Thursday, October 23, 2008

The day Mr Cowling just gave up.

'Lo readers.

Sun came out today, finally. Bastard thing.

Got to school, after going though about 8 other bike riders. Interesting, they were all sevies or bastard year 8s, and had very strict groups, even on their bikes.

Then history, which Ms Henry wasn't prepared, so we just made revision cards.

English was meh, first lesson for the assessment task. I got one bit done and half of the other, with another period left to go.

Recess was meh too.

Double science was cutting and pasting DNA bits together, then a buttload of questions which I got through surprisingly quickly. It dragged on though.

Lunch was soccer, of course. Team Burning Eagle was reformed, though Sam begged to be let in. The 5 of us took on the rest, and Brad joined us too, so the teams were pretty even. As usual, I sucked.

History again. More immigration stuff, then a discussion, so we didn't have to do any work. I idly sketched a titan, which interested the girls. Very, very weird.

Finally maths. After a refresher on percentages (gorram drawing attention to myself...), we started work, then the year 12s booted up the airhorns. Apparently, one bloke just lost his daks, and for some reason they'd swapped clothes. We had a look, and they were in a ring, holding each other down and saturating them with hoses. Mr Cowling didn't lift a finger, he's probably been through this too many times. Outside, when the bell went, they sang the altered (PROPER!) version of the school song, then when the bell went they went nuts. Can't wait for ours, it's only 24 months away.

Back home, finished my book, talked to Alison about Heroes and year 12s, and traded links with Ryan. Trent from Punchy is a legend. Also cautiously poked around Facebook, became a member of 545 and Grammar. I saw a video of the original Inglefest, which included footage of Mr Collins with hair, and a hilarious clip of Johnno Burt running headfirst into the fire hydrant outside the basketball court. I must show him.

Tomorrow, 4 periods of work, sandwiched between a sobriety test in disguise and the best assembly of the year.


Anyway, the end.

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