Monday, October 6, 2008

*insert expletives here*

'Lo readers.

God damn. I say this every time. But hell. Why do they have to be so damn loud? And gossipy? "MUST KNOW COUPLES INFORMATION MUSH MUSH MUSH!" See, I don't know much, but I know enough, which is of course not good enough for some of them. Ah well.

Got up. Good and quiet. Ryan rocked up, we discussed Julian's trenchcoat. More on this later.

Got to school, dresses are shorter than I remember. Not that I'm complaining, but the girls would be freezing.

Then they were all screaming. Lucky us blokes are slightly quieter. Meg Cameron defied some hopes (namely Hayden's), and went around hugging him. Homeroom then. I got comments about my almost-lack-of-haircut.

First up was PE, in the weights room. Oliver wasn't feeling well, and some of the bloody groups skipped ahead of us. Bastards. Then an interesting take on dodgeball against the other class. You had to strategise a bit, as you could take over quarters. I thought it was clever, though as usual people were focussed on just lobbing the ball and hoping it hit someone.

Then recess, in the cold. Started spitting. Julian wore his fancy black trenchcoat with metal bits. We thought it was pretty cool til we saw the corset bit on the back. God damn. Then over to the other end to catch up with the others. They were all slow too.

Next up, psych, we were given surveys and told to try and get 20 people to do them. Carl and I tried our luck in with the surly year 12s in the library, then we stole answers off each other. I saw a C. S. Goto book. Braying 'nids? Gorram.

Then maths. Mr Cowling is still grumpy, and now we move on to graphing stuff. Pointless. Tabby was asking about Pat, and Aiden was going on about driving. Well done that man. Must be tricky in the boardo.

Lunch. Cold. We hung around, then hunted the others, who had got a soccerball after looking for their promised free pizza. Then a game of soccer. Isaac is a kickarse goalie when he needs to be.

Next was history, with a basic bibliography task. I got it out of the way with little trouble, probably cos I'm used to the internet bastards.

Then art. Oh boy. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. I slept, draw some "concepts", since I wasn't allowed to research, and listened. Bernice was whinging, but it turns out it is Wakely (I lol'd), and Tom, Meg and Wiffy were wasting paint. Still bored. Annie said she was starting at Spotlight that night. Good luck.

It started pouring then. All the girls were whinging. Saves time if you just walk out. Sure, you get wet, but who cares. I crossed the quadrangle, since under the rooves were crowded. It rained harder. Damn. Homeroom was just us shaking our hair out at each other.

Then band. Mr C was entranced by the shiny baritone, which was kind of creepy. Then he made Lulu attempt our solo. Poor Lulu.

Afterwards, talked to random people, and discussed women and bagged out Twilight, among other things. He was the last one to get picked up, poor bastard. Then home, spraypainted the second last batch. Nearly done, then the dread! Yay!

Band was slow, first is still annoying me.

Back home, think I might have confused Lulu. Excellent. Friendzone is a bitch, kiddies.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, no idea if I have double maths or not. Hope not.



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