're going for here, it sounds very silly to us.

History first up. I got 89% on the exam. Not the best, but nowhere near the worst either. Ms Henry had an interview to go to, so she ditched us in the quad. Turns out Harry's grounded because his folks found out about his school-skipping girlfriend. We laughed.

Then rave, more Pirates of the Carribean. "Look!" *BANG* "An undead monkey!"

Recess was people running around comparing results, really.

Psych next, Mrs Moy went over the test. I got 83%, but scaled up. Dunno why. I got an A, might have been best in our (8 person) class. Go me. Mrs Moy filled in time with a video from the (very) early nineties about personality disorders.

Then art. Oh boy. Mrs Artteacherlady passed out the exams, I got 66%. I beat you, Isobelle! Then teacher says if we're doing art next year we should pay attention. Melissa and Naomi pull out Twilight (*spit*) books, dozens of iPods, and Meg, Isobelle and I retreat to the corner. Boring.

Lunch. We buggerised around. The girls made up a song about Gavin's mum (something about sexiness being inherited), and Emily described (in graphic detail), her nightmare involving Hayden. We then had a kicking contest, Tom and Gavin can kick very high, their poor hamstrings.

Science. I got 87% on this one. Hurr! Then we had to hand back textbooks, and clean them. Bah. A physics class was shooting air rockets.

Finally english. A C+ on the essay and analysis, which is above average (!), and a B on the short story. Meh. We watched the first half hour of the Benchwarmers, which was mindless slapstick, really. Sally was pissing me off with her bloody hairbands.

Back home, stuck all the extras on the LR. I reckon I could probably do the banner, gotta find a pole. Then sprayed, and tried something new. LotE on WS is using a new black technique, which is basically spray black, drybrush the entire thing with codex grey, then multiple Badab washes. It's time consuming, and paint consuming on such a big model, but it's very effective.

Bloody Watchmen footage been spotted again, it's sounding very good, despite lack of squid. George got his book (surprisingly early, aren't you lucky?), and the gorram music bug is itching again. Finally got more Rage Against the Machine, started filling out Alive 07, and got that damn Dizzee Rascal track.

Tomorrow, 3 classes, one of which is maths. Something tells me the happy bug will run away and start laughing at me. I'm pretty sure I failed the second one, and I'm skating on thin ice for the first one. Ah well. Spare instead of psychology, and movies for all the other classes I think. Then indoor soccer. Plus people are getting their braces off.



Monday, November 17, 2008

Day off.

'Lo everyone.

Is good, this whole 'let's not go to school on Monday' thing.

Got up, went down the street and bought a parcel thing, and saw Gollywog (no exams=day off, damn year 11s), Harry (on his way to meet his school-skipping year 8 girlfriend), and Jake (with Amaya the French girl, who looked at me funny. Must have been the thongs). Also saw PD in the post office, looking tired.

Back home, grabbed the book, addressed the parcel, then went down to another post office. Should arrive in a couple of days, George. Also went to the Phoenix Centre, picked up a LR.

Man. Very nice kit. Some bits seem a bit warped, ah well. Finished the interior first, then worked out the fancy hatch opening system. Very cool, though I'm not sure whether to go flamethrowers or straight bolters. Maybe I can make both, I dunno yet. Might make another banner, nice big one. This will probably be my centrepiece thingy until I get a Thawk or titan.

Band was meh. Terina rocked up afterwards, gave us a lift home. Fraser was trying so hard.

Tomorrow, school. I dunno if we have to do any work, I know we've got rave second.



Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our work is never over.

'Lo readers.

Bugger this whole work thing. If it weren't for the money...

Today wasn't my day, I think. Highlights at work included no breaks, very busy restaurant, and neck-high dishes that never stopped.

Rode home tired, ate, right now I'm watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not bad so far.

Tomorrow, I'll send your book, George.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mud, returns, and Burn After Reading.

'Lo readers.

A note for the future, don't wear thongs all day when you have to walk everywhere. Especially not new ones.

Anyway, got up this morning with the intention to spend money. Odd. After coffee, hit the streets. I bought your book today, George, I'll post it on Monday. Also bought Guitar Hero, 16mb memory card ($20 cheaper at Target, interesting), and avoided people I knew.

