Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God damn sponge ball.

'Lo readers.

The bloody weather is still making it's damn mind up. Apparently it's fining up though.

Ryan and I made it to school in time to see Julian's macabre penguin keychain. I lol'd.

During homeroom, I was made to talk to the new girl. She seems nice enough, kind of lost. I get told she's in my psych class. First thought was yay, I'm not the only year 10 anymore.

Once we get there, she starts chatting to Zack like she's known him for years. They were right. Not one of us. Ah well. Psych was slow, Ms Moy was worried because no one got higher than a B+ on their last test (I didn't get to study for it because I was surprised with it after camp, so I was expecting a middle of the range type mark), then more work on personality. I suppose if you group all the theories, and make them test different aspects, it'd work better.

Then maths. I'm getting through it, and so far I understand it. I'm probably still going to fail the test though.

Recess was slow. Tom and I forgot to interview Agnik, but he seemed busy.

Then english, which was persuade thing. Meh. I'm not fussed by it.

Science. Hayden and I burned through the questions, and aftewards Mr Smith told me that with the economy in the toilet, I need to start working extra hard to make sure I get a job. Dunno why I got singled out.

Then we had house meetings, with elections. I voted for year 10s where I could, and the funnier people. Those with prepared speeches went on and on. Those who made it up kept it interesting. Our year is going to be fun, maybe I should go for art captain or cross country captain. Lunch itself was spent playing soccer, and again there was a surprisingly large crowd, though they'd swapped ends. It was a good game, though I got bloody distracted. Meg decided she was taller than me, she wasn't. This pissed her off, I suppose, and she stole my shoes.

Cricket was meh. Our innings wasn't too bad, I got caught twice. Bastards. Then, when it was our turn to field, the easy rubber ball was made easier. The skin broke, so Mr Dude went to the other game to see if they had spares. They didn't. What do we do then? He says use the inside ball, which was very light and spongey. They smashed us after that. Millsy whinged because he didn't get a bat.

Back to school, our homeroom is the party homeroom, we get visitors from all over. Poor new girl, not one of them was a popularite.

Home again, finished off AoBR. Not happy with the captain, though the warboss and dread came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Next up, writing the list, which will be fun. Not really.

Onto the internets, slow news day. Limewire finally has Iron Man as a dvd rip, though I'm unsure about Tropic Thunder. It's still too early, might have to wait so I don't get a cinema bootleg.

Tomorrow, doubles day. I have two history homework questions to finish, but apart from that, I'm not worried. Double psych will be interesting. No longer am I a unique snowflake. Not sure whether to be happy or sad about it.



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