Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bloody cold.

'Lo readers.

Sick of this cold weather. Bloody sports uniform doesn't help either.
Ryan rocked up, we had a look at the laptop, then rode to school through the wind.

First up was maths. I understand it so far, though I think algebraic graphing is pointless. Some of the bastards had to do the test from last term, which apparently I scraped through on.

Then science, I finished the work and Mr Smith gave me more bloody work. Bah.

Recess was cold. Too many people at our lockers, so we visited the others, which were conveniently out of the wind.

Psych was slow, just taking notes. Too many bloody personality theories. We're taking a proper Eysenck test soon, might be interesting.

Art was crap. Some of us stayed in the library, because we thought we were supposed to be there. Then back to the classroom for some more concepts. I know what I'm doing, but we aren't allowed near the computers to do the research bit. Ah well.

Lunch was too cold. Since half our good players are in the bloody mother's club at the moment, we shot goals til we got bored, then chucked the ball at each other across the flying fox.

Then cricket, in the wind. I got a bowl, didn't do too badly, though since there were about 9 other kids wanting to bat, I didn't get a go. Ah well. I'm bloody rusty. Test in India starts tomorrow, that'll be good.

Back in homeroom, wasting time and laughing at Meg's boxing gear. Scary. I visited the Phoenix centre, and forgot they'd jacked up the price of books. Bugger. Got the new codex, and WD. Lotsa reading material.

Home again, flicked through my new tomes. I think this new one is badly arranged, too UM-centric, and they stole my scheme. Black Consuls? Wiped out? Gorram bastards.

Burned time in between Civ3 talking to Aiden about crap on the internet, among other things. Slow news day, a story about Playboy bunnies was on the news page.

Tomorrow, apparently the weather is changing. A cold ride to school, then we get to cook in the sun, according to Jason. Damn.


Anyway, the end.

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