Back home, I booted up Guitar Hero. Here's where the fun started. Put in batteries, put the thing together, and couldn't navigate the menu. Interesting. Reboot. The strum bar is still unresponsive. I can see why I bought it pre-owned. I flicked through to career, tried playing a song, and the thing wouldn't bloody respond. RAAAAGE!

After lunch, Beardman, who was unhappy with a dvd recorder he got from Aldi, and I went back down the street and returned stuff. Apparently, for $20 I could get the bloody game new. Ah well. Also bought Serenity for cheap in Aldi.

We then drove out to Lake Wellington, I got to skid around on some dirt roads. Not too bad. We stopped at the lake, I opened the door and stepped into a mud puddle. Fantastic.

After that, watched Serenity

Movie review 1 - Serenity, ***1/2
Entertaining. Bits were wearing, but bits were pretty damn good. I think I should watch Firefly.

We made pizza for tea, then I walked down to the cinema. Annie, Sam, Denny and Emily were standing around. We went in with low hopes, especially since there were no other teenagers standing around.

Movie review 2 - Burn After Reading, ****1/2
My gods. This was actually funny. Very funny. It's basically a bunch of very stupid people doing stupid things and dying. Fantastic film. Slightly slow at the start, and felt a little rushed at the end, but meh. Highly recommended.

We walked to McDonalds, Denny and Sam going on about World Tour, and all of us quoting the movie. Very quotable, I think. We got chips, Emily whinged, then we had a plan that involved Emily's top and the drive thru security cameras. I got a lift home with Annie, and discovered that Ryan's bloody dog chainmail has gotten everywhere. Don't you people see the irony?

Tomorrow, work all day, then 2001: A Space Odyssey. Should be fun.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Exams: Finale.

'Lo all.

Too cold today. Can't make up it's bloody mind.

Riding to school (in the cold) today, realised I'd forgotten something from yesterday. Dickhead with a trailer crossing a busy highway at peak time, sitting there with his trailer hanging out. Couldn't go around him, Wise Beard Man says to slam on brakes, then begins hurling abuse at the trailer dude. God damn.

Anyway. Got to school, borrowed a thing of pencils of Gavin, then went to homeroom. We had to fill out a form about what sort of activities we'd participated in, which would appear somewhere on our reports. I'm involved in very few things, because like it or not I'm a naturally lazy person, who does not particularly want to wear make up on stage, fail a maths competition, or formally argue against Agnik and James during my bloody lunchtimes.

Art exam. They said we could read right away. Some apprehension, since us year 10s get half an hour's study before we get the exam handed out. Most of us took the opportunity to quickly glance at it before someone blabbed and the papers were collected. Bored for half an hour then. When we finally did get going, the questions were the same as last year. No stating facts or anything, just how you feel about a piece of art. If you can express it well, you get 12 marks. If you think, meh, lady and a bin, looks pretty same-y, they'll give you a mark for trying. Trust me, I did that last time. Then we had to design a mural for a public building like a library or cinema. I drew a cinema burning. I like drawing things burning, I've noticed, half of the stuff I've done in art this year have involved flame motifs in some way.

Recess. Cold. I realised I had forgotten my bloody lunch.

Study period, Brad and I went out, chatted to some of the others, then Ms Hahn noticed and kicked us out. Tom got the keys to a room with computers, so we went in there and played flash games. Aiden and I managed to get to level 471 on a tower defence variant, and Tom raged at defend your castle. The girls were bemused when they visited.

Lunch was wet and boring. I had to buy lunch, $6.50ish for a thing of two minute noodles and a sausage roll. The same noodles are a bowl for a dollar down the street, it's bull. Problem is, the bastards jack up the prices to make some profit, because no one is really buying much, but then less people buy stuff because it's so damn expensive.

Then the maths one. I was buggered. I believe by the end of it I'd skipped or run out of time on 17 marks worth of questions. Once I remembered how Pythag worked, I think I got a couple of marks, and some of the simpler factorising ones. One of the questions everyone seemed to avoid, except Denny, who made us groan because the answer was so damn obvious.

Annie lent me Donnie Darko, and after being told I'd need to watch it a couple of times, I decided to watch it when I got home.

