Friday, October 31, 2008

Sale Show. **200!**

'Lo all.

I am buggered. Not that way.

Got up about 10, checked emails, thought about coffee, then went back to the shed. I saw something weird on the vines, then heard people laughing. Sam and Aiden had dropped around.

After a quick shower and a round of pokemon stadium, we went down the street. We rode bikes, so it wasn't too bad, though there was a pretty bad headwind. I bought a ps2 for relatively cheap at EB games, then had a look in Harvey Norman for Guitar Hero. The ps2 version is sold out. Damn. We decided to check out the show, and we weren't impressed. Very few rides, and everything was $7. God damn. We saw Fraser's mate, he yelled that Fraser was a wuss. We laughed. Also saw Fraser's ex-girlfriend, who was yelling abuse from a showbag stand. We roared home with a tailwind, Aiden offered to get Guitar Hero from his house. Sam and I had fun on gta multiplayer. Then embarrassing myself in front of the pros on Guitar Hero. Hell. Need some practice.

We went down the street again, picked up some supplies and wasted time. Pretty meh. Aiden had to go to work, so Sam and I went back to the show. We went on the Zipper and the Cyclone, both totally worth it. The Zipper is a ferris wheel gone retarded, and the Cyclone is a centrifuge. I was thrown around the little cage on the Zipper. We met with some of the others, but I had to get going.

Back home, checked the weather. Last night said thunderstorms, and the clouds were there. Not too much more rain aiming for Sale though.

We headed to Jess's, met up with the girls and Aiden. 3 bloody couples and me, gorram it. We got a buttload of glowsticks from the Warehouse. Totally worth it. They decided to get food, and go to La Porchetta for pizza. Then they said they wanted to eat in. We spent 20 minutes looking bored and drinking expensive coke, then decided to order it from the front and get going. Idjits.

Back at the show, met with a few more, then it's a blur really. I saw all sorts of people, but most of them drifted away. Went on the Scorpion and got a car all to myself. It was at night, so they had the strobe light going. Very trippy when you're on your side and so is the Cyclone. Sam and Aiden burned lots of money on sideshows trying to win jumpers. The Zipper was closed because a cog was jammed, so Sam was annoyed. Alison showed off her drink that she got from friends in high places. Aiden payed for us to have a go at the water squirting thing, which we all failed at. There was no Fun House (for shame). Will and Leighton greeted us with lit cigs. Isobelle had brought her Austrian exchange student, who seems alright, if a bit overwhelmed by it all. I missed most of the fireworks. There was a truck that did a lap of the arena on two wheels. I got two relatively full showbags for $20. I got a lift home with Sam, and there were two of his sister's friends as well, so I got crammed in the front.

And that's it, really. There's probably more, but that's all I can remember right now.

Tomorrow, sleep it all off, finish a bit of homework, play some Guitar Hero. Hopefully. Also Diana coming home, which will be cool.



*** 200th POST! WOO!***

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lulu's Party.

'Lo readers.

The weather is stupid. "Derp derp, lookee me, Imma rain the make it 25 degrees! And you get thunderstorms tomorrow! Hurrdurrr!"

Anyway. Ryan and I discussed Fallout before school, which seems pretty cool. Third one is coming out next week, if my computer could run it good I'd consider it.

First up was chapel, which was pretty boring. Towards the end, I looked behind us, and Aiden, Pat, Dayne and the rest from the library homeroom were standing against the wall. We guessed they had been playing cards.

Homeroom was checking history answers and getting exam timetables. No exams Friday or Monday, but the very last exam is maths. Damn. I visited Mrs Carteledge about a clash, she told me to think about a haircut soon. There are worse people than me at the moment.

Then english, which was slow. Mrs Sawade put on the fancy new version of Romeo and Juliet. Second time watching it, you notice all the little details. I suppose since they already had the script they could spend more time making it look good. Very washed out and bright. I noticed that the first 10 minutes, until just after the "duel", could be used as a trailer, really. Still sounds silly when they talk though.

Recess was pretty meh, as usual. Turns out the bastards in chapel were caught trying to skip it playing cards in the library. Well done those men.

Then double history, we rushed through the last immigration activities, and tried to avoid going off on tangents. We had to draw a diagram of what we thought Australia's current immigration policy was, I drew a crappy Australia with a buttload of flags in it, and Queensland firing rockets at a container ship. Then I drew stickfigure Led Zeppelin playing the Immigrant Song in the corner, because I was bored.

At lunchtime, we got bored. We decided to watch Tom and Wiffy in the rowing machine competition. It paid off. Tom won his race, and Wiffy fought hard, though there were other distractions in her race. Some of the poor bastards in the seniors were wasted afterwards, one guy tried it really fast and exhausted himself. Kind of funny really.

Double psych, we had to fill in a sheet about measuring attitudes, then make a questionnaire and survey people. I was stuck, so I watched the carnies outside. Problem solved. 12 open ended statements later, I was in the library trying to type the bastards out while year 8s asked if I was Scott's brother. Poor bastard. Don't know what he's been feeding them. Then hung out with Lulu while people completed the survey. She didn't want to go back to Jap. We saw Chris Riley on the way back, and she was too shy to say hi, then blamed me for it.

In homeroom, Mrs Ripon gave me a heads-up about the new crackdown on the uniform. Instant detentions if you look shabby, it's bull, because only the guys can get punished really. Mr Cowling told me to get my hair looked at, otherwise I should be putting ribbons in it. Sally laughed. It's seriously not that long.

After school, Denny was walking to his grandma's. His dad had been helping out the carnies and managed to score 10 free tickets, which Denny was distributing. Looks like I might have $10 extra to spend on showbags, yes! Thanks Denny. Also caught up a bit with him, he's a bit distant now. Turns out Erin is moving to Sale, just as Denny moves to Stratford, pretty much. Poor bastards.

Checked the news, weeped at the cricket score, then drove to Ryan's. After failing at Wii, his mum drove us slowly to Stratford. We hung outside the pub with some of the others, wasn't too bad, then inside for free drinks (not alcoholic, we're not that stupid). I sat down at the wrong end of the table I think. Meg, Wiffy and Leighton rocked up late and nabbed my end. Meh. The menu had chinese food as well as regular pub stuff, including Special fried rice. Plus the entrees were these great noodles, Wiffy had two and a half bowls worth. I had sweet and sour chicken for tea, was very good. We then chatted about crap, the story about Wise Beard Man when he was 18 and Pa punishing him went down well. I then showed a magic trick with the cups of water, Wiffy wet herself. Once we got bored we went to the playground, Ryan and Lulu showed off their shuffling, and Claire and I fought for the swings. Isaac was terrified by a dog in a car window. Then walked back to the pub, girls started singing choir songs, and Leighton and I checked out some trippy lights. Wise Beard Man picked Ryan and I up, home by about 10:30.

Tomorrow, sleep in, shower, meet with the others, then Show.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gorram magpies.

'Lo all.

Nice weather, finally. The wind changed direction though, threw me off a bit on the ride to school.

First up was psych, which was filling out a sheet about overcoming predjudice. The scenario it had sounded very (very) similar to bloody Freedom Writers (see post about Leadership Camp). I pointed this out and made fun of it, Mrs Moy was ok with it.

Then maths. More rushing through economics. Shame, really.

Recess, standing around. Big meh, really.

English was fun, we were given a page of random stuff and were told it was stimulus for a creative piece. Should be fun. My (admittedly warped) mind came up with a concept of green recruit holding a diamond mine against mutants. Myes...

Science was in the computer room. We have a project about genetics to do, with free reign as to the topic. I had the idea, didn't know what the name of it was. Slow.

Lunch was booting goals while discussing the show, then the girls arrived and started tanning. Pat rocked up with a few more players, had an alright game. The bastards put me in goals again, I'm useless because there isn't enough of me to guard the bloody thing.

Then cricket. Johnno showed Pat, Eli and I some interesting nerve pinching techniques, through demonstration. Then we fielded, I managed two wides, a six, a dot, and two wickets. Aiden is a great catch. The poor girls got absolutely smashed though. When we went out to bat, Robbie got hit in the balls, and I managed a four from a bowler who got more wides than Dayne.

