Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cut fingers and sore feet.

'Lo everyone.

God damn. I'm exhausted.

Woke up, tried to sync a picture to the laptop, which was being silly. Worked it out in the end.

Then walked to work in the sun, and got there on time.

Highlights include getting a banana smoothie from Terina, and seeing Hugh and Mrs Braham. Sam and Anti put on good music, Anti likes Daft Punk (and singing along, which can be trying), while Sam thinks that really fast hiphop or techno makes us work faster. Hacker's theorem, that. With Jen's help, managed to get everything done by 5, even mopped the cool room, since someone dropped an egg there.

Walked home, noticed half a dozen annoying little cuts on my fingers. How the hell did I get them.

Back home, chilled. Then had to make dinner, which kind of held up those plans. Afterwards, talked to Aiden about the cricket while watching (live feed, it's awesome) Katich get no run after no run. Lazy prick. Talked to Alison about *DELETED UNDER PAIN OF DEATH*nno, and boredom, and discussed classes with a Meg. Fraser listened to terrible music.

Tomorrow, long Monday. Can't wait.



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