Movie review time! Donnie Darko, ***
Is this it? was my first reaction when it ended. I was expecting the **spoiler** ending where someone wakes up from a dream thing **/spoiler**. Most of it made sense, though bits were stupid. Dunno why a power ranger was the monster. Bits seemed to be pinched from other movies, and other things have been influenced by it, the bike riding is from ET and the jet engine was like something out of Lost. I will admit I was bored at the start, the main protagonist seemed like a dick, and once you know that the main character is **spoiler** a paranoid schizophrenic on placebos **/spoiler**, it's kind of tame. Maybe I went in with expectation that were too high, I dunno. Funny seeing Drew Barrymore and Seth Rogen though. And yes, bits were very quotable. Still, pretty meh story, overhyped, and bits dragged.

Also watched the Simpsons with Beardman and the tribe, finally a good episode. Very slow on the interbutts. Best thing was a new Watchmen trailer, and I cringed at some of the bits. It looks right, but as long as the ending has the same effect, it should be good. Not that anyone will want to see it, which is a shame.

Tomorrow, I'm going shopping. I want to pick up Guitar Hero, a memory card, a book (then send it, fingers crossed George), and I should probably get a haircut, to shut these damn teachers up. It's legal, but not good enough for them. Might go the movies as well.



Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exams, day 3 (bloody hot).

'Lo readers.

Hell. If it weren't for the rides to school, I'd prefer it to be bloody winter all the time.

Anyway. Got to school, stayed in homeroom, Aiden and I discussed Guitar Hero (his mum tried to sing, good on her), then started playing cards. Mr Siansdad said we were supposed to be studying, but once he swapped teachers Leighton and OtherAiden joined us. Warlords and Scumbags (hurr...) all the way.

Recess was meh. Grabbed my leaky folder and ran to the hall.

History exam was surprisingly easy, cos I knew to study the immigration chart and the map of Vietnam.

Lunch was hot. I went to the music department, Mr C said to come back in 10, so I fed and grabbed Aiden. Two (very snooty) marches and a small band for valedictory service. Meh.

After lunch, all the girls were lying against the wall, arguing about iPods and Gossip Girl. Aiden dropped in, had us another game of Pim- er, Warlords and Scumbags, against Sam and Hayden. Isobelle joined us bemusedly, she didn't do too badly.

After school, got a lift home, checked the news, then went round to Diana's. PD and I discussed childhood obesity and the cricket. Also experimented with a giant waterbomb slingshot, much like what the rowers had on muckup day. Had a go at totem tennis, it's more fun with a stick.

Back home, buggerised around, really. Sam put videos of our group doing stupid things, like me trolley riding, or Denny spinning around, or Jason's brother getting thrown out of a trolley. Took a great picture of Beardman and the cat.

Tomorrow, last exams, then a long weekend. Art first up, and the daunting second maths one. Awesome.



Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Exams, day 2 (again).

'Lo everyone.

Need sleep. The thing is falling off at the wheels, and I'm actually trying. This damned heat isn't helping. Yes, it's good in the mornings. Apart from that it's just annoying, really.

Anyway. Bloody science first up, I don't think I did too badly. Minor crisis when I missed the (II) bit next to Pb in one equation, but meh. Relatively easy.

Recess. I sat down and tried to read the psych textbook. Course, then you get people coming up. "Hey man, what are you reading? Textbook eh? You studying? Cool, I should be doing that. When's your exam? etc, etc". They mean well though.

Psych exam. Ooh, year 11 one, scary! My gods. Went through the multiple choice, suspiciously easy. I was expecting to be made to calculate bloody standard deviation. Short answers were easy too. Got to the end, with an hour to go. I half panicked, wondering if I'd been given one that had pages missing. Nope. I was bored. So very bored.

Lunch was too bloody hot. Bugger it. We chilled, then bottle brandy. Pretty meh.

Indoor soccer. Woo. Fewer people, because most of the year elevens had buggered off. Course, I got on the team with four of them, and all my mates got the dream team. I scored a goal (past Lucas, aka Jiggles McDoublechins), though Carl and Todd did pretty well. The second game was against Hayden and the rest. Bastards. They steamrolled us. The power went out twice. On the other court, someone hooked up an iPod an was blaring girly techno music, Mr Brennan was not amused. Dayne got me in a fantastic slide tackle, wish I could have seen it from another angle.

After school, Aiden and I went down the street. I paid off some more money on Guitar Hero, and then we played pool at his mum's work. The avenging angel of discord, paranoia and general wtf-ness texted. What is going to happen to me in two months, and what does she know about it? I won the first game, that's what you get for potting the white and the black, though lost the second. Aiden then went back to EB Games and bought World Tour outright. Shotgun drums.