After watching Meg shoot water like a sprinkler, I went home, checked with the Beardman, then went down the street to meet Aiden. We bought Lulu a metric buttload of Starburst stuff, which was mercifully on special. We then got more Sea Monkeys, and admired Lego putting frikken laser beams on their sharks. Then chips, of course. We fed the magpies, who are getting very grey and fat. There is now more than a dozen of the bastards. The little sparrows stole some though. Then to the cd store to hunt for good music, and Sparty's for reconnaisance. Giant party poppers are cheap, might be I'll have to pick a couple up.

Back home, checked the news, and the Guitar Hero 3 tracklist. 3's and 7's, Cherub Rock, Knights of Cydonia, Sunshine of your Love, Paint it Black, Cliffs of Dover, Even Flow, Kool Thing, and Reptililia. Hell freaking yes. Now that I actually have money, I believe I shall buy myself an early christmas present of this and a used ps2, which will be surprisingly cheap if I act now. Also talked to a Meg and Melissa, who asked me about the deb. Poor girl. They need to stop asking me for my opinion of it (which is that it's expensive and a waste of time, and the girls are now scraping the bottom of the barrel anyway), before they say that they don't have anyone. If the conversation ended up going where I think it was going, hell.

Tomorrow, doubles day. Do not want, really. Everyone will be waiting for the end of the day.



Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cop out title.

'Lo readers.

I'm tired, and my bloody jaw and ears hurt. We're only two days into the week. This will be fun.

This morning, Ryan said it wasn't too bad outside. Surprisingly, it was cold. Bastard weather.

In assembly, Dr Wenn caught Sam and Harry talking so he moved me to shut them up. I fail to see the logic, to be honest. So I sat behind them next to Naomi and Erin, who gave me funny looks for moving. Not my bloody fault.

Double maths. Aiden and I decided to actually pay attention to the simple and compound interest stuff, so Tabby and Clare were disappointed. Well, Clare was, but she was high.

Recess. Meh. Lot of standing around watching people.

English, we had a 50 question pop quiz on Romeo and Juliet. I got midway between a B and a C+ (which one did I get?!?) on an essay, which is above average. Pat recommended me an Iain M Banks novel. Wise Beard Man is an Iain M Banks fanboy. I'll add it to the list, right now I want to finish ASoIaF, which is two and a half books out, plus a Dan Abnett book I got a while ago.

History was in the library, and finishing off an immigration task. lots of counting and checking through lists. Boring, really.

Lunch. Once everyone nicked off, we decided to grab a soccer ball. Since a buttload of sevies were on the basketball court, we chucked the ball at each other on the flying fox. Mr Dettbarn asked us about an apple core, then the bastards stole it. We got it back. It was fun.

Bloody art next. I started my big sketch thing. Probably going to get paint dropped on it or something.

Nicked off to a music lesson, I had to play with Millsy. Poor bastard is so enthusiastic. Mr C made me try trombone. I fail at that, since I haven't actually practiced that in ages. We went off on a tangent, I told him about the omnipotent one with the buttload of tvs. We then went off on a tangent discussing dearth, the book of Revelations, space junk, and the US election. Why can't more teachers be like this one!

Bloody Ms Henry has introduced this thing where you have to wear your blazer to afternoon homeroom. This is meaningless for a bike rider, becuause you're just going to take the bastard off in 5 minutes anyway. Mrs Ripon apologetically told me to run back and grab it, just in case she caught me. Ah well.

Back home, worked on my latest project. I believe my greenskins need some air support, in the form of a leaden dirigible. Plus it gets rid of a bottle and a lot of cardboard.

Simon dropped round this evening, we watched a doscumentary on navy divers, which was interesting. He went through some of this, back in the day.

Tomorrow, last cricket match. We'd better win, to make sure Aiden's captaincy means something.



Monday, October 27, 2008


'Lo readers.

I mentioned last night I fixed the archives. I was looking through February. Ah, simpler times, when there were less readers, and I opened up a bit more. Maybe we should bring back the sports reports. Anyhoo, I noticed that late in the month I was bitching about this damned Soldier Boy song that Fraser and his friends were listening to. Skip forward a few months, now (due to Lulu and Tisdall's play), it's in the title. More on this later.

Anyway. Very windy, so I was glad I wasn't riding to school. Double glad I wasn't riding hungover, once I caught up with Ryan.

Bloody science first up. I didn't mind it, but everyone seemed tired. Very meh section on selective breeding.

Then psych. We watched the second half of Remember the Titans. Very hammy performances, very try-hard inspirational music, and too many montages where you can't see what the hell's happening. Besides, American football (apart from Blood Bowl) is crap, because they all pad up and wear tights.

Recess. Meh. Something probably came up, I can't remember.

History was alright, we did a task about immigration conclusions. My answers were probably too brief, though I didn't have go-karts like Pat.

Art. Hell. They were all loud, so I left for a music lesson, where Mr C made me sing (mistake), and suggested trying grade 5 music exams. I don't want to do any music exams, hell. He then berated me for not practicing with a dud lip.

Lunch. After a brief orange war (Sam to Amaya, he shoots he scores! Then Sam to Julian, 3 pointer! Julian's out for revenge!) which resulted in a couple of chases. Then just wasting time, trying to catch Lulu's rubber ball and attempting to dance to Soulja Boy.

Maths. Tabby whinged that this economics stuff was useless. Funny that.

Finally english, I got a free lesson since I'd finished the assessment. Sally wanted help with her history revision, so I helped her for one half and chatted for the other.

Got to drive home, then checked the news. New HP6 trailer, advance review of DBZ (surprisingly positive, Pat), and it seems George is ditching us. Bastard! Give those Melbourne pricks hell til you get back!

Then band, there was free chocolate at the end so Fraser and his little friend went nuts. Terina came in late and exhausted from netball, but she offered to give us lifts. Cool.

Tomorrow, double maths. With all the sickness going around I believe it'll be a slow lesson, which sucks.


Anyway, the end.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A day near the races.

'Lo all.

Hell. Sundays are wearing me out.

Woke up, moped around, walked to work.

As soon as I got there, Terina dropped a chopping board between the freezers, and my skinny arms managed to find a use getting it out. Bastards.

Highlights today included James' talking fish head, getting burns all over my hands, no dishes for half an hour, so I took a break (wow), and that's about it. Nice quiet day since most people were getting pissed up at the races.

By 5, James and I were finishing off while chatting about VCE and rowers. He's alright, though supremely lazy. Walking home, saw lots of green p platers roaring around in suits.

Back home, didn't do much. Still got made to do the dishes. Finally fixed the archives, so now you can read from February through to now!

Tomorrow, Monday. Bleh.



Saturday, October 25, 2008

The theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey is now playing in your head.

'Lo everyone.

Woke up, went to shower, Fraser says he's shotgunned it. Bastard. I stumble to the kitchen and feed. Then we go to bloody church. I showered, but didn't finish my coffee.

Turns out we were a bit late. Ah well. We played the big theme from the start of 2001: A Space Oddysey with the big organ, and a couple of other religious-y type things. Boring. The happy, "Derp derp let's stretch the program bits" conveniently all had solos for first baritone, but the euphos helped out. Mrs Jacka caught me outside, dammit. Very small crowd.

Back home, burned time. I climbed a tree and read my book, talked to Isaac and Alison, helped troll a vampire forum, had a bbq with Danielle and co., considered my next big project, and that's it, really.

Don't want to work tomorrow, but the money will make it good. I'm thinking spend very little at show, buy books, get ps2, and save for textbooks.



(toldya I didn't have much to say!)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Muckup Day.

'Lo readers.

They promised sun and good yesterday. Instead it was overcast, and it spat occasionally. Bloody hell. I look forward to warmer temperatures, if only for a slightly more comfortably ride to school, at the moment sprinting is the only way to stop ice forming...

Anyway, got to school with low hopes. Rumour was that there was a huge list of everything the year 12s couldn't do. With all the bastards in Melbourne going batshit insane, it doesn't surprise me. Rode through gates decorated with toilet paper, and rode past blokes struggling into school uniforms, scrubbing paint off their faces.

The chapel service opened with the year 11s chanting Tubthumping to a live band, which included Tom and Louise on the trumpets. Not bad, too many slideshows though. Some of the damned year 9s dragged on and on with their reflections. Tom wisely copied the bull-sheet, which wasn't spectacular.

This of course made the assembly go over time, so we had half an hour of rave to waste time in. Finally, grotz been spotted! Runtherd looks very fancy, might be I'll have to pick them up when they come out too...

