Monday, October 27, 2008


'Lo readers.

I mentioned last night I fixed the archives. I was looking through February. Ah, simpler times, when there were less readers, and I opened up a bit more. Maybe we should bring back the sports reports. Anyhoo, I noticed that late in the month I was bitching about this damned Soldier Boy song that Fraser and his friends were listening to. Skip forward a few months, now (due to Lulu and Tisdall's play), it's in the title. More on this later.

Anyway. Very windy, so I was glad I wasn't riding to school. Double glad I wasn't riding hungover, once I caught up with Ryan.

Bloody science first up. I didn't mind it, but everyone seemed tired. Very meh section on selective breeding.

Then psych. We watched the second half of Remember the Titans. Very hammy performances, very try-hard inspirational music, and too many montages where you can't see what the hell's happening. Besides, American football (apart from Blood Bowl) is crap, because they all pad up and wear tights.

Recess. Meh. Something probably came up, I can't remember.

History was alright, we did a task about immigration conclusions. My answers were probably too brief, though I didn't have go-karts like Pat.

Art. Hell. They were all loud, so I left for a music lesson, where Mr C made me sing (mistake), and suggested trying grade 5 music exams. I don't want to do any music exams, hell. He then berated me for not practicing with a dud lip.

Lunch. After a brief orange war (Sam to Amaya, he shoots he scores! Then Sam to Julian, 3 pointer! Julian's out for revenge!) which resulted in a couple of chases. Then just wasting time, trying to catch Lulu's rubber ball and attempting to dance to Soulja Boy.

Maths. Tabby whinged that this economics stuff was useless. Funny that.

Finally english, I got a free lesson since I'd finished the assessment. Sally wanted help with her history revision, so I helped her for one half and chatted for the other.

Got to drive home, then checked the news. New HP6 trailer, advance review of DBZ (surprisingly positive, Pat), and it seems George is ditching us. Bastard! Give those Melbourne pricks hell til you get back!

Then band, there was free chocolate at the end so Fraser and his little friend went nuts. Terina came in late and exhausted from netball, but she offered to give us lifts. Cool.

Tomorrow, double maths. With all the sickness going around I believe it'll be a slow lesson, which sucks.


Anyway, the end.

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