Back home, chilled with Diana and PD, pondered exams, and checked the news. Best news of the day, A Song of Ice and Fire is being adapted for a big budget tv series. Hell freaking yes. Weirdest news, Monopoly movie being made.

Tomorrow, history exam, I know what to study. Thanks to all who contributed.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Exams. Again.

'Lo all.

Ah, lasted six months without worrying about exams. Funny that.

Today was warm. Bloody hot in the middle. Gorram bright too.

Everyone was laughing nervously on the way up. I got a seat up the back. English first up, essay on which theme in Romeo and Juliet was triumphant, then nine questions about a letter to the editor. Essay was slow, plodded through it, and was patchy with details in the second one.

Recess. Most people were relieved it was over. Then a quick Rememberance Day service. OtherMeg nearly ruined the minute's silence by asking if it was ANZAC day.

Study period. We basically wasted time. Meh.

Lunch was slow. Bottle brandy til Mr Smith caught Pat, then huge multiplayer rock paper scissors.

Maths exam. Oh boy. Bloody hell. Most of it was on the cheat sheet, though a couple of things weren't. Took stabs at them, hopefully it'll work out. I'm aiming for a pass, if nothing else.

On the way to the gate, Erin said the newnewgirl was someone who used to go here. Leighton and I exchanged looks. "It's... it's not Bec Kennedy, is it?"

We lol'd. Back home, wasted time, avoided stress, read my book. Definitely need a cushion at the top of the tree, nowhere comfortable, really.

Tagged along to the 545 art show, I saw your sister on the big sideways Taiko, Melissa. Not much has changed, there was a poser kid who was pulling Michael Jackson moves to Daddy Cool.

Home again, flicked through psych book, and looked at halloween threads. Some people are geniuses, others have too much time on their hands.

Tomorrow, science, psych, indoor soccer. Looking forward to it, I suppose, it'll be a distraction.



Monday, November 10, 2008


'Lo readers.

Warm today. Too warm to do anything. Course, the one day when the morning is warm, and there's no wind, I get a lift. Ah well.

Got to school, bloody science first up. Dayne and I got A+s on our projects. High fives.

Then psych. Newgirl and I burned five minutes, then I realised all the year 11s were doing an exam, and Mrs Moy was on a year nine camp. We were just about to nick off, then Mr Stone walked in and told us to go to the library. Funny that they send a sub for two kids. I hunted for tower defence, while Alison and Lulu skipped some of Japanese.

Recess. Aiden had a large wooden cube. We rolled it like a die, it was pretty rigged.

History, I tried to revise while Harrison waxed lyrical about Obama, life, the universe, and everything. The man is smarter than he looks, I think he pays attention. Nice to find someone who knows what you're going on about.

Art was bloody boring. Mrs Artteacherlady made me help unstack the kiln. Then wasted time. Probably should have studied.

Lunch. Hot. We went to visit the sevies, but they weren't interested. We watched from the playground as they threw waterbombs at the year eights. We drifted back and forth, ending up in the breezeway yelling at passerbys. Gavin and Dayne tried kicking it into the crowd while Sam shouted abuse, Mrs Blandford consfiscated it. Then bottle brandy. Got Isaac pretty good. Meg and Aiden hid me on a shelf.

Music lesson. Mr C berated me for not doing enough work, rar de rar, I don't care. I don't want to know all the technical thingies, I want to know how to play the damn thing.

Missed maths, instead went to english and worked on the reflective commentary. Meh.

After homeroom, went to the music department, Mr C was whinging because no one showed up for an unadvertised rehearsal, then home. Saw someone online, then realised that as well as having to grab something from the bloody shed at the most perfect time, her main subject was rage-inducing. So I read Romeo and Juliet, read my book, went to band and got forced to play a bloody solo by Fuhrer Caroline. Got a lift home with Terina though, Fraser was being a dick.

Tomorrow, english and first maths exam. Fun.



Sunday, November 9, 2008

Apocalypse Now.

'Lo readers.

Bloody hell.

Got up, decided to ride to work, spent 5 minutes trying to remember the code for the chain, then shoved it in a tree. Invisible.

