Thursday, October 16, 2008


'Lo all.

They're starting to whinge about exams. Slowly, the fear spreads downwards.

This morning, I found I had very little to do, now that I've finished AoBR. So, maths homework. What's happening to me...

Got to school, boring, bug-prone chapel, with the year 12s behind us taking the piss. Jumanji.

Afterwards, got some answers off Tom for the history homework, then got my subjects for next year. It's not a timetable, but it does give a vague idea as to whose class you're in. I have a few friends in most of them, though a lot of people seem to be doing Gen B next year. Brave bastards. Tom and I quickly interviewed Agnik, but we figured we'd need more questions.

English was analysing persuasive techniques in an article whinging about Anzac Cove. Meh.

Then recess. There was sun.

Double history. Mrs Henry just let us run for a while, since she was late. I finished the homework, submitted it, went Agnik hunting with Tom, couldn't find him, then started some revision cards. Oliver was asking about the US election, Ms Henry said I talked too much. Topic related, for once. Then a mapping activity about Europe, which was trickier than it looked.

Lunch was soccer, as usual. Not that I'm improving. Managed to get a good kick to the face, Sam was shooting out of goal. Cut lip, buzzing teeth. Meh. Caz said I was bleeding. Ironic, almost.

Then double psych. Fun lesson. We got to take the Rorschach test. I got 2. Anyone who knows what that means, do tell. Then one involving cards, I got ISTP. Apparently, I'm the Craftsman. We got these little cards with a description of key personality traits. Funnily enough, some of them matched. I definitely don't think there's a point to learning something with no practical application, which means algebra, and I prefer working alone and working things out, and reserving opinions til I have facts. Interesting. We discussed house captains and driving when we had to do questions, even Ms Moy joined in. She can't drive a manual.

Back home, worked out a list. Looks like I've got about 4500 still, with 5th. Interesting. I do miss the little flavour extras like seals and auspexes though. Then english homework. Checking the news on the interbutt, George got to go bungiejumping and had the pictures to prove it, and the Battlewagon has been spotted. I'm sorely tempted to continue with the greenskins, with all the new stuff in January. Need the book first, I think.

Tomorrow, PE. Sore face, sore knee, very tired. Should be fun.


Anyway, the end.

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