Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to square one, almost.

'Lo readers.

Funny, there was warm weather over the weekend, then it got bloody cold again. Dammit.

Got up, after being woken up at bloody 3 or something by the cat. Then school, it was too cold.

Assembly was slow, Aiden got a nerd award for consistently coming second in the cross countries. Well done that man.

Then double maths. I caught up with Mr Cowling, and I'm at my usual level now. Girls were gossiping because Aiden and I turned around at the wrong time, apparently.

Recess. My badarse hat that we found came in use, got to go in the sun. Plus I remembered I had lots of food for recess. Woot.

English. Surprise poetry analysis. I got through it, though my conclusion melded into my last paragraph without me realising.

We got to go on an expedition for history. To the library, then back through the wind to room 11. Then a discussion about racism, with lots of tangents about religion in the Nazis. I figured Hitler was christian, cos of the Spear and everything, though they didn't mention the catholic killing bits. Interesting. I look forward to next year.

Lunch. Soccer. Halfcourt, because of the rowers exercising in the cold sun. Not a bad game, though the group of spectators slowly grew and there were a few headshots. We went fullcourt about the same time they started coupling up again, plus all sorts of other people arrived. Distracting.

Art next, in the library. I've done my work, so I read through a dated encyclopedia of rock music that also featured reggae and rap. The entries were brief. Then boredom. I saw something on the way to the library that made me want to rage, but maybe it was nothing. It probably wasn't. I dunno. I need a better source, maybe.

Finally science, we watched a mildly confusing video about chromasomes, then half a dozen simple questions.

Back home, down the street again to buy cheap tshirts. One will only last me the summer, but it was cheap. I then went to coles to pick up meat and ice cream, and brought back cheap mocha and boxes of mars bar biscuits which were about a dollar for half a dozen. EB said they had a ps2 in, which I'd buy, but I need to save up for the Show at the end of the month. I'll go back and tell them to hold it for me.

Home again, did some art homework, glanced at some psych homework and got lost, since I must have missed a lesson (damn Friday rave). Then onto the interbutt. Weeble and Bob have great parodies of the US election, so does a site of ill-repute, it seems. Then trying to run rings around Clare, but we came to an agreement. She'll lie, then I'm doomed.

Tomorrow, cricket in the cold again. Damn.


Anyway, the end.

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