Wednesday, October 22, 2008


'Lo all.

Cop out title because I'm tired. Sue me.

Got up. Got to school. Need more synonyms for cold, I think.

First was maths. Mr Cowling went on and on, and I think he might have introduced a new concept in there. Then we started consumer arithmetic. Tis a shame that the most useful aspect of maths is only given a week and a half at the end of the year when we spend so much on algebra.

Then science, we watched a video about deoxyribonucleic acid (and I didn't have to look that up. Man I'm a failure), which jumped to RNA, which confused us.

Recess. Meh. I began spreading word about the show. 7pm, Friday night, Maffra road gate.

Psychology was slow, really. We collated the results of our surveys, but we could only really use the homogenized words. No cook and cleaner for women, no testicles for men (funnily enough, both of those were from Nick). Meh.

Art. Hell. I tried a painted concept, I dunno. I'd probably rush it. Maybe I should keep it to a drawing, I can do more with that, though I suppose it loses some impact, especially if it's big. Bloody girls were squabbling again. They don't tell you why. It's always "RARDERAR a BITCHED ABOUT b ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA!" Us blokes would care more if you kept us in the loop.

Lunch was soccer. I defended, though it was a good game. Aiden C kicked the ball over twice in a row, well done that man. We missed the bell, almost missed the bus to cricket.

We played pretty well in the cricket. Very tight boundary, which annoyed and delighted everyone. My knee was pissing me off (all I need to do now is grow a beard and start brewing). We all got smashed in the bowling, Schuey plays A grade, mate, A grade. I didn't get smashed too badly, might be because Jasper and I got a semi-amateur and Kate, who like me is only good at backyard cricket. When I batted, I got a 4, so meh. Pat and Dayne took padding to the extreme, with bonus arm, chest, and crotch plates. Pat wondered if he could attach a second helmet. Turns out, even though we played pretty well, we lost by 11, due to the fact that we didn't take enough wickets.

After school, Ryan and I headed down the street. We caught up with a horde of screaming girls, who we avoided. Some of them are alright, but I don't think I could stand hanging out with those damned screamers all afternoon. They were off to the fashion show that evening, which Dayne also had to attend. Sucka. We met up with Aiden, and chatted over chips. I get the feeling that in 10 years (if we survive 2010), we'll be doing the same thing in a pub.Interesting how Aiden can laugh about things, while some of the denizens in art will glare at you for mentioning it. Then we visited Spotlight, of all places, to hunt for airhorns, and ended up with all sorts of crap. I bought Tom the Kurt Cobain journals, and ordered another copy for George. Soon, man, soon. Tell us when you get back, so I can avoid having to send it.

Back home, slow. Found a clip of a Mexican, transexual dwarf parodying Sarah Palin. Whodathunk. Also saw the new Watchmen footage, and downloaded it before they could take it away. Man, I can't wait for this movie, even if no one else is. The people who were online were all busy. Ah well.

Tomorrow, double science. Big meh, to be honest. Maybe I should risk games night, see if I can borrow the greenskin book and take notes. I'm very interested in the new battlewagon, and more basic units.



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