Thursday, September 4, 2008

Traralgon Eisteddfod mk1.

'Lo readers.

Bloody hell. Very meh day today. Plus all the doubles. Blah.

Denny and Ryan rocked up, were impressed with all the AoBR ads, then got to school in time for chapel. Mr Clapper showed us a holiday slideshow of him going over stick bridges on the Kokoda trail. Extended homeroom, we had to organise cabins for camp. Tom, Aiden and I got together, but realised we needed someone else. We also visted the library, and printed out some demotivators.

English, more demotivator surfing, and a start on my speech.

Recess. Lots of standing around in circles and laughing at each other.

Double history. We had to put our names on a line, on whether we agree that Australia is a xenophobic nation. Cue a period and a half of interesting discussion about racism and attitudes. Lots of attention paid to Sian, since she comes from England. Ryan and I, since we have old families we can trace back a fair way, were singled out for being 'more Australian' than the others. Meh.

Then lunch. Bored, then soccer. Very balanced game, kind of fun too. And gorram, I stuff up spectacularly.

Double psych. We all went to the computer rooms, which were all occupied, then we decided to go to the library. After hanging out and discussing dreams (*shudder*), we got sprung and made to go to the computer rooms. We were given an assignment, no other information, and shoved in with the spare computers with Tom, Meg and Pat's Health and Human class. I wasted half the lesson, then when Tiffany finished I decided to get the answers down. I'll elaborate on them when I know it's due. Of note, for whatever reason, every computer in the school shut down. Luckily, I saved, though the entire class(es) moaned and whinged behind me.

Sprinted halfway home, got told to not worry about picking up the girls, then went home and painted a company standard. Looks pretty good, too. After some noodles, got a ride with Pat, where we discussed AoBR, then went to Traralgon with Aiden and Dayne. Funny trip. Traralgon was all rushing around, til just before we went on, where we wasted 10 minutes being lulled into a false sense of relaxation. First piece was meh, second piece I managed to hit the high B, unlike Michael, last piece we did the solo at the start really well, then it went bad because the percussionists suck. Turns out we got third. Then to Maccas. Trip home was talking about Wii games, and watching Pome Brio.

Tomorrow, I think I might have a maths test, according to Aiden. Crap. Didn't bring my maths book home. Ah well, if I do, revision at lunchtime. It'll be fresh in my mind then.


Anyway, the end.

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