Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bloody interrupted.

'Lo all.

I was planning for today to be lazy. It wasn't.

I got woken up, managed half a coffee, then drove down the street. I got harangued from the others about being out of uniform, of course.

I then got photography duties, and hit the street as they began forming up. Fraser was in the front row with his warped girl sunnies. They sounded alright, drummers were crap at the start, and I got heaps of photos. Sally was out the front of her chemist, mopping up from an egg raid the night before. They'd hit a couple of other shops, and she wasn't too happy about it. Gotta love today's youth. Some of them do stuff like band or they're in the fire brigade, but dude thts liek ttly lame lol, lets go eg sum shopz! rofl!

Wise Beard Man decided to stay for a speech afterwards, but the speakers were bad, so we left. Back home, started watching my illegally downloaded Iron Man, which had the locations and Iraqi subtitles in German, but they all spoke English. Strange.

After getting forced to get milk, I searched for the fairy floss Amy said could be found in IGA. No luck. I finished watching Iron Man and wrote a 'nid list. I reckon one could almost have a game between the greenskins and the 'nids, might need to buy the big shiny battlewagon when it comes out...

Then off to Marilyns, for BBQ and bonfire. The entire Fehst horde was there, so I challenged to a stickfight against Jarred, then got dragged around by Tash. Slow night. I realised I didn't know how to play spotlight halfway through. The 'dults were discussing vintages and heart attacks, which was mildly more interesting than listening to a bunch of under-10s complain about someone looking at them funny. After dance class (I assume) phones and hopes lit up. Well done you athletic bastards.

Back home, checking the news, Australia is getting it's arse kicked in the second Test. Maybe we'll win the third one, since the first one ended up being a draw.


Anyway, the end.

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