Recess was spent staring at the quadrangle. There were two wading pools full of water, good size ones, and some gym mats, as well as a couple of dodgeballs. Plus, a genius contraption, made from a couch and a ride-on lawnmower chassis. Year 12s themselves had nicked off though, so we were left to stare longingly at it.
Art. We got dragged back to the gallery. Doublechinned the Curator was chatting to Mrs Artteacherlady about me, and I got asked if I enjoyed surrealism. Heironymous Bosch, kiddies, give you nightmares. Anyway, she then asked if I was doing psychology, which scared me. How did she know? Some of the paintings were alright, though bloody Tori and Caz were screaming at each other. We got McDonalds on the way back, Caz accidently got my drink.

Lunch. I walked into the quadrangle, all the year 12s were dressed up and armed with supersoakers. There was a jumping castle in the middle, and the couch cart was pottering around. I lol'd. Hung out in Aiden's corner, watching the festivities, which included Grany Hawrlyuk putting a birth control device on his head, Brian dressed as the Joker being dunked, some of the more resourceful rowers building a huge slingshot to fire waterbombs over the jumping castle, Ms Henry getting hit by a waterbomb, and lots of sliding on a tarp with too much detergent on it. The couch cart flipped once, while we were watching.

Scott told us to go to class, and I finished the assessment. Probably repeated myself a bit too much, but that was what the question was asking for.

Bloody assembly was meh, to be honest. They tried talent show format. I think the techies are still in training, they weren't up to scratch, but they tried their best. Band sucked, Borat was regurgitated but clever, Brian shuffling in the penguin was awesome, and the lame dance acts seemed too hungover. I noticed that most of the photos in their endless slideshows were of the same sort of people. I think it'll be worse for ours. Hopefully I'm not in it. Maybe I should take up photography as a hobby, so I don't have to be.

After school, roared home, then Wise Beard Man rocked up, so I could go down the street. Managed to make it from my place to the chicken shop in 5 minutes, it's great when the traffic is. Met Sam, Isobelle, and Ryan, we walked aimlessly around, checking out the cd store (which reminds me, Mr Smith likes Pink Floyd. Respect), then to IGA to visit Melissa and Meg (I didn't know you were a reader Melissa), then bought fancy fairy floss. We met with Ruby, Jade (Woah. See that? I only just noticed that then!), and Craig Battams, looking very tired. He was on his way to a party, brave bloke. We sat in the grass and chatted. Ruby got ditched by all. Another lap around, via Ryan's mum's shop to pick up Isobelle's bag, then to the candy bar to rot our teeth further. We ended up seeing Finky and Beau, in the same place we left Craig. We left pretty quick, back to the warehouse for V, and I had to go.

Back home, checked the news (OMG! WATCHMEN POSTER!), and burned time. Once people started going online, traded links with Ryan and discovered Alison's churchgoing past. Scary, man. Creationism is bull.

Tomorrow, bloody church gig, but that's over by lunchtime. I wanted to sleep in. I need to, I didn't get to last weekend. Need sleep!

Fun fact for the evening, if you pull duct tape at 3cm per second, you produce xrays, and can see your finger underneath the running tape.



Thursday, October 23, 2008

The day Mr Cowling just gave up.

'Lo readers.

Sun came out today, finally. Bastard thing.

Got to school, after going though about 8 other bike riders. Interesting, they were all sevies or bastard year 8s, and had very strict groups, even on their bikes.

Then history, which Ms Henry wasn't prepared, so we just made revision cards.

English was meh, first lesson for the assessment task. I got one bit done and half of the other, with another period left to go.

Recess was meh too.

Double science was cutting and pasting DNA bits together, then a buttload of questions which I got through surprisingly quickly. It dragged on though.

Lunch was soccer, of course. Team Burning Eagle was reformed, though Sam begged to be let in. The 5 of us took on the rest, and Brad joined us too, so the teams were pretty even. As usual, I sucked.

History again. More immigration stuff, then a discussion, so we didn't have to do any work. I idly sketched a titan, which interested the girls. Very, very weird.

Finally maths. After a refresher on percentages (gorram drawing attention to myself...), we started work, then the year 12s booted up the airhorns. Apparently, one bloke just lost his daks, and for some reason they'd swapped clothes. We had a look, and they were in a ring, holding each other down and saturating them with hoses. Mr Cowling didn't lift a finger, he's probably been through this too many times. Outside, when the bell went, they sang the altered (PROPER!) version of the school song, then when the bell went they went nuts. Can't wait for ours, it's only 24 months away.

Back home, finished my book, talked to Alison about Heroes and year 12s, and traded links with Ryan. Trent from Punchy is a legend. Also cautiously poked around Facebook, became a member of 545 and Grammar. I saw a video of the original Inglefest, which included footage of Mr Collins with hair, and a hilarious clip of Johnno Burt running headfirst into the fire hydrant outside the basketball court. I must show him.

Tomorrow, 4 periods of work, sandwiched between a sobriety test in disguise and the best assembly of the year.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


'Lo all.

Cop out title because I'm tired. Sue me.

Got up. Got to school. Need more synonyms for cold, I think.

First was maths. Mr Cowling went on and on, and I think he might have introduced a new concept in there. Then we started consumer arithmetic. Tis a shame that the most useful aspect of maths is only given a week and a half at the end of the year when we spend so much on algebra.

Then science, we watched a video about deoxyribonucleic acid (and I didn't have to look that up. Man I'm a failure), which jumped to RNA, which confused us.

Recess. Meh. I began spreading word about the show. 7pm, Friday night, Maffra road gate.

Psychology was slow, really. We collated the results of our surveys, but we could only really use the homogenized words. No cook and cleaner for women, no testicles for men (funnily enough, both of those were from Nick). Meh.

Art. Hell. I tried a painted concept, I dunno. I'd probably rush it. Maybe I should keep it to a drawing, I can do more with that, though I suppose it loses some impact, especially if it's big. Bloody girls were squabbling again. They don't tell you why. It's always "RARDERAR a BITCHED ABOUT b ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA!" Us blokes would care more if you kept us in the loop.

Lunch was soccer. I defended, though it was a good game. Aiden C kicked the ball over twice in a row, well done that man. We missed the bell, almost missed the bus to cricket.

We played pretty well in the cricket. Very tight boundary, which annoyed and delighted everyone. My knee was pissing me off (all I need to do now is grow a beard and start brewing). We all got smashed in the bowling, Schuey plays A grade, mate, A grade. I didn't get smashed too badly, might be because Jasper and I got a semi-amateur and Kate, who like me is only good at backyard cricket. When I batted, I got a 4, so meh. Pat and Dayne took padding to the extreme, with bonus arm, chest, and crotch plates. Pat wondered if he could attach a second helmet. Turns out, even though we played pretty well, we lost by 11, due to the fact that we didn't take enough wickets.

After school, Ryan and I headed down the street. We caught up with a horde of screaming girls, who we avoided. Some of them are alright, but I don't think I could stand hanging out with those damned screamers all afternoon. They were off to the fashion show that evening, which Dayne also had to attend. Sucka. We met up with Aiden, and chatted over chips. I get the feeling that in 10 years (if we survive 2010), we'll be doing the same thing in a pub.Interesting how Aiden can laugh about things, while some of the denizens in art will glare at you for mentioning it. Then we visited Spotlight, of all places, to hunt for airhorns, and ended up with all sorts of crap. I bought Tom the Kurt Cobain journals, and ordered another copy for George. Soon, man, soon. Tell us when you get back, so I can avoid having to send it.

Back home, slow. Found a clip of a Mexican, transexual dwarf parodying Sarah Palin. Whodathunk. Also saw the new Watchmen footage, and downloaded it before they could take it away. Man, I can't wait for this movie, even if no one else is. The people who were online were all busy. Ah well.

Tomorrow, double science. Big meh, to be honest. Maybe I should risk games night, see if I can borrow the greenskin book and take notes. I'm very interested in the new battlewagon, and more basic units.



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Push butan; Receev bacon.

Lo all.

I tell you, one of the more annoying things about keeping a daily post is, just as you turn the computer off, you remember something exciting that you did that you didn't put in.

Yesterday, Isaac put up a sign above the emergency bell button. It said, with handdryer diagrams, Push Button, Recieve Bacon. We lol'd. Then people actually hit the button. Wow. Ms Henry kept on pulling it down though.

Anyhoo, today, Ryan nicked off early, and it was all cold and cloudy. Bad.

