Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stitch hat and orange soccer.

'Lo all.

There are some immature themes in the following post. Kindly hold your whinging, and don't get any ideas.

I finished the first tactical squad this morning, thinking I'd stop working on the face when Ryan arrived. I put on a final ink wash and then it was 8:30. Gorramit.

Got to school, buggerising around, then chapel. Lotsa crap about standing up for poverty. They could have picked a better slogan for it, sounds like we're defending it almost. They made us literally stand up. I figured easier if I did, less attention drawn to you.

Then extended homeroom. I puzzled Mrs Ripon and Agnik about some science homework, but we all agreed on the answer in the end. Mrs Ripon is the awesomest homeroom teacher.

First up was english. We went over the seaman poem again, then funnily enough did some grammar worksheets. Last weekend I read an article about the death of english in schools, and how kids these days are entering the workforce without knowing how to spell or use grammar. I suppose this stuff is a necessary evil. I finished it quickly, which I suppose is because I have to think when I'm typing these bastards. I then tried to write the lyrics to Time around my wrist, which is trickier than it looks.

Recess, we visited Aiden and the rest at the other end. Ovaltine thingies were bein thrown out, I got a couple. 5 second rule for the win.

Next was double science, which was a bastardized activity about chance and inheritence, then a puzzle about people in the 70s. You had to matc 12 kids to 4 couples. No one got them all right, though Oliver and I managed to get a fair few sets of siblings. We then had a freakshow, with Annie and Brad showing off buzzing eyes and double joints, then Tabby did something weird with her arms, and Will showed off his 11th toenail, which was growing out of his 10th toe. Very cool lesson.

Lunch. Immature content ahead. There were no soccerballs, but an Aiden had an orange. Exactly. Very, very fun 3 on 3 game, the orange lasted pretty well, then the skin broke and we declared the loser had to eat it. Eventually it split in two and we threw it at each other, til Mrs Sawade noticed. For the record, the Aidens and I won. Aiden had another good idea, and we visited the canteen. Fruit is relatively cheap. 2 more oranges and an apple. The apple didn't do too badly, though it splintered quickly and got whittled down. The core was stomped on, and the orange was chucked down. It lasted about 5 minutes, then someone stepped on it, and it split, and it got thrown by Isaac, who was goalie. Second orange, which was good until Denny stepped on it three passes later. We chucked this one at each other, til Mrs Sawade stopped us again, muttering about the waste of fruit. After discovering the flying fox was broken already, we decided to try and get the soccerball again, and had a pretty good game. The weather fined up, and most of the girls stayed lying around Leighton, so a good time was had by all. Lulu had the most awesome hat she got at Disneyland, which had Stitch's head and paws. So damn cool!

Til history, of course. More work on the immgration timetable. I need to interview Agnik about moving from Ireland before next Friday. Sally was worried about me, as usual. There's more important people to worry about, and more important things.

Maths. Aiden and I blazed through the questions on his magic calculator, and the girls stole our seats then and worked out how to use the calculator like msn.

Back home, undercoated the last mob and the warboss. Gonna have fun with these. Then on Civ3, til Isaac and Isobelle surprised me. Isaac and his mum had heaps of kitchen stuff to drop off, like a shiny sandwich press and mugs and a milk frother. Very cool, many thanks. Isobelle then walked off to her grandparents, and I was bombarded by questions about her being my girlfriend. Bloody hell. Fraser said he'd seen a video with the two of us, the hell is he looking that stuff up for at his age.

Back on Civ3, computer got too got and turned itself off just as I sent forth some boats to explore Italy. Bastard. Slow news day on the interbutt. Back on Civ3, made nice with the other continent, and started trading, saving every few turns. Once burned, twice careful. Then back on the internet, talked to a few people, and made a new friend on facebook. Some nice pics, but the damn thing is still confusing me. Also got the first look at the competition. Crap. No way in hell. I'm buggered. I should surrender now.

Tomorrow, need to put on my bitchproof armour, as double art is third. Also, lots of birthdays.



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