Friday, October 10, 2008

Waiting for someone or something to show you the way...

'Lo readers.

Aah. Finally, a warmer day.

Again, Ryan didn't show up, but this time I was prepared. Next time I'll keep reading my book, it was still cold in the morning.

Got to school, everyone was running up and hugging everyone who had birthdays. Happy birthday to Clare, Meg, and Alison from the other day. Then history, which was Sam, Emily and I talking about work (no escape, it echoes...), then I made plans to interview Agnik with Tom.

Then rave. Oliver and Pat's awesome entrance wasn't as awesome as planned, then we got ethics forced on us. I sketched greenskins.

Recess. There was sun. Woo.

Double art, in the computer rooms. I found three quarters of a page worth of prattle about John Blanche, and put some of his paintings down the bottom. Will and I discovered the failblog, Melissa and Tori took our BMIs and got depressed. That's what you get for trying it on thin guys.

Lunch. We went hunting for the ones on the other side, found them in a discussion room blaring Kashmir and enjoying pizza and cans of coke. Jordan gave me hers, since I was closest and she didn't like it, or something. Then I got caught with it and sent out. The popularites in there didn't seem very happy. I lol'd. Poor bastards gotta lighten up. Then soccer, which wasn't too bad. Isaac is really getting good at this goalie business.

Double english. Sally was bugging Gavin about who he liked, glad it isn't me. Debates were on, they were ranting about how teenagers don't read the paper or pay attention to the news. I do. For shame? I hope not. Then one about the deb balls being bad and expensive (and they are, I don't really want to do it), and Denielle said the first Australian one was held in 1748.

After school, Ryan and I went down the street, met up with Sam, and got chips after going around in circles. I had to visit the bank, where I saw Sarah Heath, but I don't think she saw me. We got chips and fed some to magpies, who are getting spectacularly fat, then saw Aiden, who joined us as Sam went hunting for his Mum. We burned time outside the Star, then Sam got changed and we headed to the Bis, as he was working. I got swooped by a magpie, first one of the season. Beware the church across the road from Jack Ryan's. At the Bis, Sam made us chips, and we got a discount. Very nice chips.

Back home, checked the news, found a new Twilight trailer (ah hell. It looks terrible, really), and another Palin parody. She's so easy to make fun of. Then talked to people while waiting, George may be going to New Zealand for a while. As long as he doesn't forget his music, he should be fine. Also got blogs to work on facebook, though it links to my relatively uncensored one, which does leave me with a problem. All three now have a fair amount of readers, and there are mildly controversial thoughts that need airing. Where to put it, I wonder. Maybe restart the LJ one, or try Wordpress or something. I dunno.

Tomorrow, procrastinating and worrying and reading my book in the sun, hopefully.



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