First up at school was history. Ms Henry made Tom and I do our sketchy presentation about Agnik's immigration experience. She was not amused.

Then rave. I glimpsed fresh greenskin pictures. Then Mrs Goode made us go on christian websites. Sally didn't believe me about the million-dollar creationism *spit* museum. We then laughed about various topics, and were astounded by the blindness these people showed. Mrs Goode was not amused either.

Recess. Cold.

Then psych, Mrs Moy made us do a subtley racist activity about stereotypes, and Tiffany offered to sell me her maths book. Woot. Three books down, a buttload to go. Then out and about for a survey, in the cold. I went to the library. I had to find 5 guys and 5 girls and ask them for 5 words to describe the average guy and girl. All of them were surprisingly venomous, especially Bernice. Nick was straight out sexist.

Art. I attempted painting. I don't know if I can pull it off with colour.

Lunch was basically straight to soccer, as usual. I started, couldn't go on because my knee was pissing me off. Leighton's phone went on a journey in Meg C's underwear, to his protestations. She called him. It didn't end well. Mr Dettbarn made fun of Leighton. The girls discussed Gossip Girl, and Brad joined in. I don't know about that damn show.

Then science. As usual, Hayden and I blazed through the questions, and then burned time. Genetics is pretty easy so far, though we get to start dna tomorrow.

English. Slow. I beat Oliver in the debate, woo. We have another assignment to look forward to, I was the only one to shamelessly take whatever the teacher said and copied it down, to minimize the amount of thinking. Everyone else chucked paper at each other.

Got home, wasted time. Alison and I discussed ice cream, Meg watched the Watchmen trailer (fresh reports say no squid. If he can find a suitable replacement, I won't mind. Movie is still going to bomb, no one is going to want to watch a 2 and a bit hour long Cold War era deconstruction of the superhero genre with me :-( ), Ryan and I traded links, Megan and I rediscovered handwriting, and Dayne blogged again. Spelling is still atrocious, dude.

Tomorrow, cricket. Hopefully we'll do better than the Aussies *glares*.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thanks Sam.

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Where is this warmth they were promising? Freezing bloody cold, and even though the sun came out, it still wasn't fantastic. Bastard.

Anyway. After attempting to play this morning, I gave up on music, due to bad lip. Damn.

Got to school, things were quiet. People were being amusing.

First up was PE, which was tennis. Hayden, Cameron, Will and I wasted time, Hayden was the only one who was any good. Then we played with the girls, after trying to hit Oliver from the other end of the complex. The teachers told us to pack up, though the bus was 20 minutes late. Emily and I discussed work and when George gets back.

Recess was short, due to late bus. Bastard, dropping off little kids.

Then psych, we started work on attitudes, which is mildly interesting. Lots of discussion about house captains. Poor bastards. The ones with the best speeches ended up with nothing.

Maths. We had ten minutes going nuts, then Mr Nick rocked up. Tabby and the rest worked out a way to make their diary conversations illegible to Aiden and I: write them in Japanese.

Lunch was slow. Soccer, of course. It's starting to wear a bit thin, I think, but if I try and do anything else they'll probably drag me back. Plus it's too conspicuous if you do anything else these days, people ask where you were. I did visit the music department to apologise to Mr C, and walked in on Agnik, Sam, Jake and Oliver playing Uptown Girl. Awkward, until they said it was for their singing audition for the high school musical (*gasp*).

History. Tom and I stressed because we didn't think we had enough information, though we didn't have to present today. Some very classy ones though, I suppose it helps if you interview someone who actually has a story, or yourself. Bloody Sian.

Finally art. Dragged over to Meg, Tom and Wiffy's table, I basically sat there while they insulted each other. I'm torn on my thing, not sure whether to risk using colour paint or just sketch it. If I have enough time, and I can pull it off, might be the paint will look good. I dunno.

Rode home while Ryan walked, avoided the little fat annoying kid until he sat at my computer and asked what I was doing, then interviewed Agnik. Might be we've got a few more minutes of content now. Annie and I perused various mysteries, and Aiden I mourned as Australia was bowled over, once Ponting went we lost all hope. Next time, we'll win, because we're pissed.

Tomorrow, rave. Maybe I'll get my mark back. I want to see what she thinks.



Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Can he swear in the title?" "Um... I dunno..."

'Lo readers.

This morning, walking to work, big fire station siren went off. Poor bastards. Walking along Raymond st a fire engine screamed past. I could smell smoke. Also checked bank balance, looks like I'll have enough for the Sale Show, plus my used ps2, and then enough to keep saving for textbooks.

Got to work, nice big pile of dishes waiting for me. Highlights included Daft Punk on the radio, and being made to do four things at once. Can't be in the storeroom, taking out the rubbish, finding little bowls AND washing the damn dishes at the same time. I had some chips, forgot my lips were bad. Salt on wounds really does hurt like a bitch.

By about 5, it stopped. James had been helping me a bit, but he got bored, so he buggerised around with Ferg while I slaved away. I managed to get it all done, including the bloody mopping, by quarter to 6. Yay for bonus moneys.

Got home, chilled. Aiden and I discussed the cricket, Alison got sick of people talking to her, Clare and I discussed the rare reverse-weeaboo, who knows english better than we do. Gorram Australians have lost this test, I think. Ryan and I traded links, including a guy trying the Ozymandias multiple-tvs thing, and Guidos. ARIA awards sucked. No good music to come out of Australia this year.

Tomorrow, PE first up, then probably missing out on the best part of the afternoon.



Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bloody interrupted.

'Lo all.

I was planning for today to be lazy. It wasn't.

I got woken up, managed half a coffee, then drove down the street. I got harangued from the others about being out of uniform, of course.

I then got photography duties, and hit the street as they began forming up. Fraser was in the front row with his warped girl sunnies. They sounded alright, drummers were crap at the start, and I got heaps of photos. Sally was out the front of her chemist, mopping up from an egg raid the night before. They'd hit a couple of other shops, and she wasn't too happy about it. Gotta love today's youth. Some of them do stuff like band or they're in the fire brigade, but dude thts liek ttly lame lol, lets go eg sum shopz! rofl!

Wise Beard Man decided to stay for a speech afterwards, but the speakers were bad, so we left. Back home, started watching my illegally downloaded Iron Man, which had the locations and Iraqi subtitles in German, but they all spoke English. Strange.

After getting forced to get milk, I searched for the fairy floss Amy said could be found in IGA. No luck. I finished watching Iron Man and wrote a 'nid list. I reckon one could almost have a game between the greenskins and the 'nids, might need to buy the big shiny battlewagon when it comes out...

Then off to Marilyns, for BBQ and bonfire. The entire Fehst horde was there, so I challenged to a stickfight against Jarred, then got dragged around by Tash. Slow night. I realised I didn't know how to play spotlight halfway through. The 'dults were discussing vintages and heart attacks, which was mildly more interesting than listening to a bunch of under-10s complain about someone looking at them funny. After dance class (I assume) phones and hopes lit up. Well done you athletic bastards.

Back home, checking the news, Australia is getting it's arse kicked in the second Test. Maybe we'll win the third one, since the first one ended up being a draw.


Anyway, the end.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fairy floss and golf.

'Lo readers.

Apologies for the lateness. I'll get to that later.

This morning, I read my book, then realised Ryan wasn't on his way. In homeroom we got the VCE booklist. My gods. So expensive.

First up was science, we got to make vegetable babies. It was vaguely related to genetics in that you had to sort out the genes for certain characteristics, but it was basically Mr Potato Head with an actual potato, or onion, in our case.

Then maths. Two things of interest. Firstly, Mr Brennan came in to talk about expensive calculators. I plan on getting mine second hand. Then Nick was discovered in someone else's maths class, so he ran, and came back into our room just as the teachers started looking for him. He poked his head around the door, then ran like hell. Well done that man. I calculated that if I bought all my books new, it'd cost more than $600, without buying the fancy calculator.

Recess, whinging about textbooks, basically.

Then psych. We were basically reviewing all the personality tests. Easy work, then a discussion about Disneyland Japan and annoying year 10s. I don't think the new girl likes our homeroom much, as we expected.

Art was slow. Tom and I shot ideas back and forth, and I got another big concept done. Not sure which way I'll go yet, but it should be good.

Lunch. Soccer. I was a captain and couldn't get out of it, so I picked the best players as quick as possible. It's better to be ruthless when it comes to picking teams. Isaac, Hayden, Pat and I vs about 7 others. And we kicked arse. The girls were whinging because we hit them with the ball a few times, but it's their fault for lying in the middle of the pitch, isn't it?

