Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ocean Grove again.

'Lo all.

Short post this evening. Coming to you direct from the shiny laptop in Ocean Grove,

Damned music woke me up way too early, stumbled around for an hour or so, then off to the dentists. Again, I have nice teeth, but they are starting to go crooked. Again, you need an extraction or two plus braces. At least all these dentists agree. We then visited the cheapo hair cutter. He was busy. Thank the gods.

After packing bags, visited petrol station and the bloody hairdressers again. He got me this time. I got off lightly, I suppose, compared to Fraser. I look basically the same. Thank the gods.

We then hit the road. I was driving. All was well. Started getting tired when we hit Geelong. Apart from that, only problems were in Melbourne, as the freeway was clogged up, so they closed a lane in the bloody tunnel.

Got here, everyone was tired, as Pa had been golfing. We were offered internet, as barely any download was being used. Fraser immediately went to bmx websites and myspace. He's worse than me.

Tomorrow, probably ride to Barwon Heads or something. I want to buy a couple of books in Melbourne, but we won't be passing through that way until Saturday.

Also, 'bout bloody time you lot got back from Japan. Hope you got pictures.



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