Thursday, October 2, 2008

Of fishing and heart attacks.

'Lo all.

Blogging tonight live from dear Auntie Katie's relic, running Windows NT. Still good though, the screen is bigger than any flat panel type one I've ever seen. This does mean no msn, so unless you're who I think you are, chat later kthx.

Anyhoo. Shoved awake this morning by adoring siblings, then took the dog for a walk. After reading my book through lunchtime, I was busted coughing and was made to go for a bike ride.

Fraser and I visited the usual places. The teenagers have retreated, I saw maybe three walking around. The rest were young families with six year olds. I was worried Fraser would bowl one over with his ceaseless tricks on the footpath, but he didn't. If he did, probably would have taught him a lesson, I dunno.

We then went fishing down on the rocks. I saw one fish, and Fraser continually schemed to trade the best rods with me. I ended up with a hookless one. Little bastard.

After tea, Pa said he wasn't feeling well. Eventually he started complaining of chest pains and pins and needles in his left arm. Even alex knows they're the main symptoms of a heart attack. Phone calls were made, a wise neighbour came round to look after him, and the ambulance rocked up half an hour later. He seemed fine though, and wanted to help them bundle him away. Course, this complicates some matters, as Wise Beard Man is going to stay til Sunday, and I'm working then. Might be I'll have to catch a train tomorrow or the next day. Bugger, less driving hours.

Katie and James came in to hold the fort, and Fraser was stubborn as hell about holding onto the shiny laptop til he fell asleep on it, so I decided to blog here. Ah well.

Tomorrow, might be going home, otherwise probably buggerising around here again. Hope Pa gets better, but he'll be fine. Amazingly fit for a 71 year old.



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