Then PE, which was fun. We played Storm the Bastille, which dichotomised the class into Jack's team of plastic jocks, and the unwashed proles led by Oliver. We won the first game, through annihalation. We took all their gorram cones. I got Tom Johnson out, with fingertips, then overbalanced and rolled. Spectacular. Second game we won too, though it was closer, and their team tended to cheat. Ah well. Nice guys always come last, which is why I'm such a failure, I suppose. We then got the option of playing golf or badminton. Us gentlemen hit the oval, and Mr Gaskill gave us 4 targets. We were getting pretty good by the last one, I was winning til the end.

I realised that I should probably tell someone in the music department that Sam had tore my lip open, and I probably couldn't play at their concert. Mr Iverson and Fraser's music teacher inspected it, and I was told it was best not to risk it in case it stretches and breaks the wound. Ah well.

Back home, I was preparing to kick back and relax, then I got a call from Bis, asking me to work at 7:30. Bugger. I did win Civ3, take that Greece!

Work was a huge function of old Esso employees. Cooper was dishpigging too, and he was already up to his neck when I joined him. We tamed the dishes while 5 chefs scuttled around. 3 course meal, I had to help make chicken entrees, which tasted good. Then Marita rocked up. Haven't seen her in ages. She helped me dry the dishes, and there were hundreds of plates going through. Desert rolled around, and containers full of fairy floss, meringues, sugar stuff, and chocolate cake were brought out. We sampled them, of course, including a huge platter of fresh chocolate mousse. This job has benefits, especially since the blue half of the fairy floss wasn't needed. Sarah, Amy and I jumped on it. We managed to finish around 11:45, after three bloody bin runs in a row.

Tomorrow, if my lip still hurts, no march. Then I get to relax for a day. Cool.



Thursday, October 16, 2008


'Lo all.

They're starting to whinge about exams. Slowly, the fear spreads downwards.

This morning, I found I had very little to do, now that I've finished AoBR. So, maths homework. What's happening to me...

Got to school, boring, bug-prone chapel, with the year 12s behind us taking the piss. Jumanji.

Afterwards, got some answers off Tom for the history homework, then got my subjects for next year. It's not a timetable, but it does give a vague idea as to whose class you're in. I have a few friends in most of them, though a lot of people seem to be doing Gen B next year. Brave bastards. Tom and I quickly interviewed Agnik, but we figured we'd need more questions.

English was analysing persuasive techniques in an article whinging about Anzac Cove. Meh.

Then recess. There was sun.

Double history. Mrs Henry just let us run for a while, since she was late. I finished the homework, submitted it, went Agnik hunting with Tom, couldn't find him, then started some revision cards. Oliver was asking about the US election, Ms Henry said I talked too much. Topic related, for once. Then a mapping activity about Europe, which was trickier than it looked.

Lunch was soccer, as usual. Not that I'm improving. Managed to get a good kick to the face, Sam was shooting out of goal. Cut lip, buzzing teeth. Meh. Caz said I was bleeding. Ironic, almost.

Then double psych. Fun lesson. We got to take the Rorschach test. I got 2. Anyone who knows what that means, do tell. Then one involving cards, I got ISTP. Apparently, I'm the Craftsman. We got these little cards with a description of key personality traits. Funnily enough, some of them matched. I definitely don't think there's a point to learning something with no practical application, which means algebra, and I prefer working alone and working things out, and reserving opinions til I have facts. Interesting. We discussed house captains and driving when we had to do questions, even Ms Moy joined in. She can't drive a manual.

Back home, worked out a list. Looks like I've got about 4500 still, with 5th. Interesting. I do miss the little flavour extras like seals and auspexes though. Then english homework. Checking the news on the interbutt, George got to go bungiejumping and had the pictures to prove it, and the Battlewagon has been spotted. I'm sorely tempted to continue with the greenskins, with all the new stuff in January. Need the book first, I think.

Tomorrow, PE. Sore face, sore knee, very tired. Should be fun.


Anyway, the end.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

God damn sponge ball.

'Lo readers.

The bloody weather is still making it's damn mind up. Apparently it's fining up though.

Ryan and I made it to school in time to see Julian's macabre penguin keychain. I lol'd.

During homeroom, I was made to talk to the new girl. She seems nice enough, kind of lost. I get told she's in my psych class. First thought was yay, I'm not the only year 10 anymore.

Once we get there, she starts chatting to Zack like she's known him for years. They were right. Not one of us. Ah well. Psych was slow, Ms Moy was worried because no one got higher than a B+ on their last test (I didn't get to study for it because I was surprised with it after camp, so I was expecting a middle of the range type mark), then more work on personality. I suppose if you group all the theories, and make them test different aspects, it'd work better.

Then maths. I'm getting through it, and so far I understand it. I'm probably still going to fail the test though.

Recess was slow. Tom and I forgot to interview Agnik, but he seemed busy.

Then english, which was persuade thing. Meh. I'm not fussed by it.

Science. Hayden and I burned through the questions, and aftewards Mr Smith told me that with the economy in the toilet, I need to start working extra hard to make sure I get a job. Dunno why I got singled out.

Then we had house meetings, with elections. I voted for year 10s where I could, and the funnier people. Those with prepared speeches went on and on. Those who made it up kept it interesting. Our year is going to be fun, maybe I should go for art captain or cross country captain. Lunch itself was spent playing soccer, and again there was a surprisingly large crowd, though they'd swapped ends. It was a good game, though I got bloody distracted. Meg decided she was taller than me, she wasn't. This pissed her off, I suppose, and she stole my shoes.

Cricket was meh. Our innings wasn't too bad, I got caught twice. Bastards. Then, when it was our turn to field, the easy rubber ball was made easier. The skin broke, so Mr Dude went to the other game to see if they had spares. They didn't. What do we do then? He says use the inside ball, which was very light and spongey. They smashed us after that. Millsy whinged because he didn't get a bat.

Back to school, our homeroom is the party homeroom, we get visitors from all over. Poor new girl, not one of them was a popularite.

Home again, finished off AoBR. Not happy with the captain, though the warboss and dread came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. Next up, writing the list, which will be fun. Not really.

Onto the internets, slow news day. Limewire finally has Iron Man as a dvd rip, though I'm unsure about Tropic Thunder. It's still too early, might have to wait so I don't get a cinema bootleg.

Tomorrow, doubles day. I have two history homework questions to finish, but apart from that, I'm not worried. Double psych will be interesting. No longer am I a unique snowflake. Not sure whether to be happy or sad about it.



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back to square one, almost.

'Lo readers.

Funny, there was warm weather over the weekend, then it got bloody cold again. Dammit.

Got up, after being woken up at bloody 3 or something by the cat. Then school, it was too cold.

Assembly was slow, Aiden got a nerd award for consistently coming second in the cross countries. Well done that man.

Then double maths. I caught up with Mr Cowling, and I'm at my usual level now. Girls were gossiping because Aiden and I turned around at the wrong time, apparently.

Recess. My badarse hat that we found came in use, got to go in the sun. Plus I remembered I had lots of food for recess. Woot.

English. Surprise poetry analysis. I got through it, though my conclusion melded into my last paragraph without me realising.

We got to go on an expedition for history. To the library, then back through the wind to room 11. Then a discussion about racism, with lots of tangents about religion in the Nazis. I figured Hitler was christian, cos of the Spear and everything, though they didn't mention the catholic killing bits. Interesting. I look forward to next year.

Lunch. Soccer. Halfcourt, because of the rowers exercising in the cold sun. Not a bad game, though the group of spectators slowly grew and there were a few headshots. We went fullcourt about the same time they started coupling up again, plus all sorts of other people arrived. Distracting.

Art next, in the library. I've done my work, so I read through a dated encyclopedia of rock music that also featured reggae and rap. The entries were brief. Then boredom. I saw something on the way to the library that made me want to rage, but maybe it was nothing. It probably wasn't. I dunno. I need a better source, maybe.

Finally science, we watched a mildly confusing video about chromasomes, then half a dozen simple questions.

Back home, down the street again to buy cheap tshirts. One will only last me the summer, but it was cheap. I then went to coles to pick up meat and ice cream, and brought back cheap mocha and boxes of mars bar biscuits which were about a dollar for half a dozen. EB said they had a ps2 in, which I'd buy, but I need to save up for the Show at the end of the month. I'll go back and tell them to hold it for me.

