Friday, October 3, 2008

Buninyong redux.

'Lo readers.

Posting from a laptop borrowed from Tess, in Buninyong.

Woke up, then buggerised around. Eventually got told to take the magic pedal kayak out, so I did. Lots of loops around the poles.

After dragging the bloody thing up the stairs, trying hard not to scratch it. Then said hi to Simon, who rocked up on his shiny blue motorbike. He said he had something for me, so we'll be visiting him tomorrow. He's sold his kickarse apartment, but is getting an even better house. Kirsty is trying to auction hers, which might be tricky right now.

Aunt Lynette dropped in and said hi, then we packed our stuff and got rolling as it started to spit. It was pouring by the time we got to the Geelong hospital. Found our way up, said hi to Pa, who seemed tired, then we buggered off. Raining like hell by then. Still, I managed to get to Buninyong.

There, wasted time with Joe, and watched tv. The ony good joke in the bit of that RV movie I watched was mentioning Karl Marx to rednecks. Bloody hell.

Tomorrow, we drive back to Geelong, visit Pa again, then on to Doncaster to see Simon and Kirsty, then maybe through Melbourne so I can buy a book and to see Jordan and co at the track. Then finally home. Have to skip the movie with the horde for all this, though I'll get a few driving hours.



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