Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gorram magpies.

'Lo all.

Nice weather, finally. The wind changed direction though, threw me off a bit on the ride to school.

First up was psych, which was filling out a sheet about overcoming predjudice. The scenario it had sounded very (very) similar to bloody Freedom Writers (see post about Leadership Camp). I pointed this out and made fun of it, Mrs Moy was ok with it.

Then maths. More rushing through economics. Shame, really.

Recess, standing around. Big meh, really.

English was fun, we were given a page of random stuff and were told it was stimulus for a creative piece. Should be fun. My (admittedly warped) mind came up with a concept of green recruit holding a diamond mine against mutants. Myes...

Science was in the computer room. We have a project about genetics to do, with free reign as to the topic. I had the idea, didn't know what the name of it was. Slow.

Lunch was booting goals while discussing the show, then the girls arrived and started tanning. Pat rocked up with a few more players, had an alright game. The bastards put me in goals again, I'm useless because there isn't enough of me to guard the bloody thing.

Then cricket. Johnno showed Pat, Eli and I some interesting nerve pinching techniques, through demonstration. Then we fielded, I managed two wides, a six, a dot, and two wickets. Aiden is a great catch. The poor girls got absolutely smashed though. When we went out to bat, Robbie got hit in the balls, and I managed a four from a bowler who got more wides than Dayne.

After watching Meg shoot water like a sprinkler, I went home, checked with the Beardman, then went down the street to meet Aiden. We bought Lulu a metric buttload of Starburst stuff, which was mercifully on special. We then got more Sea Monkeys, and admired Lego putting frikken laser beams on their sharks. Then chips, of course. We fed the magpies, who are getting very grey and fat. There is now more than a dozen of the bastards. The little sparrows stole some though. Then to the cd store to hunt for good music, and Sparty's for reconnaisance. Giant party poppers are cheap, might be I'll have to pick a couple up.

Back home, checked the news, and the Guitar Hero 3 tracklist. 3's and 7's, Cherub Rock, Knights of Cydonia, Sunshine of your Love, Paint it Black, Cliffs of Dover, Even Flow, Kool Thing, and Reptililia. Hell freaking yes. Now that I actually have money, I believe I shall buy myself an early christmas present of this and a used ps2, which will be surprisingly cheap if I act now. Also talked to a Meg and Melissa, who asked me about the deb. Poor girl. They need to stop asking me for my opinion of it (which is that it's expensive and a waste of time, and the girls are now scraping the bottom of the barrel anyway), before they say that they don't have anyone. If the conversation ended up going where I think it was going, hell.

Tomorrow, doubles day. Do not want, really. Everyone will be waiting for the end of the day.



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