Home again, did some art homework, glanced at some psych homework and got lost, since I must have missed a lesson (damn Friday rave). Then onto the interbutt. Weeble and Bob have great parodies of the US election, so does a site of ill-repute, it seems. Then trying to run rings around Clare, but we came to an agreement. She'll lie, then I'm doomed.

Tomorrow, cricket in the cold again. Damn.


Anyway, the end.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Pat uses flamethrower! Oliver is burned!

'Lo all.

God damn Mondays.

Woke up, it was surprisingly warm. Course, I got barely any sleep, but then no one else did. There was a bit of wind too. It got worse.

Got a lift to school, bastards were shouty and a huge crowd around my bloody locker. Bastards.

First up was science, skipping through more genetics. Pretty easy.

Then psych, we had to do heaps of personality tests. Mine are middle of the road, though in the big one, internet found a bug and shut down halfway through.

Recess, struggling for sun against the wind.

Next was history, which was looking at anti-chinese policies from the federation days. I had a music lesson towards the end, almost got blown back by the wind.

I hung around for 5 minutes, then art. I was allowed to go to the computer room, printed off all my copypasted information and bugged Meg until she decided what she was going to do. It ended up being a totem pole about animal cruelty. I wonder if she can pull it off...

Lunch. Cold. Then soccer, which had uneven teams, pretty crap game. At one stage three of them ran outside the fence and shoved seed thingies down their pants. Then they started coupling up, too many people on the court, away we go.

Music lesson. Mr C and I burned time, then he declared me rusty and told me to join the choir and get Aiden to do it. Fat chance.

5 minutes of maths, copied down the homework and made a note to catch up tomorrow in the double.

Then english, going over a WW1 poem. Got an assessment tomorrow all of a sudden, dammit.

Band was slow, though we've got a concert Friday night, buggery. Afterwards, Oliver was burning ballet shoe tie things. Pat snuck up behind him and lit his hair on fire. Two burning curls for a second or so, then lots of swearing while we laughed our heads off. Good times.

Back home, checked the news, broke through to the modern age on Civ3.

More band. Liam has moved to 2nd baritone, so I have a 30 year old deputy. Weird.

Tomorrow, bloody double maths. Bah.

I need to think about things. I'm buggered either way. Ah well.



Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cut fingers and sore feet.

'Lo everyone.

God damn. I'm exhausted.

Woke up, tried to sync a picture to the laptop, which was being silly. Worked it out in the end.

Then walked to work in the sun, and got there on time.

Highlights include getting a banana smoothie from Terina, and seeing Hugh and Mrs Braham. Sam and Anti put on good music, Anti likes Daft Punk (and singing along, which can be trying), while Sam thinks that really fast hiphop or techno makes us work faster. Hacker's theorem, that. With Jen's help, managed to get everything done by 5, even mopped the cool room, since someone dropped an egg there.

Walked home, noticed half a dozen annoying little cuts on my fingers. How the hell did I get them.

Back home, chilled. Then had to make dinner, which kind of held up those plans. Afterwards, talked to Aiden about the cricket while watching (live feed, it's awesome) Katich get no run after no run. Lazy prick. Talked to Alison about *DELETED UNDER PAIN OF DEATH*nno, and boredom, and discussed classes with a Meg. Fraser listened to terrible music.

Tomorrow, long Monday. Can't wait.



Saturday, October 11, 2008


'Lo all.

Not much to report.

Stumbled awake at 12ish, showered, hooked up the laptop on the couch and played Civ3 til I got sprung, then made to do the lawns. The lawnmower failed miserably, so we had to fix it up. Once it was good, it was over quickly.

When I next looked at the time, it was quarter past 5. Well done on passing your Ls Meg. Then talked to Rika about tattoos.

After tea and ice cream cake thing, hooked up the laptop to the interbutt, and tried hunting for wallpapers. Wise Beard Man was watching Aeon Flux. It reminds me too much of Ghost in the Shell. So far, due to me only half watching it, it seems too confusing and the acting is terrible. Plus the fight scenes all look the same. Ah well..

Tomorrow, work. That's it, really.



Friday, October 10, 2008

Waiting for someone or something to show you the way...

'Lo readers.

Aah. Finally, a warmer day.

Again, Ryan didn't show up, but this time I was prepared. Next time I'll keep reading my book, it was still cold in the morning.

Got to school, everyone was running up and hugging everyone who had birthdays. Happy birthday to Clare, Meg, and Alison from the other day. Then history, which was Sam, Emily and I talking about work (no escape, it echoes...), then I made plans to interview Agnik with Tom.

Then rave. Oliver and Pat's awesome entrance wasn't as awesome as planned, then we got ethics forced on us. I sketched greenskins.

Recess. There was sun. Woo.

Double art, in the computer rooms. I found three quarters of a page worth of prattle about John Blanche, and put some of his paintings down the bottom. Will and I discovered the failblog, Melissa and Tori took our BMIs and got depressed. That's what you get for trying it on thin guys.

Lunch. We went hunting for the ones on the other side, found them in a discussion room blaring Kashmir and enjoying pizza and cans of coke. Jordan gave me hers, since I was closest and she didn't like it, or something. Then I got caught with it and sent out. The popularites in there didn't seem very happy. I lol'd. Poor bastards gotta lighten up. Then soccer, which wasn't too bad. Isaac is really getting good at this goalie business.

Double english. Sally was bugging Gavin about who he liked, glad it isn't me. Debates were on, they were ranting about how teenagers don't read the paper or pay attention to the news. I do. For shame? I hope not. Then one about the deb balls being bad and expensive (and they are, I don't really want to do it), and Denielle said the first Australian one was held in 1748.

After school, Ryan and I went down the street, met up with Sam, and got chips after going around in circles. I had to visit the bank, where I saw Sarah Heath, but I don't think she saw me. We got chips and fed some to magpies, who are getting spectacularly fat, then saw Aiden, who joined us as Sam went hunting for his Mum. We burned time outside the Star, then Sam got changed and we headed to the Bis, as he was working. I got swooped by a magpie, first one of the season. Beware the church across the road from Jack Ryan's. At the Bis, Sam made us chips, and we got a discount. Very nice chips.

Back home, checked the news, found a new Twilight trailer (ah hell. It looks terrible, really), and another Palin parody. She's so easy to make fun of. Then talked to people while waiting, George may be going to New Zealand for a while. As long as he doesn't forget his music, he should be fine. Also got blogs to work on facebook, though it links to my relatively uncensored one, which does leave me with a problem. All three now have a fair amount of readers, and there are mildly controversial thoughts that need airing. Where to put it, I wonder. Maybe restart the LJ one, or try Wordpress or something. I dunno.

Tomorrow, procrastinating and worrying and reading my book in the sun, hopefully.



Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stitch hat and orange soccer.

'Lo all.

There are some immature themes in the following post. Kindly hold your whinging, and don't get any ideas.

I finished the first tactical squad this morning, thinking I'd stop working on the face when Ryan arrived. I put on a final ink wash and then it was 8:30. Gorramit.

Got to school, buggerising around, then chapel. Lotsa crap about standing up for poverty. They could have picked a better slogan for it, sounds like we're defending it almost. They made us literally stand up. I figured easier if I did, less attention drawn to you.

Then extended homeroom. I puzzled Mrs Ripon and Agnik about some science homework, but we all agreed on the answer in the end. Mrs Ripon is the awesomest homeroom teacher.

First up was english. We went over the seaman poem again, then funnily enough did some grammar worksheets. Last weekend I read an article about the death of english in schools, and how kids these days are entering the workforce without knowing how to spell or use grammar. I suppose this stuff is a necessary evil. I finished it quickly, which I suppose is because I have to think when I'm typing these bastards. I then tried to write the lyrics to Time around my wrist, which is trickier than it looks.

Recess, we visited Aiden and the rest at the other end. Ovaltine thingies were bein thrown out, I got a couple. 5 second rule for the win.

Next was double science, which was a bastardized activity about chance and inheritence, then a puzzle about people in the 70s. You had to matc 12 kids to 4 couples. No one got them all right, though Oliver and I managed to get a fair few sets of siblings. We then had a freakshow, with Annie and Brad showing off buzzing eyes and double joints, then Tabby did something weird with her arms, and Will showed off his 11th toenail, which was growing out of his 10th toe. Very cool lesson.