Work was meh. No nice half hour breaks. I stopped for five minutes to check the bike, text people, and take Diana's advice. I sprinted to Mobil, bought a can of V (SON OF A BITCH PETROL STATION! YOU WANT EXTRA DOLLAR FOR CAN? YOU WANT OVERPRICE? SON OF A BITCH PETROL STATION), drunk it and rushed through an hour or so's worth of dishes. Sammy's iPod is big. You could get Snoop Dogg or Hendrix. Had both, plus Achilles Last Stand. Respect. Everyone left about 5, so I had to do the bloody mopping.

Back home, checked the news and started on the maths cheat sheet. After dinner I finished it too, though I think I might check it with Mr Cowling first. I think I've got everything. Then sat down to watch Apocalypse Now. Bastard tape cut the last few scenes out, so I don't know how it ends. I suppose I'll still have to rent it.

Apocalypse Now Redux - *****
Very, very cool movie. Trippy as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Some of it won't make sense. Some of it drags. Doesn't matter, still very good. The Air Cavalry bit is fantastic. I must see the ending.

Tomorrow, last day before exams. Hell. Came up quick, I suppose.



Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wedding lol.

'Lo everyone.

Tired. Need to start on the cheat sheet. Hell.

Woke up too early, read my book and had coffee, then got to drive to Longford. The place was small, bloody windy though. I ditched jacket and refused a tie, though Fraser looked like he was dressed up for the races in funny looking sunnies and the old Wise Beard Pinstripe Suit.

Service was slow. I got photographer duties and Janine's weird old camera. I guess I'm obliged to say the girl's looked good, throwing flowers and trying not to look bored. Then standing around trying to make friends. No one my age, closest was 19, or 14. Kept to myself. Had a chat with Mark, Fraser's heading his way. I reckon if he shaves his head they'll look very similar. Lots of other people to sy hi to, many conversations went exactly the same way. Meh. By about 3 I was bored out of my skull. Some of them sprayed Just Married on the car with shaving cream and tied cans to it. Well done those men. Pop looked pretty good, he was happy, and the bride looked good too, I suppose. Good thing they've found each other.

Drove home, checked the news, walked down the street. The rest of the clan were heading to the pub, I was going to meet the horde at the cinema. Small crowd. Hayden and I won stuff from the skill tester. Melissa and Caz were there, and Annie and Alison met us about 20 minutes in.

Movie review time - Eagle Eye, ***1/2.
It tried. It really did. You could almost engage with the characters, some of the action-y bits weren't too bad. But the ending sucked, **spoiler he should have died /spoiler**. It also seemed sort of cobbled together. That design was from 2001: A Space Odyssey, that chase looked like The Bourne Identity, that idea was from Ghost in the Shell. The little trumpeter kid was butt ugly, poor kid. Also, while most of the plot worked, some of it made no sense, or was hinted at so the audiene just didn't know why it was happening. Also plotholes galore.

Anyway. Afterwards, went to Coles for Doritos and energy drinks, then split up. Annie and I discussed Newgirl on the way to Raglan st.

Tomorrow, working all day, when I get home, need to finish this cheatsheet. I want to read my book.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Schooling the sevies.

'Lo all.

Nup. Not even going to start on the bloody weather.

Bloody history first up, which was more revision, as predicted. Not fussed. I'm going to worry about it on Thursday.

Then rave. Oliver put up his usual resistance, but we watched Pirates of the Carribean. Meh.

Recess, still pretty meh.

Art, I finished the drawing with lots of smudges. Good. I want it messy. Bugger all this ruled lines, this is raw. And it's not supposed to make sense. Then burned twenty minutes. So bored.

It was raining by lunchtime. Gork weather. Leighton decided to challenge the year sevens; there were about 25 of them, and maybe 10 of us. It was keepings off from the start, Jake and Sam delighted in taking the ball and knocking sevies out of their way. They were having fun, the girls were giggling at how cute they were (not cute, vicious little bastards who swear like sailors), and I was in the middle, not doing much. I don't have enough weight to throw around, it's pissing me off. We decided to challenge them to a proper game on Monday.

English. I sat down, started writing. Pretty meh, though Hayden Fernando's story about Scott being rejected by Lucas then hanging himself was great. I skimped on the ending, because I thought I was running out of time. The teacher probably won't like it, but I enjoyed writing it.

