Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Warlords and Scumbags.

'Lo readers.

Yeah, it's the tame version of the name. I keep this blog family friendly. Sue me. Suits the content anyway.

So, George and I managed to get to the bus on time, and get pretty good seats. Didn't take long, then we pulled out a worn pack of cards I found on a shelf. We were still engrossed in warlords and scumbags when we got to Phillip Island. Trip was surprisingly quick, and we had a good number join in.

When we got there, we explored a bit. The senior blokes had a look at their extended course, since we are manly men who have to do extra. Just before the home stretch, a hilly section which was all loose sand, and before that, a sand cliff almost two metres high that we'd have to jump over, and next to that, a steep, forbidding dune that we all jumped down, and tried to scrabble back up. I found an SD card in the sand, and kept it. A lot of the other blokes were optimistic about the content.

After a bit more time wasting, and laughing at all the metros from the other schools, our race was up. Damn. I got a good spot with the others at the hard sand end.

When the gun went off, five of the six Grammar men roared forwards. I was in fifth most of the way up to the first tricky bit, behind Goody, Johno, and Aiden, who was kicking arse, of course. I wonder how demoralizing it would be to start a tricky race with most of a single team screaming ahead of you. Eventually Goody and Johno dropped back, and stayed near Pat.

About a kilometre or so of hard sand, then a sprint across soft sand to hit a never ending staircase, which slowed us down. After that, a relatively long section which wound through sand dunes and over a hill. I overtook a fair few people going over it, which was cool. Down the bottom of the hill, they were burning off, so a nice big fire about two metres from the track. Reminded me of a track from a racing game I have on the N64, beach beach beach, then through a forest and past a fire.

After that, near a k and a half of flat beach running. The scenery was nice enough, but it got dead boring, especially since you were waiting to jump up the cliff and sprint along the loose sand. I managed to keep up, get over the cliff with no difficulty, and stay right behind a guy, though there was someone pretty close to me the other way.

Once we struggled through the last hill, we emerged to a car park full of screaming fans. As we leant into the last turn, I decided to overtake the bloke in front of me, and put on a sprint. Amazing how, even for only 10 seconds, you can zone everything out (and at the time, that was a fair bit), and run faster than you can remember running to beat someone in an ultimately pointless race. Still. I got tenth. Pat got eighth. George got fourteenth. Aiden, the bastard, managed second again. Well done that man. Johno and Goody came in together, I don't think they were paying much attention.

After that, we got sent out onto the course to encourage the others and film them. It wasn't too bad, we cheered on the people we knew, discussed getting the decent one's numbers (Pat blew this out of the water, he told one, and I quote, to "eat lightning and crap thunder". She slowed down, turned around, and said, "what?" in a vaguely threatening tone, before sprinting off. Highlights of the afternoon included watching a ute roll over the dunes going in the opposite direction to the runners, which was pretty funny, and getting people to swear on camera. I hope they edit the audio.

After a long, boring presentation ceremony (Grammar won, of course), we got back on the buses and went home. Our bus had the whole crowd, which was alright, except for the shouty ones, and then we started playing cards, which didn't go well. You can't play warlords and scumbags with 5 cards each, really. We played a few games of Cheat when the girls splintered and started watching movies on each other's iPods. Then we stopped at Leongatha, got fast food (contradiction there? Two busloads of athletes stopping to buy McDonalds and KFC?), then we said bye to the Bairnsdale people, who had to swap buses. Poor bastards.

The rest of the trip home was quiet, which was fantastic. Aiden introduced me to an excellent two player cardgame, and Meg and Jess were disgusted by the horse in Jackass. Past Traralgon we discussed debating, which mildy annoyed Meg, and made plans to see Tropic Thunder (FINALLY!) on Saturday. The LHC, bless it's soul, was brought up. Turns out it was first flicked on when we were in Rosedale, though I don't know when they actually started testing it.

Back home, exhausted, but checked the news, printed out some resources for debating tomorrow, and began going through George's music. Some excellent stuff in there.

Tomorrow, school. A lot of people will be relieved (and hopefully indignated) that they are still alive. Unless we all die overnight. Hmm.



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