Lunch. Immature content ahead. There were no soccerballs, but an Aiden had an orange. Exactly. Very, very fun 3 on 3 game, the orange lasted pretty well, then the skin broke and we declared the loser had to eat it. Eventually it split in two and we threw it at each other, til Mrs Sawade noticed. For the record, the Aidens and I won. Aiden had another good idea, and we visited the canteen. Fruit is relatively cheap. 2 more oranges and an apple. The apple didn't do too badly, though it splintered quickly and got whittled down. The core was stomped on, and the orange was chucked down. It lasted about 5 minutes, then someone stepped on it, and it split, and it got thrown by Isaac, who was goalie. Second orange, which was good until Denny stepped on it three passes later. We chucked this one at each other, til Mrs Sawade stopped us again, muttering about the waste of fruit. After discovering the flying fox was broken already, we decided to try and get the soccerball again, and had a pretty good game. The weather fined up, and most of the girls stayed lying around Leighton, so a good time was had by all. Lulu had the most awesome hat she got at Disneyland, which had Stitch's head and paws. So damn cool!

Til history, of course. More work on the immgration timetable. I need to interview Agnik about moving from Ireland before next Friday. Sally was worried about me, as usual. There's more important people to worry about, and more important things.

Maths. Aiden and I blazed through the questions on his magic calculator, and the girls stole our seats then and worked out how to use the calculator like msn.

Back home, undercoated the last mob and the warboss. Gonna have fun with these. Then on Civ3, til Isaac and Isobelle surprised me. Isaac and his mum had heaps of kitchen stuff to drop off, like a shiny sandwich press and mugs and a milk frother. Very cool, many thanks. Isobelle then walked off to her grandparents, and I was bombarded by questions about her being my girlfriend. Bloody hell. Fraser said he'd seen a video with the two of us, the hell is he looking that stuff up for at his age.

Back on Civ3, computer got too got and turned itself off just as I sent forth some boats to explore Italy. Bastard. Slow news day on the interbutt. Back on Civ3, made nice with the other continent, and started trading, saving every few turns. Once burned, twice careful. Then back on the internet, talked to a few people, and made a new friend on facebook. Some nice pics, but the damn thing is still confusing me. Also got the first look at the competition. Crap. No way in hell. I'm buggered. I should surrender now.

Tomorrow, need to put on my bitchproof armour, as double art is third. Also, lots of birthdays.



Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bloody cold.

'Lo readers.

Sick of this cold weather. Bloody sports uniform doesn't help either.
Ryan rocked up, we had a look at the laptop, then rode to school through the wind.

First up was maths. I understand it so far, though I think algebraic graphing is pointless. Some of the bastards had to do the test from last term, which apparently I scraped through on.

Then science, I finished the work and Mr Smith gave me more bloody work. Bah.

Recess was cold. Too many people at our lockers, so we visited the others, which were conveniently out of the wind.

Psych was slow, just taking notes. Too many bloody personality theories. We're taking a proper Eysenck test soon, might be interesting.

Art was crap. Some of us stayed in the library, because we thought we were supposed to be there. Then back to the classroom for some more concepts. I know what I'm doing, but we aren't allowed near the computers to do the research bit. Ah well.

Lunch was too cold. Since half our good players are in the bloody mother's club at the moment, we shot goals til we got bored, then chucked the ball at each other across the flying fox.

Then cricket, in the wind. I got a bowl, didn't do too badly, though since there were about 9 other kids wanting to bat, I didn't get a go. Ah well. I'm bloody rusty. Test in India starts tomorrow, that'll be good.

Back in homeroom, wasting time and laughing at Meg's boxing gear. Scary. I visited the Phoenix centre, and forgot they'd jacked up the price of books. Bugger. Got the new codex, and WD. Lotsa reading material.

Home again, flicked through my new tomes. I think this new one is badly arranged, too UM-centric, and they stole my scheme. Black Consuls? Wiped out? Gorram bastards.

Burned time in between Civ3 talking to Aiden about crap on the internet, among other things. Slow news day, a story about Playboy bunnies was on the news page.

Tomorrow, apparently the weather is changing. A cold ride to school, then we get to cook in the sun, according to Jason. Damn.


Anyway, the end.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Two riders were approaching, and the wind begin to howl...

'Lo everyone.

Hell. Bugger this. They make wear summer uniforms and hats, but the bloody weather is freezing. Not cool. Well, too cold, I suppose.

Anyway. I finished off the last chopper, then Ryan and I rode through the wind, bloody All Along the Watchtower in my head. Annoying when the bastards loop.

Assembly first up, it's Colours season, so assemblies drag and drag as people go up to get their awards.

First up was history, discussion about migration again, then work on some timeline. Slow.

Next was rave. Hell. Oliver raged, as usual, and we were told abo having inner balance and blah blah blah. We then got to play with playdoh. Interesting how a bunch of straight guys instantly start making genitals. I made a dinosaur. We were supposed to be representing emotions. I assumed mine represented dinosaur, which is a perfectly normal emotion. Hayden said his was pleasure. He made two stick figures. Very clever.

Recess was cold. Not much else to say, I suppose.

Then psych. We had Mr T(oney) as a sub, and he buggered off to do some photocopying. Funny how a small group of year 11s will just get on with their work, but if it was year 10s we'd buggerise around. When we were done, Carl and I discussed Pink Floyd while Tiff tortured Zack about his new girlfriend. We were told to try Eysenck personality tests, if we could.

Art, in the library. Not enough computers to go around, so I wasted time til there was one. Meh. I did the test, middle of the range for the most part, barely introverted-neurotic, and not aggressive. Cool.

Lunchtime, a Meg stole Hayden's iPhone and looked up the dirtiest stuff she could think of, then proudly showed everyone else. We lol'd. Then wasting time in the breezeway, since there was no soccerball.

Next was science, which was more silly-drawing-lady-video about genetics. It's interesting, though this is the third time I've seen this bloody video.

Then english. I got B+ on my essay, so cool. Then just analysing a poem that said seamen a lot, which made them giggle. Mrs Sawade told us to get it out of our systems first, didn't help Cameron. Once he started, we all did.

After school, tagged along with Jess, Jason and Melissa, discussed debating with them, visited the bank, then fixed up iTunes on the laptop. It works alright now.

Aiden and I discussed cricket and saving up for the show, and I played poker against Meg. Also installed Civ3, so I have a timewaster for when I'm done with AoBR.

Tomorrow, cricket. If the weather's alright, it'll be good. Oliver will be joining us, last time he went to cricket with us he spent the entire time sitting out, til Cameron dropped a ball on his head. He jumped up and chased Cameron around the oval, trying to kill him. Even the teachers were laughing.



Monday, October 6, 2008

*insert expletives here*

'Lo readers.

God damn. I say this every time. But hell. Why do they have to be so damn loud? And gossipy? "MUST KNOW COUPLES INFORMATION MUSH MUSH MUSH!" See, I don't know much, but I know enough, which is of course not good enough for some of them. Ah well.

Got up. Good and quiet. Ryan rocked up, we discussed Julian's trenchcoat. More on this later.

Got to school, dresses are shorter than I remember. Not that I'm complaining, but the girls would be freezing.

Then they were all screaming. Lucky us blokes are slightly quieter. Meg Cameron defied some hopes (namely Hayden's), and went around hugging him. Homeroom then. I got comments about my almost-lack-of-haircut.

First up was PE, in the weights room. Oliver wasn't feeling well, and some of the bloody groups skipped ahead of us. Bastards. Then an interesting take on dodgeball against the other class. You had to strategise a bit, as you could take over quarters. I thought it was clever, though as usual people were focussed on just lobbing the ball and hoping it hit someone.

Then recess, in the cold. Started spitting. Julian wore his fancy black trenchcoat with metal bits. We thought it was pretty cool til we saw the corset bit on the back. God damn. Then over to the other end to catch up with the others. They were all slow too.

Next up, psych, we were given surveys and told to try and get 20 people to do them. Carl and I tried our luck in with the surly year 12s in the library, then we stole answers off each other. I saw a C. S. Goto book. Braying 'nids? Gorram.

Then maths. Mr Cowling is still grumpy, and now we move on to graphing stuff. Pointless. Tabby was asking about Pat, and Aiden was going on about driving. Well done that man. Must be tricky in the boardo.

Lunch. Cold. We hung around, then hunted the others, who had got a soccerball after looking for their promised free pizza. Then a game of soccer. Isaac is a kickarse goalie when he needs to be.

