Saturday, October 11, 2008


'Lo all.

Not much to report.

Stumbled awake at 12ish, showered, hooked up the laptop on the couch and played Civ3 til I got sprung, then made to do the lawns. The lawnmower failed miserably, so we had to fix it up. Once it was good, it was over quickly.

When I next looked at the time, it was quarter past 5. Well done on passing your Ls Meg. Then talked to Rika about tattoos.

After tea and ice cream cake thing, hooked up the laptop to the interbutt, and tried hunting for wallpapers. Wise Beard Man was watching Aeon Flux. It reminds me too much of Ghost in the Shell. So far, due to me only half watching it, it seems too confusing and the acting is terrible. Plus the fight scenes all look the same. Ah well..

Tomorrow, work. That's it, really.



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