Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lulu's Party.

'Lo readers.

The weather is stupid. "Derp derp, lookee me, Imma rain the make it 25 degrees! And you get thunderstorms tomorrow! Hurrdurrr!"

Anyway. Ryan and I discussed Fallout before school, which seems pretty cool. Third one is coming out next week, if my computer could run it good I'd consider it.

First up was chapel, which was pretty boring. Towards the end, I looked behind us, and Aiden, Pat, Dayne and the rest from the library homeroom were standing against the wall. We guessed they had been playing cards.

Homeroom was checking history answers and getting exam timetables. No exams Friday or Monday, but the very last exam is maths. Damn. I visited Mrs Carteledge about a clash, she told me to think about a haircut soon. There are worse people than me at the moment.

Then english, which was slow. Mrs Sawade put on the fancy new version of Romeo and Juliet. Second time watching it, you notice all the little details. I suppose since they already had the script they could spend more time making it look good. Very washed out and bright. I noticed that the first 10 minutes, until just after the "duel", could be used as a trailer, really. Still sounds silly when they talk though.

Recess was pretty meh, as usual. Turns out the bastards in chapel were caught trying to skip it playing cards in the library. Well done those men.

Then double history, we rushed through the last immigration activities, and tried to avoid going off on tangents. We had to draw a diagram of what we thought Australia's current immigration policy was, I drew a crappy Australia with a buttload of flags in it, and Queensland firing rockets at a container ship. Then I drew stickfigure Led Zeppelin playing the Immigrant Song in the corner, because I was bored.

At lunchtime, we got bored. We decided to watch Tom and Wiffy in the rowing machine competition. It paid off. Tom won his race, and Wiffy fought hard, though there were other distractions in her race. Some of the poor bastards in the seniors were wasted afterwards, one guy tried it really fast and exhausted himself. Kind of funny really.

Double psych, we had to fill in a sheet about measuring attitudes, then make a questionnaire and survey people. I was stuck, so I watched the carnies outside. Problem solved. 12 open ended statements later, I was in the library trying to type the bastards out while year 8s asked if I was Scott's brother. Poor bastard. Don't know what he's been feeding them. Then hung out with Lulu while people completed the survey. She didn't want to go back to Jap. We saw Chris Riley on the way back, and she was too shy to say hi, then blamed me for it.

In homeroom, Mrs Ripon gave me a heads-up about the new crackdown on the uniform. Instant detentions if you look shabby, it's bull, because only the guys can get punished really. Mr Cowling told me to get my hair looked at, otherwise I should be putting ribbons in it. Sally laughed. It's seriously not that long.

After school, Denny was walking to his grandma's. His dad had been helping out the carnies and managed to score 10 free tickets, which Denny was distributing. Looks like I might have $10 extra to spend on showbags, yes! Thanks Denny. Also caught up a bit with him, he's a bit distant now. Turns out Erin is moving to Sale, just as Denny moves to Stratford, pretty much. Poor bastards.

Checked the news, weeped at the cricket score, then drove to Ryan's. After failing at Wii, his mum drove us slowly to Stratford. We hung outside the pub with some of the others, wasn't too bad, then inside for free drinks (not alcoholic, we're not that stupid). I sat down at the wrong end of the table I think. Meg, Wiffy and Leighton rocked up late and nabbed my end. Meh. The menu had chinese food as well as regular pub stuff, including Special fried rice. Plus the entrees were these great noodles, Wiffy had two and a half bowls worth. I had sweet and sour chicken for tea, was very good. We then chatted about crap, the story about Wise Beard Man when he was 18 and Pa punishing him went down well. I then showed a magic trick with the cups of water, Wiffy wet herself. Once we got bored we went to the playground, Ryan and Lulu showed off their shuffling, and Claire and I fought for the swings. Isaac was terrified by a dog in a car window. Then walked back to the pub, girls started singing choir songs, and Leighton and I checked out some trippy lights. Wise Beard Man picked Ryan and I up, home by about 10:30.

Tomorrow, sleep in, shower, meet with the others, then Show.


Anyway, the end.

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