Saturday, October 4, 2008

Home again.

'Lo everyone.

Managed about 4 hours worth of driving, which isn't too bad, I suppose.

Got up, made coffee, caught the end of Black Books, discusses zoos with Louise, and got on the road after lunch. Had to stop for petrol in Melton, which involved going around in circles and avoiding the bloody traffic in a car park. Dark Side of the Moon out of Buninyong though, which was cool.

Trip was slow, til we got off the freeway in Melbourne. I wanted to grab a book from that damned Minotaur shop, but I realised as we got there that I couldn't parellel park very well. Sensing that in the next few weeks, I would be drilled til I can park in my sleep, I jumped out and the Wise Beard Mobile went around the block. Inside, scary. Do not visit by yourself. I saw three fatties in trenchcoats and military boots, plus a bunch of neckbeards. No World War Z, skeep. GRRM books were too expensive, skeep. Only one Horus Heresy book, skeep. They did have an alright BL section, so I grabbed a Dan Abnett book I had been looking at a while ago, and bought it.

Wise Beard Man then drove us out to Doncaster, to Kirsty's recently auctioned house. Simon then gave me a laptop with a funny battery, a printer and a scanner. Many thanks. Gotta persuade Beardman to let me hook it up to the interbutt so I can get some new things, like IE7, msn, and iTunes. After coffee, I attempted reversing out of the huge driveway, then we got lost in Warrandyte. We finally found Eastlink, and drove home with the bloody sun behind us. Eastlink is clever, 33 cents per exit.

Starting to feel tired out of Rosedale, but then figured I had 20 klicks to go, may as well finish it. Also realised that the horde was going to the cinema at that moment, so I definitely wouldn't be able to make it. We got fish and chips.

Right now I'm trying to get through half of the english essay, which is tricky on Notepad. No word-counter, see. Ah well.

Tomorrow, work. Meh.



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