Friday, October 31, 2008

Sale Show. **200!**

'Lo all.

I am buggered. Not that way.

Got up about 10, checked emails, thought about coffee, then went back to the shed. I saw something weird on the vines, then heard people laughing. Sam and Aiden had dropped around.

After a quick shower and a round of pokemon stadium, we went down the street. We rode bikes, so it wasn't too bad, though there was a pretty bad headwind. I bought a ps2 for relatively cheap at EB games, then had a look in Harvey Norman for Guitar Hero. The ps2 version is sold out. Damn. We decided to check out the show, and we weren't impressed. Very few rides, and everything was $7. God damn. We saw Fraser's mate, he yelled that Fraser was a wuss. We laughed. Also saw Fraser's ex-girlfriend, who was yelling abuse from a showbag stand. We roared home with a tailwind, Aiden offered to get Guitar Hero from his house. Sam and I had fun on gta multiplayer. Then embarrassing myself in front of the pros on Guitar Hero. Hell. Need some practice.

We went down the street again, picked up some supplies and wasted time. Pretty meh. Aiden had to go to work, so Sam and I went back to the show. We went on the Zipper and the Cyclone, both totally worth it. The Zipper is a ferris wheel gone retarded, and the Cyclone is a centrifuge. I was thrown around the little cage on the Zipper. We met with some of the others, but I had to get going.

Back home, checked the weather. Last night said thunderstorms, and the clouds were there. Not too much more rain aiming for Sale though.

We headed to Jess's, met up with the girls and Aiden. 3 bloody couples and me, gorram it. We got a buttload of glowsticks from the Warehouse. Totally worth it. They decided to get food, and go to La Porchetta for pizza. Then they said they wanted to eat in. We spent 20 minutes looking bored and drinking expensive coke, then decided to order it from the front and get going. Idjits.

Back at the show, met with a few more, then it's a blur really. I saw all sorts of people, but most of them drifted away. Went on the Scorpion and got a car all to myself. It was at night, so they had the strobe light going. Very trippy when you're on your side and so is the Cyclone. Sam and Aiden burned lots of money on sideshows trying to win jumpers. The Zipper was closed because a cog was jammed, so Sam was annoyed. Alison showed off her drink that she got from friends in high places. Aiden payed for us to have a go at the water squirting thing, which we all failed at. There was no Fun House (for shame). Will and Leighton greeted us with lit cigs. Isobelle had brought her Austrian exchange student, who seems alright, if a bit overwhelmed by it all. I missed most of the fireworks. There was a truck that did a lap of the arena on two wheels. I got two relatively full showbags for $20. I got a lift home with Sam, and there were two of his sister's friends as well, so I got crammed in the front.

And that's it, really. There's probably more, but that's all I can remember right now.

Tomorrow, sleep it all off, finish a bit of homework, play some Guitar Hero. Hopefully. Also Diana coming home, which will be cool.



*** 200th POST! WOO!***

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