Rode home in the rain, read my book, had coffee and checked the news. Meh. Alison wants to see the Shia the Beef movie, I guess if I'm not busy tomorrow night I'll go. I dunno. Aiden managed to hook up his computer to his tv, so he was live streaming the cricket. Lucky bastard. Krejza was amazing, eight wickets on debut isn't bad at all. Ryan made a fort of blankets, and the rumour forums have slown to a trickle. Gorram. Plus Xmen 3 was on, pretty meh, I kept seeing plasma guns. Bloody stupid in some bits though.

Tomorrow, suiting up for a wedding, which looks like it'll be in the rain. Meh. Fraser was wearing a little waistcoat before, if he wears it, I'll get some pictures. Then maybe movies, I dunno.



Thursday, November 6, 2008


'Lo everyone.

Hell, I'm getting lazy at this whole title thing. Meh.

Cold again this morning, and windy. Not cool. Then chapel, very odd experience sitting up the very front. So exposed, and some of the teachers give you looks if you don't mouth along with the bloody hymns. I don't think I buggered it up when I had to read the bloody prayer, so I suppose that's a plus. Only plus from sitting up the front is that you get out first.

I visited the library during homeroom, Aiden and I printed out a dozen or so demotivators. We rushed back, everyone had a flick through, and we decided to purge the wall a bit. I suppose most of them very (very) few people will get, so away they go. Newgirl was bemused, I reckon she can't wait to tell her rich and pretty friends all about how the "others" laugh at the funny pictures.

English was working on the statement of intention and fleshing out my story a bit more, and discussing February lizzies with Pat. I believe my plot is sound, though it'll be mercifully short. In, hold, dead. Easy.

Recess was pretty meh, as far as I can remember.

Next was double science, first up was a shock test on plastics. I think I did alright. Then burning through chemistry revision. Meh.

Lunch. Hell. Once again it was too bloody hot, so by the end of it we were exhausted. It's almost getting tedious, but then what else is there to do. And they expect you to follow along, people ask too many questions if you do something different. Much as I'd like to do other things, people would just think you're up to something.

History was going through more revision, Sam showed me a weird Tenacious D clip, and he put a lewd site on Bree's computer. She went bright red. Either she's greener than we thought, or he put on the Pain Series. I hope for her sake it was the former.

Finally maths. Bloody Jenny took our seats again, ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA! She whinged about it, so we rockpaperscissored it. I lost (the game). The girls declared we weren't allowed to read their latest conversation, Tabby was particularly defensive about it. By the end of the lesson, Aiden had torn the page out of the diary and we ran. It was indecipherable for serious reals this time. We could read one page, which was used very sparingly. Not lifting my hopes, despite what it says. They actually came into the homeroom for it afterwards, Tabby grabbed it and crunched it up with a smirk before we could get anything really good out of it.

Back home, read my book, did some maths homework (!), checked the news. Michael Crichton is gone, dammit. Might be I'll add Sphere to my list, after The Wasp Factory. Obama got another death threat, this time big rabble-rousing one from the KKK. Poor bastard, I reckon they'll sneak through the huge bullet proof glass shields at his inauguration, or in a year and a bit they'll get him when we least suspect it. I think it'd be wiser to do it now, before he can get any policies through, and while he's still got the support. I read that killing him now would have the same effect as taking down the Twin Towers. Food for thought.

Tomorrow, double art, and double english. Art I'm not fussed over, I'll see if I can work away from the screaming harpies, and english I'm looking forward to. Ah well. Then the wedding, then work, then hardcore revision, then exams. Hell.



Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Indoor soccer.

'Lo everyone.

I absolutley hate the days that start off really really cold, then end up really really hot. You freeze on the way to school, you fry at lunchtime, and you wonder what'll happen tomorrow.

Got to school on time, after wondering where the hell Ryan got to. First up was maths, we rushed through a practice test. With the textbook in front of me, it's not too bad, I think if I have a good cheatsheet I'll be in with a chance.

Science, we got our tests back. I got 42 out of 45, so nyeh. We got made to do some revision on plastics, which is rather dull when it's a crossword.

Recess, Lulu showed off her Japanese magazines. There was some questionable content in the Dolly-equivalent (we thought it was an ad for lipsuction in a teen magazine) and the bloke's one had too much tiny writing.

Psych. More practice test. Meh. Something that just popped into my head just now, next year we've got Mrs Clemens. Tom says she's pretty good, I've heard mixed things though. I hope the class stays the same.

