Friday, October 17, 2008

Fairy floss and golf.

'Lo readers.

Apologies for the lateness. I'll get to that later.

This morning, I read my book, then realised Ryan wasn't on his way. In homeroom we got the VCE booklist. My gods. So expensive.

First up was science, we got to make vegetable babies. It was vaguely related to genetics in that you had to sort out the genes for certain characteristics, but it was basically Mr Potato Head with an actual potato, or onion, in our case.

Then maths. Two things of interest. Firstly, Mr Brennan came in to talk about expensive calculators. I plan on getting mine second hand. Then Nick was discovered in someone else's maths class, so he ran, and came back into our room just as the teachers started looking for him. He poked his head around the door, then ran like hell. Well done that man. I calculated that if I bought all my books new, it'd cost more than $600, without buying the fancy calculator.

Recess, whinging about textbooks, basically.

Then psych. We were basically reviewing all the personality tests. Easy work, then a discussion about Disneyland Japan and annoying year 10s. I don't think the new girl likes our homeroom much, as we expected.

Art was slow. Tom and I shot ideas back and forth, and I got another big concept done. Not sure which way I'll go yet, but it should be good.

Lunch. Soccer. I was a captain and couldn't get out of it, so I picked the best players as quick as possible. It's better to be ruthless when it comes to picking teams. Isaac, Hayden, Pat and I vs about 7 others. And we kicked arse. The girls were whinging because we hit them with the ball a few times, but it's their fault for lying in the middle of the pitch, isn't it?

Then PE, which was fun. We played Storm the Bastille, which dichotomised the class into Jack's team of plastic jocks, and the unwashed proles led by Oliver. We won the first game, through annihalation. We took all their gorram cones. I got Tom Johnson out, with fingertips, then overbalanced and rolled. Spectacular. Second game we won too, though it was closer, and their team tended to cheat. Ah well. Nice guys always come last, which is why I'm such a failure, I suppose. We then got the option of playing golf or badminton. Us gentlemen hit the oval, and Mr Gaskill gave us 4 targets. We were getting pretty good by the last one, I was winning til the end.

I realised that I should probably tell someone in the music department that Sam had tore my lip open, and I probably couldn't play at their concert. Mr Iverson and Fraser's music teacher inspected it, and I was told it was best not to risk it in case it stretches and breaks the wound. Ah well.

Back home, I was preparing to kick back and relax, then I got a call from Bis, asking me to work at 7:30. Bugger. I did win Civ3, take that Greece!

Work was a huge function of old Esso employees. Cooper was dishpigging too, and he was already up to his neck when I joined him. We tamed the dishes while 5 chefs scuttled around. 3 course meal, I had to help make chicken entrees, which tasted good. Then Marita rocked up. Haven't seen her in ages. She helped me dry the dishes, and there were hundreds of plates going through. Desert rolled around, and containers full of fairy floss, meringues, sugar stuff, and chocolate cake were brought out. We sampled them, of course, including a huge platter of fresh chocolate mousse. This job has benefits, especially since the blue half of the fairy floss wasn't needed. Sarah, Amy and I jumped on it. We managed to finish around 11:45, after three bloody bin runs in a row.

Tomorrow, if my lip still hurts, no march. Then I get to relax for a day. Cool.



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