Next was history, with a basic bibliography task. I got it out of the way with little trouble, probably cos I'm used to the internet bastards.

Then art. Oh boy. Bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch. I slept, draw some "concepts", since I wasn't allowed to research, and listened. Bernice was whinging, but it turns out it is Wakely (I lol'd), and Tom, Meg and Wiffy were wasting paint. Still bored. Annie said she was starting at Spotlight that night. Good luck.

It started pouring then. All the girls were whinging. Saves time if you just walk out. Sure, you get wet, but who cares. I crossed the quadrangle, since under the rooves were crowded. It rained harder. Damn. Homeroom was just us shaking our hair out at each other.

Then band. Mr C was entranced by the shiny baritone, which was kind of creepy. Then he made Lulu attempt our solo. Poor Lulu.

Afterwards, talked to random people, and discussed women and bagged out Twilight, among other things. He was the last one to get picked up, poor bastard. Then home, spraypainted the second last batch. Nearly done, then the dread! Yay!

Band was slow, first is still annoying me.

Back home, think I might have confused Lulu. Excellent. Friendzone is a bitch, kiddies.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, no idea if I have double maths or not. Hope not.



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daylight Savings Rage.

'Lo all.

Hell. Daylight savings. Interesting concept, when you're prepared for it. When you remember in the shower, half an hour before you need to be somewhere instead of an hour and a half, it can be a bit of a shock.

Anyhoo. Got up, girls were rushing around because they had a party then instead of in an hour, got dropped off at work, slowly got through it all. Sarah and James stuck around, and we were all confused about breaks. Turns out you're supposed to take a half hour break. As a dishie, I don't like doing that, since the bastards pile up on you. We did find a huge bowl of fruit salad, which we all raided, since it was going to be thrown out. Can't have day old fruit in a fancy kitchen. When we were packing up, James did remarkably little, which pissed me off a bit. Still, home by 530.

Back home, checked out the fancy laptop, which is not going to be brought up to speed until midnight, as all these programs cost a lot of download. Ah well. Then caught up with the news. Well, gossip, I suppose. Bloody teenagers. Lulu was keen on the news, and Aiden and I discussed cricket, among other things. Need to catch up with some other people, and find my bloody school hat. God damn. Stupid bucket hat. I won't be able to find it, but they're cheap. I'll find an excuse, then buy one this week if I can't find it.

Tomorrow, the end of everyone's favourite no-content holiday posts. I should probably come up with some sort of witty acronym for that, before 2 months of summe holidays. Though school tomorrow, with PE first up. Hell.


Anyway, the end.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Home again.

'Lo everyone.

Managed about 4 hours worth of driving, which isn't too bad, I suppose.

Got up, made coffee, caught the end of Black Books, discusses zoos with Louise, and got on the road after lunch. Had to stop for petrol in Melton, which involved going around in circles and avoiding the bloody traffic in a car park. Dark Side of the Moon out of Buninyong though, which was cool.

Trip was slow, til we got off the freeway in Melbourne. I wanted to grab a book from that damned Minotaur shop, but I realised as we got there that I couldn't parellel park very well. Sensing that in the next few weeks, I would be drilled til I can park in my sleep, I jumped out and the Wise Beard Mobile went around the block. Inside, scary. Do not visit by yourself. I saw three fatties in trenchcoats and military boots, plus a bunch of neckbeards. No World War Z, skeep. GRRM books were too expensive, skeep. Only one Horus Heresy book, skeep. They did have an alright BL section, so I grabbed a Dan Abnett book I had been looking at a while ago, and bought it.

Wise Beard Man then drove us out to Doncaster, to Kirsty's recently auctioned house. Simon then gave me a laptop with a funny battery, a printer and a scanner. Many thanks. Gotta persuade Beardman to let me hook it up to the interbutt so I can get some new things, like IE7, msn, and iTunes. After coffee, I attempted reversing out of the huge driveway, then we got lost in Warrandyte. We finally found Eastlink, and drove home with the bloody sun behind us. Eastlink is clever, 33 cents per exit.

Starting to feel tired out of Rosedale, but then figured I had 20 klicks to go, may as well finish it. Also realised that the horde was going to the cinema at that moment, so I definitely wouldn't be able to make it. We got fish and chips.

Right now I'm trying to get through half of the english essay, which is tricky on Notepad. No word-counter, see. Ah well.

Tomorrow, work. Meh.



Friday, October 3, 2008

Buninyong redux.

'Lo readers.

Posting from a laptop borrowed from Tess, in Buninyong.

Woke up, then buggerised around. Eventually got told to take the magic pedal kayak out, so I did. Lots of loops around the poles.

After dragging the bloody thing up the stairs, trying hard not to scratch it. Then said hi to Simon, who rocked up on his shiny blue motorbike. He said he had something for me, so we'll be visiting him tomorrow. He's sold his kickarse apartment, but is getting an even better house. Kirsty is trying to auction hers, which might be tricky right now.

Aunt Lynette dropped in and said hi, then we packed our stuff and got rolling as it started to spit. It was pouring by the time we got to the Geelong hospital. Found our way up, said hi to Pa, who seemed tired, then we buggered off. Raining like hell by then. Still, I managed to get to Buninyong.

There, wasted time with Joe, and watched tv. The ony good joke in the bit of that RV movie I watched was mentioning Karl Marx to rednecks. Bloody hell.

Tomorrow, we drive back to Geelong, visit Pa again, then on to Doncaster to see Simon and Kirsty, then maybe through Melbourne so I can buy a book and to see Jordan and co at the track. Then finally home. Have to skip the movie with the horde for all this, though I'll get a few driving hours.



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Of fishing and heart attacks.

'Lo all.

Blogging tonight live from dear Auntie Katie's relic, running Windows NT. Still good though, the screen is bigger than any flat panel type one I've ever seen. This does mean no msn, so unless you're who I think you are, chat later kthx.

Anyhoo. Shoved awake this morning by adoring siblings, then took the dog for a walk. After reading my book through lunchtime, I was busted coughing and was made to go for a bike ride.

Fraser and I visited the usual places. The teenagers have retreated, I saw maybe three walking around. The rest were young families with six year olds. I was worried Fraser would bowl one over with his ceaseless tricks on the footpath, but he didn't. If he did, probably would have taught him a lesson, I dunno.

We then went fishing down on the rocks. I saw one fish, and Fraser continually schemed to trade the best rods with me. I ended up with a hookless one. Little bastard.

After tea, Pa said he wasn't feeling well. Eventually he started complaining of chest pains and pins and needles in his left arm. Even alex knows they're the main symptoms of a heart attack. Phone calls were made, a wise neighbour came round to look after him, and the ambulance rocked up half an hour later. He seemed fine though, and wanted to help them bundle him away. Course, this complicates some matters, as Wise Beard Man is going to stay til Sunday, and I'm working then. Might be I'll have to catch a train tomorrow or the next day. Bugger, less driving hours.

Katie and James came in to hold the fort, and Fraser was stubborn as hell about holding onto the shiny laptop til he fell asleep on it, so I decided to blog here. Ah well.

Tomorrow, might be going home, otherwise probably buggerising around here again. Hope Pa gets better, but he'll be fine. Amazingly fit for a 71 year old.



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ocean Grove again.

'Lo all.

Short post this evening. Coming to you direct from the shiny laptop in Ocean Grove,

Damned music woke me up way too early, stumbled around for an hour or so, then off to the dentists. Again, I have nice teeth, but they are starting to go crooked. Again, you need an extraction or two plus braces. At least all these dentists agree. We then visited the cheapo hair cutter. He was busy. Thank the gods.

After packing bags, visited petrol station and the bloody hairdressers again. He got me this time. I got off lightly, I suppose, compared to Fraser. I look basically the same. Thank the gods.

We then hit the road. I was driving. All was well. Started getting tired when we hit Geelong. Apart from that, only problems were in Melbourne, as the freeway was clogged up, so they closed a lane in the bloody tunnel.

Got here, everyone was tired, as Pa had been golfing. We were offered internet, as barely any download was being used. Fraser immediately went to bmx websites and myspace. He's worse than me.

Tomorrow, probably ride to Barwon Heads or something. I want to buy a couple of books in Melbourne, but we won't be passing through that way until Saturday.

Also, 'bout bloody time you lot got back from Japan. Hope you got pictures.