Art was bloody slow. Melissa started a discussion over this blog, thankfully I've got only got a few readers in that class. Something tells me it wouldn't be as good (?) if it was too mainstream. Hmm. Another sudden thought. I wonder if it's worth the daily posts during the summer holidays. They'll have very little content, but then if I did I'd have almost a year's worth. Ah well. Comment or email with your thoughts, it's up to you lot.

At lunchtime we got a ball, played soccer. It was too hot outside. Pretty meh, exhausting game. Ryan, Lulu and I shuffled. I'm not that great yet, I can't do the running man, but I can do the sideways stompy thingy.

Indoor soccer was fun. All of the usual blokes (minus Dayne, poor bastard), plus Jason, in a team. We won every single match. I scored one goal going around a couple of tangled year elevens, and Brad scored an excellent on through Rossi. Hayden got like 20, cos he likes showing off. Pat had a bleeding toe, Aiden buggered his back, Jason hurt his funny bone (not that funny, according to him). Fun though. On the bus, heard "President Elect Obama". Thank the gods he won. He needs to get as much as he can done as soon as he's sworn in, because I give him two years before he gets assasinated. Seriously, he wants to tax the rich more than the poor, which will piss them off. Rich people might live in the south. Said southern rich people have a lot of gus, and potentially a lot of support. Plus they're all hunters, wouldn't be difficult to pick him off. Too many allusions to JFK, apparently there hasn't been this much support since him. Funny that.

After school, went to the phoenix centre. Bloody Scoutmaster and son were in there asking about paint for ten minutes, then Ken and I squeed about the battlewagon. I'm very tempted to get the book, and buy it when it comes out. Next, to the bookshop, finally picked up A Feast for Crows. Shame it's cover doesn't match the other four. Ah well. Gotta finish this one, then read that one, plus there's a Dan Abnett book, then The Wasp Factory, plus I need to read Romeo and bloody Juliet over the weekend. Do not want.

Back home, Diana and PD came around, again we discussed teenage drinking, and PD said he had heaps of Rockstar merch. Hmm. If one little idiot wants to pay a lot of money for a hat, imagine what he'd pay for a hoody. Myes, PD and I should go into business selling overpriced Rockstar clothes to stupid teenage Rockstar junkies.

Tomorrow, I have to read a prayer in chapel. So, so tempted to accidently lose the game there. Probably shouldn't though, it's not worth the lynching.



Tuesday, November 4, 2008


'Lo all.

Slow day today, got bloody warm in the middle. Exams are getting closer, and some of the teachers are beginning to tighten the uniform thing. Half of the blokes have been asked nicely about haircuts, and detentions have apparently been given out for sighing about doing up a tie. Next few weeks will be fun.

Anyway. This morning I attempted Hard mode on Guitar Hero, and managed 6% of Even Flow. Need some practice. Also got an offer for the Rockstar hat from one of Fraser's little friends. If the bastard is willing to pay that much, Imma milk him for all he's worth.

Assembly in the gym today, with the rowing competition. Louise easily won hers and stumbled to the microphone to announce the next race. Binks ended up winning the whole thing. Then history, which was going over Vietnam. Slow, but better than the immigration stuff.

Then rave, where we spent 10 minutes in the classroom wasting time, then got bored, so we went to the computer rooms to look for our class. I finished the science assignment, and showed Pat the new Stegadon. His jaw dropped. Looks pretty good too, dunno about the rolls of fat and stubbier legs.

Recess, meh.

Psych was the short answer bit of the practice test, Carl and Tori were talking about the things on the year 12 jumpers. Wonder what I should put on mine. I suppose just Fordy would be the safe option, only other nickname isn't used at school. Ah well.

Then art. Isobelle and I discussed modern music and how much it sucks.

Lunch, we started a game of bottle brandy, but we scattered too quickly. Some of them found a soccerball, so pretty meh game. Gorram head has been buggered good since Sam got me, jaw is still working funny and I'm bloody flinching more. The ball eventually got stuck pretty damn high in a tree, so up I went. Shaking the bastard wouldn't work. There were no bloody footholds, too many thin branches, and they scratched everywhere. I ended up tearing off a stick and poking it down.

Science was a test on genetics, which was pretty easy. Might have buggered up one or two questions, but I'm not fussed.

Finally english, which was more Romeo and Juliet. Not looking forward to the exam, I'm going to have to read the book over the weekend, while making my maths cheatsheet.

