Sunday, October 26, 2008

A day near the races.

'Lo all.

Hell. Sundays are wearing me out.

Woke up, moped around, walked to work.

As soon as I got there, Terina dropped a chopping board between the freezers, and my skinny arms managed to find a use getting it out. Bastards.

Highlights today included James' talking fish head, getting burns all over my hands, no dishes for half an hour, so I took a break (wow), and that's about it. Nice quiet day since most people were getting pissed up at the races.

By 5, James and I were finishing off while chatting about VCE and rowers. He's alright, though supremely lazy. Walking home, saw lots of green p platers roaring around in suits.

Back home, didn't do much. Still got made to do the dishes. Finally fixed the archives, so now you can read from February through to now!

Tomorrow, Monday. Bleh.



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