Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Push butan; Receev bacon.

Lo all.

I tell you, one of the more annoying things about keeping a daily post is, just as you turn the computer off, you remember something exciting that you did that you didn't put in.

Yesterday, Isaac put up a sign above the emergency bell button. It said, with handdryer diagrams, Push Button, Recieve Bacon. We lol'd. Then people actually hit the button. Wow. Ms Henry kept on pulling it down though.

Anyhoo, today, Ryan nicked off early, and it was all cold and cloudy. Bad.

First up at school was history. Ms Henry made Tom and I do our sketchy presentation about Agnik's immigration experience. She was not amused.

Then rave. I glimpsed fresh greenskin pictures. Then Mrs Goode made us go on christian websites. Sally didn't believe me about the million-dollar creationism *spit* museum. We then laughed about various topics, and were astounded by the blindness these people showed. Mrs Goode was not amused either.

Recess. Cold.

Then psych, Mrs Moy made us do a subtley racist activity about stereotypes, and Tiffany offered to sell me her maths book. Woot. Three books down, a buttload to go. Then out and about for a survey, in the cold. I went to the library. I had to find 5 guys and 5 girls and ask them for 5 words to describe the average guy and girl. All of them were surprisingly venomous, especially Bernice. Nick was straight out sexist.

Art. I attempted painting. I don't know if I can pull it off with colour.

Lunch was basically straight to soccer, as usual. I started, couldn't go on because my knee was pissing me off. Leighton's phone went on a journey in Meg C's underwear, to his protestations. She called him. It didn't end well. Mr Dettbarn made fun of Leighton. The girls discussed Gossip Girl, and Brad joined in. I don't know about that damn show.

Then science. As usual, Hayden and I blazed through the questions, and then burned time. Genetics is pretty easy so far, though we get to start dna tomorrow.

English. Slow. I beat Oliver in the debate, woo. We have another assignment to look forward to, I was the only one to shamelessly take whatever the teacher said and copied it down, to minimize the amount of thinking. Everyone else chucked paper at each other.

Got home, wasted time. Alison and I discussed ice cream, Meg watched the Watchmen trailer (fresh reports say no squid. If he can find a suitable replacement, I won't mind. Movie is still going to bomb, no one is going to want to watch a 2 and a bit hour long Cold War era deconstruction of the superhero genre with me :-( ), Ryan and I traded links, Megan and I rediscovered handwriting, and Dayne blogged again. Spelling is still atrocious, dude.

Tomorrow, cricket. Hopefully we'll do better than the Aussies *glares*.


Anyway, the end.

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