Ryan and I discussed creative writing tasks on the way home, his story of feminazi menfood factories searching for Chuck Norris jerky was epic, almost as much as Aiden's one about Chinese space communists fighting *chan memes. Back home I started CoD2, which is good, if a bit repetitive. I noticed the 4chan LJ has gone. Damn.

Tomorrow, indoor soccer, plus I have to go down the street. Magazine, book, and game to buy while I have money.



Monday, November 3, 2008

Bottle Brandy.

'Lo readers.

Gorram. I tend to start with the weather, usually because I can't think of something to start with. There's too much to whinge about with that today.

Anyway. Attempted some more stuff on medium on the Guitar Hero this morning, managed Even Flow on 98%. Hell yes.

Got to school, lots of giggling at Emily and Alison. Then PE, we went to the stadium for indoor soccer. I got put in a team with Meg C, who is vicious, and a few other people who weren't bad. And Oliver, but we strapped him to the goals. First game was a warm up, second game I got a couple of goals, third game sucked. In between we had to play basketball, the girls were surprisingly good. I hate baskeball.

Recess, feeding on stuff from the showbags. At the other end they'd set up an ancient boombox radio.

Psych was a practice test, I don't think I did too badly. Course, it was only the multiple choice bit.

Maths. Hell. More rushing through stuff that people have trouble with, the popularites don't care, so they buggerise around and make Mr Cowling stop, so you lose the sense of concentration when he's going through something complicated. Ah well. Maybe it's my fault for not trying to swap out earlier. The girls whinged about basketball on their paper, and Isaac fell off his chair a lot.

Lunch, finally. Wasted a fair bit of time, then Jake's hat got on the roof. It was right in front of a bin, so I jumped up. Couldn't reach it, so they gave me the little metal recycling bin. Grabbed the hat with it, then accidently banged it on Sam's head. Drew blood too. We took him to first aid, and made fun of him. Then bottle brandy. Millsy got Aiden, so he had to get him back. They came back five minutes later, Aiden grinning like a Chesire cate and Millsy looking very frustrated. He'd lost the bottle over the road. I grabbed a fresh bottle from the bin, and we played on. Pat, OtherAiden and I hid with a bunch of year 8s. Some of the girls were mildly amused, and we hid behind them a lot. Interesting seeing 4 relatively tall blokes all hiding behind one short girl. Emily and Isobelle drew claws, and we baited Johnno. Poor bastard.

History was revision about immigration, pretty slow.

Art, I sketched some more, and listened to them all whinge. Mrs Artteacherlady wanted me to take home my sculpture.

After homeroom, Sam and I grabbed the instrument and the sculpture, got a lift home, then he grabbed his bag of lollies he had left in my bloody backpack. Ryan dropped round later to pick up his backpack. Hell. Maybe I should be selling this stuff back to them. Also traded links with Ryan while

Band was pretty slow, I accidently set off a dropbomb. Liam showed off his bagpipes (we all cringed), but gave me a lift home.

Tomorrow, rave, and I still have 40 dropbombs. Hmm.



Sunday, November 2, 2008


'Lo readers.

Not much to say today.

Got up, beat Slash, walked to work, worked. There were no dishes after about 3, so I buggerised around. Terina made me coffee. I had to do all the mopping though, so I was exhausted. Sam wanted me to go to the Kasbah with him, but hell, I was too tired to get pissed, and I figured we might have been busy.

Back home, completed career mode on easy, got to play Through the Fire and Flames over the credits.

Tomorrow, double PE first up. Ah well.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guitar Hero.

'Lo everyone.

Ah... A lazy Saturday, finally.

Woke up, Ryan dropped round before lunch, we went through Guitar Hero while he recounted his adventures at Will's the night before. Emily, you're a nutter, and not it a good way.

Then cleaned up the shed, scrubbed up pretty well.

PD, Diana and Dempsey dropped round, we caught up and I drove Diana to the fish and chip shop. Fraser was overjoyed with his Rockstar merch, since he's addicted to the damn things and doesn't shut up about it. Dempsey is surprisingly computer savvy, and has a mild American accent, which PD says is just an act.

Then more Guitar Hero, borrowing Ryan's memory card til I pick up my own. I'm halfway through career on easy. I suppose I'm getting better.

Tomorrow, work all day, then homework. Should have done some today, but oh well. It'll get done eventually.