Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks Sam.

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Where is this warmth they were promising? Freezing bloody cold, and even though the sun came out, it still wasn't fantastic. Bastard.

Anyway. After attempting to play this morning, I gave up on music, due to bad lip. Damn.

Got to school, things were quiet. People were being amusing.

First up was PE, which was tennis. Hayden, Cameron, Will and I wasted time, Hayden was the only one who was any good. Then we played with the girls, after trying to hit Oliver from the other end of the complex. The teachers told us to pack up, though the bus was 20 minutes late. Emily and I discussed work and when George gets back.

Recess was short, due to late bus. Bastard, dropping off little kids.

Then psych, we started work on attitudes, which is mildly interesting. Lots of discussion about house captains. Poor bastards. The ones with the best speeches ended up with nothing.

Maths. We had ten minutes going nuts, then Mr Nick rocked up. Tabby and the rest worked out a way to make their diary conversations illegible to Aiden and I: write them in Japanese.

Lunch was slow. Soccer, of course. It's starting to wear a bit thin, I think, but if I try and do anything else they'll probably drag me back. Plus it's too conspicuous if you do anything else these days, people ask where you were. I did visit the music department to apologise to Mr C, and walked in on Agnik, Sam, Jake and Oliver playing Uptown Girl. Awkward, until they said it was for their singing audition for the high school musical (*gasp*).

History. Tom and I stressed because we didn't think we had enough information, though we didn't have to present today. Some very classy ones though, I suppose it helps if you interview someone who actually has a story, or yourself. Bloody Sian.

Finally art. Dragged over to Meg, Tom and Wiffy's table, I basically sat there while they insulted each other. I'm torn on my thing, not sure whether to risk using colour paint or just sketch it. If I have enough time, and I can pull it off, might be the paint will look good. I dunno.

Rode home while Ryan walked, avoided the little fat annoying kid until he sat at my computer and asked what I was doing, then interviewed Agnik. Might be we've got a few more minutes of content now. Annie and I perused various mysteries, and Aiden I mourned as Australia was bowled over, once Ponting went we lost all hope. Next time, we'll win, because we're pissed.

Tomorrow, rave. Maybe I'll get my mark back. I want to see what she thinks.



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