Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two riders were approaching, and the wind begin to howl...

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Bugger this. They make wear summer uniforms and hats, but the bloody weather is freezing. Not cool. Well, too cold, I suppose.

Anyway. I finished off the last chopper, then Ryan and I rode through the wind, bloody All Along the Watchtower in my head. Annoying when the bastards loop.

Assembly first up, it's Colours season, so assemblies drag and drag as people go up to get their awards.

First up was history, discussion about migration again, then work on some timeline. Slow.

Next was rave. Hell. Oliver raged, as usual, and we were told abo having inner balance and blah blah blah. We then got to play with playdoh. Interesting how a bunch of straight guys instantly start making genitals. I made a dinosaur. We were supposed to be representing emotions. I assumed mine represented dinosaur, which is a perfectly normal emotion. Hayden said his was pleasure. He made two stick figures. Very clever.

Recess was cold. Not much else to say, I suppose.

Then psych. We had Mr T(oney) as a sub, and he buggered off to do some photocopying. Funny how a small group of year 11s will just get on with their work, but if it was year 10s we'd buggerise around. When we were done, Carl and I discussed Pink Floyd while Tiff tortured Zack about his new girlfriend. We were told to try Eysenck personality tests, if we could.

Art, in the library. Not enough computers to go around, so I wasted time til there was one. Meh. I did the test, middle of the range for the most part, barely introverted-neurotic, and not aggressive. Cool.

Lunchtime, a Meg stole Hayden's iPhone and looked up the dirtiest stuff she could think of, then proudly showed everyone else. We lol'd. Then wasting time in the breezeway, since there was no soccerball.

Next was science, which was more silly-drawing-lady-video about genetics. It's interesting, though this is the third time I've seen this bloody video.

Then english. I got B+ on my essay, so cool. Then just analysing a poem that said seamen a lot, which made them giggle. Mrs Sawade told us to get it out of our systems first, didn't help Cameron. Once he started, we all did.

After school, tagged along with Jess, Jason and Melissa, discussed debating with them, visited the bank, then fixed up iTunes on the laptop. It works alright now.

Aiden and I discussed cricket and saving up for the show, and I played poker against Meg. Also installed Civ3, so I have a timewaster for when I'm done with AoBR.

Tomorrow, cricket. If the weather's alright, it'll be good. Oliver will be joining us, last time he went to cricket with us he spent the entire time sitting out, til Cameron dropped a ball on his head. He jumped up and chased Cameron around the oval, trying to kill him. Even the teachers were laughing.



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