Friday, October 24, 2008

Muckup Day.

'Lo readers.

They promised sun and good yesterday. Instead it was overcast, and it spat occasionally. Bloody hell. I look forward to warmer temperatures, if only for a slightly more comfortably ride to school, at the moment sprinting is the only way to stop ice forming...

Anyway, got to school with low hopes. Rumour was that there was a huge list of everything the year 12s couldn't do. With all the bastards in Melbourne going batshit insane, it doesn't surprise me. Rode through gates decorated with toilet paper, and rode past blokes struggling into school uniforms, scrubbing paint off their faces.

The chapel service opened with the year 11s chanting Tubthumping to a live band, which included Tom and Louise on the trumpets. Not bad, too many slideshows though. Some of the damned year 9s dragged on and on with their reflections. Tom wisely copied the bull-sheet, which wasn't spectacular.

This of course made the assembly go over time, so we had half an hour of rave to waste time in. Finally, grotz been spotted! Runtherd looks very fancy, might be I'll have to pick them up when they come out too...

Recess was spent staring at the quadrangle. There were two wading pools full of water, good size ones, and some gym mats, as well as a couple of dodgeballs. Plus, a genius contraption, made from a couch and a ride-on lawnmower chassis. Year 12s themselves had nicked off though, so we were left to stare longingly at it.
Art. We got dragged back to the gallery. Doublechinned the Curator was chatting to Mrs Artteacherlady about me, and I got asked if I enjoyed surrealism. Heironymous Bosch, kiddies, give you nightmares. Anyway, she then asked if I was doing psychology, which scared me. How did she know? Some of the paintings were alright, though bloody Tori and Caz were screaming at each other. We got McDonalds on the way back, Caz accidently got my drink.

Lunch. I walked into the quadrangle, all the year 12s were dressed up and armed with supersoakers. There was a jumping castle in the middle, and the couch cart was pottering around. I lol'd. Hung out in Aiden's corner, watching the festivities, which included Grany Hawrlyuk putting a birth control device on his head, Brian dressed as the Joker being dunked, some of the more resourceful rowers building a huge slingshot to fire waterbombs over the jumping castle, Ms Henry getting hit by a waterbomb, and lots of sliding on a tarp with too much detergent on it. The couch cart flipped once, while we were watching.

Scott told us to go to class, and I finished the assessment. Probably repeated myself a bit too much, but that was what the question was asking for.

Bloody assembly was meh, to be honest. They tried talent show format. I think the techies are still in training, they weren't up to scratch, but they tried their best. Band sucked, Borat was regurgitated but clever, Brian shuffling in the penguin was awesome, and the lame dance acts seemed too hungover. I noticed that most of the photos in their endless slideshows were of the same sort of people. I think it'll be worse for ours. Hopefully I'm not in it. Maybe I should take up photography as a hobby, so I don't have to be.

After school, roared home, then Wise Beard Man rocked up, so I could go down the street. Managed to make it from my place to the chicken shop in 5 minutes, it's great when the traffic is. Met Sam, Isobelle, and Ryan, we walked aimlessly around, checking out the cd store (which reminds me, Mr Smith likes Pink Floyd. Respect), then to IGA to visit Melissa and Meg (I didn't know you were a reader Melissa), then bought fancy fairy floss. We met with Ruby, Jade (Woah. See that? I only just noticed that then!), and Craig Battams, looking very tired. He was on his way to a party, brave bloke. We sat in the grass and chatted. Ruby got ditched by all. Another lap around, via Ryan's mum's shop to pick up Isobelle's bag, then to the candy bar to rot our teeth further. We ended up seeing Finky and Beau, in the same place we left Craig. We left pretty quick, back to the warehouse for V, and I had to go.

Back home, checked the news (OMG! WATCHMEN POSTER!), and burned time. Once people started going online, traded links with Ryan and discovered Alison's churchgoing past. Scary, man. Creationism is bull.

Tomorrow, bloody church gig, but that's over by lunchtime. I wanted to sleep in. I need to, I didn't get to last weekend. Need sleep!

Fun fact for the evening, if you pull duct tape at 3cm per second, you produce xrays, and can see your finger underneath the running tape.



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