Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cop out title.

'Lo readers.

I'm tired, and my bloody jaw and ears hurt. We're only two days into the week. This will be fun.

This morning, Ryan said it wasn't too bad outside. Surprisingly, it was cold. Bastard weather.

In assembly, Dr Wenn caught Sam and Harry talking so he moved me to shut them up. I fail to see the logic, to be honest. So I sat behind them next to Naomi and Erin, who gave me funny looks for moving. Not my bloody fault.

Double maths. Aiden and I decided to actually pay attention to the simple and compound interest stuff, so Tabby and Clare were disappointed. Well, Clare was, but she was high.

Recess. Meh. Lot of standing around watching people.

English, we had a 50 question pop quiz on Romeo and Juliet. I got midway between a B and a C+ (which one did I get?!?) on an essay, which is above average. Pat recommended me an Iain M Banks novel. Wise Beard Man is an Iain M Banks fanboy. I'll add it to the list, right now I want to finish ASoIaF, which is two and a half books out, plus a Dan Abnett book I got a while ago.

History was in the library, and finishing off an immigration task. lots of counting and checking through lists. Boring, really.

Lunch. Once everyone nicked off, we decided to grab a soccer ball. Since a buttload of sevies were on the basketball court, we chucked the ball at each other on the flying fox. Mr Dettbarn asked us about an apple core, then the bastards stole it. We got it back. It was fun.

Bloody art next. I started my big sketch thing. Probably going to get paint dropped on it or something.

Nicked off to a music lesson, I had to play with Millsy. Poor bastard is so enthusiastic. Mr C made me try trombone. I fail at that, since I haven't actually practiced that in ages. We went off on a tangent, I told him about the omnipotent one with the buttload of tvs. We then went off on a tangent discussing dearth, the book of Revelations, space junk, and the US election. Why can't more teachers be like this one!

Bloody Ms Henry has introduced this thing where you have to wear your blazer to afternoon homeroom. This is meaningless for a bike rider, becuause you're just going to take the bastard off in 5 minutes anyway. Mrs Ripon apologetically told me to run back and grab it, just in case she caught me. Ah well.

Back home, worked on my latest project. I believe my greenskins need some air support, in the form of a leaden dirigible. Plus it gets rid of a bottle and a lot of cardboard.

Simon dropped round this evening, we watched a doscumentary on navy divers, which was interesting. He went through some of this, back in the day.

Tomorrow, last cricket match. We'd better win, to make sure Aiden's captaincy means something.



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