Monday, October 13, 2008

Pat uses flamethrower! Oliver is burned!

'Lo all.

God damn Mondays.

Woke up, it was surprisingly warm. Course, I got barely any sleep, but then no one else did. There was a bit of wind too. It got worse.

Got a lift to school, bastards were shouty and a huge crowd around my bloody locker. Bastards.

First up was science, skipping through more genetics. Pretty easy.

Then psych, we had to do heaps of personality tests. Mine are middle of the road, though in the big one, internet found a bug and shut down halfway through.

Recess, struggling for sun against the wind.

Next was history, which was looking at anti-chinese policies from the federation days. I had a music lesson towards the end, almost got blown back by the wind.

I hung around for 5 minutes, then art. I was allowed to go to the computer room, printed off all my copypasted information and bugged Meg until she decided what she was going to do. It ended up being a totem pole about animal cruelty. I wonder if she can pull it off...

Lunch. Cold. Then soccer, which had uneven teams, pretty crap game. At one stage three of them ran outside the fence and shoved seed thingies down their pants. Then they started coupling up, too many people on the court, away we go.

Music lesson. Mr C and I burned time, then he declared me rusty and told me to join the choir and get Aiden to do it. Fat chance.

5 minutes of maths, copied down the homework and made a note to catch up tomorrow in the double.

Then english, going over a WW1 poem. Got an assessment tomorrow all of a sudden, dammit.

Band was slow, though we've got a concert Friday night, buggery. Afterwards, Oliver was burning ballet shoe tie things. Pat snuck up behind him and lit his hair on fire. Two burning curls for a second or so, then lots of swearing while we laughed our heads off. Good times.

Back home, checked the news, broke through to the modern age on Civ3.

More band. Liam has moved to 2nd baritone, so I have a 30 year old deputy. Weird.

Tomorrow, bloody double maths. Bah.

I need to think about things. I'm buggered either way. Ah well.



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